Boy Desires

Boy Desires – episode 2

Boy Desires
Episode 2

At first, I thought the laughter was directed at me. But when I saw the speaker pointing to an image on his presentation screen, I instantly knew I wasn’t the discussion. However, instead of trying to follow up with the speaker to know what exactly he was saying, I found myself locating my young crush in the audience once more. I desired to know what his reactions in particular were. As I found him, I was pleased beyond words to catch him grinning. His lavish white teeth were in generous display, triggering a further flow of juices into my cotton p@nty. He was simply breathtaking the way he smiled. The beauty in his smile was so much that I noticed myself licking my upper lip with my tongue. But, this was the exact moment he then looked my way for the first time ever! And for what seemed like eternity, our eyes were locked together and remained that way for so long!! I wasn’t going to look away! I wanted him to see that I longed for him! That I desired him and wished he could grab me in his arms and F**K me! We kept looking at each other, eye into eye, but as soon as I tried following it up with a smile, he looked away! My excitement was cut short!
But I have been praying since then that he looked my way again. I had been wishing and hoping. It was meant to be a thing of embarrassment given that I was on the podium and the entire auditorium was before me and seeing my every move. But that wasn’t going to deter me. My juices were freely flowing now and goodness knew it was already too late to go back. I was more than happy to continue this gawking and open voyeurism as long as it brought me the unbelievable height of pleasure I sought! Many would condemn and say that it was blind danger to my coming lecture.
That may be true, as I need a calm and undistracted mind to articulate the points and facts of my lecture. But that wasn’t going to be possible with this lad whom I was yet to even know the name. It was plain absurd to say the least, but I was already consumed by it.
The audience soon stood to applaud the speaker whose lecture had been running for quite some time now. Just like the last person, he was equally good. I was now a lunch break away from my own paper. As the conference moderator steeped onto the podium to usher in the break, my eyes moved back to my crush who I now found standing in front of his seat.
Surprisingly, for the first time, I noticed what was undoubtedly a bulge, lying across his fly.
I was instantly drawn to it as it was well pronounced and pleasantly sizable! I felt another rush of fresh sticky juice sip out of my ar-used
K!ttyC@t as I re-crossed and pressed my thighs a lot more closer! I was barely done with that when I then noticed his eyes on me again, only for a second time. My heart sunk!
Even though he didn’t let it linger like the previous one, I was still completely mesmerized by it. I kept looking at the young s*xy** thing as he looked away. But then turned, bent over as though to adjust his seat before turning back again to sit on it. The view of his hærd compact butt0ckz which he presented me on his backing me, was the final nail in the coffin as I began feeling my juices dribbling their way down my thighs in breezing speed!
I brought out my handkerchief, cleaned the many beads of perspiration on my face, but before I could look his way again, he was gone!


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