Boy Desires

Boy Desires – episode 4

Episode 4

Just then, he walked up to my side, but yet without saying anything. I remained calm and only took a few peeks at him from the corner of my eyes. Our hands brushed a couple of times and it sent several tickling s£nsat!ons down my gooey K!ttyC@t! I was dying to touch him! I was longing to feel his hand in mine, but I didn’t know how he would react if I did. But that was going to be the earliest indication that he wanted me too; that is, if he does nothing.
Anyways, after I had bit my guts, I gently reached out, and grabbed his slightly swinging left hand. He remained still and didn’t say a word and even didn’t look my way. But that was the confirmation I needed! I was now certain he wanted this as much as I did. My eyes began to frantically sprint from one area of the corridor to another as my K!ttyC@t drenched my p@nty further! Even if it were a lobby, as long as there was some hint of privacy, I was going to beg Olamide to F**K me!! Luckily, I was barely through with these thoughts when I found a little green terrace just off the corridor. In fact it was a meeting point for three long corridors, thus suggesting that it wasn’t very private. But I couldn’t care anymore now! Since we couldn’t find anybody close, I accepted it was as private as it could get, so I quickly halted! Olamide halted too but still didn’t say a word. I walked past him briefly then turned to face him. I looked at his face and our eyes met. We both stood that way, looking at each other but yet he wouldn’t say a word nor make a move. Then I began to pull my black jacket off. Once I did, I flung it to the side. He wasn’t still going to make a move even though I observed the bulge forming again across his trousers! This time, far larger than before!
“Oh my gawd!!….” I called out to myself! Placing my hand on my b0s0m and giving them a firm sq££ze! This guy was driving me nuts!! I quickly undid my shirt and blew it away. “He was going to F**K me whether he liked it or not!” I told myself. I still dint know how to make him do so, given that he was yet to act like he knew I was Unclad. But that dint matter so much to me right then. All I wanted to do was get stark Unclad before him. Show him my beautiful body and my bouncy b0s0m!
I followed up the shirt by dipping my fingers into the band of my p@nty and pulling it down my thighs. I hurriedly did so, but made sure it was sed-ctive as it could get. But when I got to my feet, getting it to get over my high heeled shoes, became a problem. I struggled with it for a few minutes and even had to bend over, backing Olamide in the process, just to get it through. However, it was while I still getting through this, that I suddenly felt this sizzling cold moistness envelope my vu-va! Olamide was unexpectedly on his knees, sU-Cking on my K!ttyC@t mercilessly!
“Ohhhhh…fuuuuuck!…..” followed my whimper! I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing! He was inactive a few moments ago, but has now suddenly begun eating me out. And not just that, he was equally terrific at it! I swung one arm behind me, and pulled his head further into my butt0ckz, rubbing his wooly hair in the course.


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