Boy Desires

Boy Desires – episode 3

Boy Desires
Episode 3

“Where could he have gone?” I began to frantically search the auditorium with my eyes with a frightening feeling of betrayal hovering over me. I wasn’t going to believe he was gone already and was going to abandon me just like that! He was certainly now aware of my lusting for him, and would be so wrong to decide to ignore me in such a manner. But then, there he was again, walking up the auditorium, and probably heading for the rear exit doors. The hall had become slightly rowdy as the moderator had called in the lunch break.
I even saw some girls sitting along the windows, giggling and giving him the eyes.
They were seeking for his attention but he seemed not to care as he quietly climbed the distantly placed steps leading to the exit doors.
It then dawned on me! This was my chance! We were not going to be back to the hall until after about an hour. If only he was thinking what I was thinking, then we would make this moment the best in our lives!!
As I contemplated those, I began to stand from my seat. I knew every right thinking person was going to want to use this period to prepare herself for her coming lecture, talk more of a Professor of Surgical Rehabilitation and Prosthesis. But I wasn’t a right thinking person anymore! All I could think of at that moment was getting on my knees and sU-Cking that bulge in his trousers! All I dreamt was crushing those succulent thick l-ips of his with mine and eating them like they were strawberries! My mind was racing! I was desperate but equally uncertain as to what the outcome might be. Before I could say Jack, I was already practically sprinting down the stairs of the auditorium! My heavy double D b0s0m heaving as I did! I had taken the time to stack up the rack properly that morning considering that I was going to be in front of many eyes for most of the day but I never knew I was also doing so for another lovely young boy. It was generally pleasing to say the least.
More so, the thought that undoing just one button would be good enough to display my pushed up mamarries in the open! How wickedly sultry I felt!
“Excuse me!….” I called out, as soon as I whizzed through the exit door and into the long corridor. I couldn’t catch up with him within the auditorium despite how hærd I tried. He was a few distances away from me now but I had to call on him since there were a handful of people on the corridor.
“Hello!!…” he didn’t answer after the initial try. He turned on this second attempt. “A minute please…”
He stood still and without saying anything. He was indeed about 6’1” as I guessed. He looked even more attractive now than when I was ogling him from far. The good thing was that, he was indeed starring at my now exposed cle-vage! I had unbuttoned the first two buttons of my shirt as I walked through that door, and given that my suit jacket had a plunging neck, he was greeted with what was definitely a tempting view! I had been sweating too, so a glistening heaving stack of melons were definitely a nail-biter! My imaginations as I watched him look, sent more juices pouring down my thighs!
“Sorry for calling you back”, I began as soon as I was close enough.
“It’s ok Ma”. I melted at his voice! It was so heavenly and more juice found their way down! His eyes were still on my mamarries while mine were on his seminar ID, which said: ‘Mister OLamide Bakare’.
“Please can I show you something?” I fluffed! I was becoming weak in the knees and my legs were getting wobbly! I actually had nothing to show him, and I dint even know when it came out of my mouth. But that was all I could say! I just didn’t want to miss this chance and I was willing to do anything to keep it!
“It’s ok Ma” he said again, looking into my eyes. My mouth visibly trembled. As though I had some kind of cold. I began walking, and he followed immediately. I could tell his eyes were on my swaying butt0ckz but I couldn’t just turn to confirm. I knew I was losing every iota of confidence all just because of a 22 year old boy! But I was delightfully helpless!


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