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Boys in love episode 12 – 13

Boys in love episode 12 – 13


boys in love-Episode 12
(He Is A Girl)

By Divine Purpose

Ivy looked at Trevor and smiled

“What do you mean by I look like your ex girlfriend? As you can see I’m a boy” She said and Trevor moved closer to her

“Of course, I can see you are a boy but even your voice sounds familiar” He said

and wanted to touch her but Kai grabbed his hand from behind

“What are you doing right now?” kai asked in his usual cold voice

“Its been a while, Kai” Trevor said and smirked

“Jason, you should head back to the dorm, I will join you shortly after” Kai said and ivy nod before leaving

Kai looked at Trevor and smirked

“You look more devilish than before” he said and Trevor grinned

“Its been a while we’ve met,how could you be so rude” he said and Kai put his hands in his pocket

“We are not that close to be polite with each other” he said

“I heard you are getting married to Lucy, are you sure your father didn’t force you?” Trevor smiled evilly

“Shut up” Kai said and looked around to see if no one was hearing

“Of course, I would be embarrassed if I were you, I’m still curious to know if he is your real father” Trevor said and walked away

Ivy walked to the dorm and laid on the bed

“How can someone has evil be Chris brother? I can’t believe it” she thought to herself and her phone beeped

It was a text from Kai

‘Come outside, to the garden’

She walked to the garden and saw Kai laying on the grass

“You are here” Kai said and she lay beside him

“How did you get to know Trevor?” He asked as they both stared at the sky

“He was my ex boyfriend” Ivy replied and Kai chuckled

“You had a boyfriend? I can’t believe it”

“He is my ex now” ivy said embarrassingly

“What is your name? I know your real name is not Jason” kai said and ivy smiled

“My name is Ivy” she replied

“Ivy? Not bad” Kai said and ivy turned to look at him

“What about you? I overheard Trevor saying your father forced you to propose to Lucy,is that true?” she said and Kai sat up

“Hey,ivy, I’ve not yet accepted to keep your secret, should I call the CEO and tell him now” Kai said and took his phone but ivy jerked it away from him

“You have to keep it a secret, I can’t just leave the group like this” She said and Kai nod

“Alright, I wont tell anyone” Kai said and smiled

But that smile was evil


Ivy opened her eyes and smiled

“I’m glad Kai agreed to keep my secrets without conditions” She said and stood up from the

“You are awake” Kai said from a corner of the room


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ivy said and smiled

“Oh, great” Kai said and brought out all his dirty clothes from a basket

“I don’t want to take my clothes to the dry cleaner” he said and ivy arched her brow

“So? ”

“You should wash them for me” he said and ivy smirked

“Why should i?”

“Then should I call the Ceo and tell him that you are a girl” Kai threatened

“No, who said I won’t do it? I will wash your clothes with the washing machine” she said but Kai stopped her

“No, you should wash them with your hand”


“Why?you don’t wanna do it?then should I call the CEO……”

“No, I


“Cool” Kai smiled

“Why are you doing this to me? You promised to keep my secret without any condition” ivy said.

“When did I promise? Nothing is free In this world” Kai said and walked out of the room

Ivy collapsed on the bed and SCREAMED!!

“Kai , you are so heartless” She yelled

Episode 13

Ivy sat down eating ice cream as Rose was helping her to wash Kai’s clothes

“How could he be so heartless? He promised to keep my secret without conditions, how could he suddenly change his mind” she paused and continued

”He is just so cold, I don’t like him a bit, I can’t believe Lucy is going to marry such a person” She said and Rose glared at her

“And I also can’t believe I’m washing these clothes instead of you” Rose said “By the way,why do you keep on talking about Kai?……Don’t tell me you like him” Rose said and ivy spat

“Like him?are you kidding me?I’m a guy” She said without hesitation and Rose folded her arms

“You are a girl” Rose corrected and continued washing the clothes

“I heard Trevor is Chris brother, what are you going to do now?” Rose asked

“I don’t know, I think he knows who I am, he kept on saying I look like his ex girlfriend” ivy replied

“He killed your father,are you going to let him go?without doing anything?” Rose asked and ivy stopped licking the ice cream as she stared into the air.

“There is nothing, I can do,Trevor is more dangerous and cunning, I don’t want to have anything to do with him,I just want to have a quiet life” She said and Rose scoffed

“Quiet life? You are already a celebrity and celebrities do not have quiet life, you will become even more popular when you are exposed” Rose said as she spread the


Hayden walked out of the dorm and bumped into Lucy

“Lucy?” He called and Lucy smiled

“Hi! ”
“Why are you here?” He asked

“I’m here to see Kai, is he here?” She asked and Hayden nod

“Yeah, he is in his room” He said and Lucy walked inside

Hayden looked at her and sighed

He had like Lucy for a long time now but he is planning to give up on her since she is going to get marri

“That jerk!!” She said and Kai walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his neck and another one around his neck

“Is that jerk me?” He asked and ivy covered her face

“No…I wasn’t talking about you, by the way,I’m a girl so I should leave before you dress up” She said and Kai moved closer while she moved back

“I thought your eyes were closed? How did you know I took a step closer to you” Kai scoffed

“Well,that’s…….” Ivy gulped and Kai moved closer again while she moved back

They continued this until ivy got to the wall

Kai rested his hands on the wall and grinned

“You are so clumsy, why did you scatter my clothes on the bed?” He asked and ivy could feel her heart beating

“No……I……I…..” She stammered and kai scoffed again

“You are s£xy too” he said and looked at her lips

“How about we go for a kiss” he said and started moving his head closer as Ivy held her breathe

The door opened and Lucy met them in this position


imagine you are Lucy

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