Bride Of The Seven gods

Bride of the seven gods episode 12 – 13

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😉😮 BRIDE OF Th£ SEVEN gods 😮😉

Written by TOM

👰 $h£’s th£ legendary master wife 👰


My face were all round and swollen. My eyes looks like someone who haven’t slept for thousands of years.

“I can’t [email protected]|| for h¡m. I can’t [email protected]|| for h¡m”. I kept wh¡sper!ng as I walked.

“Zanillia”. San called. h£ was with Eason, Sean, Kris and Gia.

“I can’t [email protected]|| for h¡m”. Th£y all walked towards me. San h£ld me.

“What happened to you”? h£ asked.

“I’ve [email protected]||en for Feiye”. I blurted ©vt. “h£ must have charmed with someth!ng”.

“What”. San stared at me !n surprise.

“I don’t th!nk so”. Eason said. “You don’t seem to be charmed”.

“What happened b£tweeΠ you two”? Gia asked.

“We slept togeth£r on____”.

“You slept togeth£r”! Th£y all exclaimed.

“I don’t mean slept. I mean we slept on th£ b£d togeth£r. I kept both£r!ng h¡m to talk to me. Th£n h£ ₱v||ed me closer to h¡m and….and..”.

“Did you klzzed h¡m”? Sean asked.

“No. I only stared at h¡s eyes and….”. I looked up at San. h£ would get hurt if h£ knows I’ve [email protected]||en for someone else. “Fool yah”. I laugh£d.

“What”? San looked confused.

“I fooled you all. Who knew you would believe all what I said”.

“h£y you___”. Eason sh©vted but San cut h¡m short by rais!ng h¡s [email protected]

“You guys go. I’ll like to talk to Zanillia alone”.

“Sooth£ yourself”. Eason gave me an angry look and left. Th£ oth£rs followed. I was now left alone with San.

“I th!nk you’re go!ng too far Zanillia. You shouldn’t ₱|@y such jokes aga!n”.

“I’m sorry. I j√$t thought…… I’m sorry”.

“It’s okay”. h£ h£ld my [email protected] “I th!nk it’s time for me to open up my m!nd to you. I like you Zanillia”. h£ said. “You’re different from every girl I know. I can’t bear to see you lik!ng oth£r guys”.

“I…..I like you too but….”.

“But what”?

“I don’t know if you like me or th¡s face. What if I changed !nto someone else. What if I’m someone else who entered th¡s b©dy”.

“That’s impossible”.

“But it is”. I brought ©vt a portrait of me which I told an artist to h£lp me drew. I showed it to h¡m. “What if th¡s girl likes you, will you like h£r [email protected]¢k”? h£ stared at it.

“I don’t know why you’re ask!ng me th¡s. Th£ girl h£re isn’t even pretty as you’re. $h£ isn’t even my type. I’ve sworn to myself that you’re th£ only one I’ll like”.

“Really”? I felt hurt wh£n h£ said that. “That’s good to h£ar”. I faked a smile. “See you later. Janice should be wait!ng for me”. I walked away. Th£ portrait !n my [email protected] fell on th£ ground. I didn’t even both£r to pick it up.

I entered my room and sat !n th£ b£d. Janice walked !n.

“Wh£re did you go to last night”? $h£ sat beside me. “Why th£ sad face? Is anyth!ng wrong? Zanillia”? $h£ shooked my b©dy.

“h£ doesn’t like me”. I burst !nto tears.

“Stop cry!ng”. $h£ hugged me.

“h£ said I’m not pretty”.

“Who? Feiye? That guy needs someone to teach h¡m a lesson”.

“I want to die. I don’t deserve to leave. It really hurts so bad”. I cried [email protected]


San walked !n. Vagamound was busy starr!ng at th£ portrait !n h¡s [email protected]

“We need to talk”. San said. Vagamound looked over to h¡m. Maybe if h£ hadn’t put d©wΠ th£ enchantment on th£ door, San wouldn’t have want to talk to h¡m. h£ fold th£ portrait togeth£r.

“What did you want to talk to me ab©vt”?

“I like Zanillia”.

“So? What does that has to do with me”?

“I want you to stay away from h£r. You th!nk I don’t know that you’re th£ Feiye $h£’s been talk!ng ab©vt. I want you to know that $h£ likes me [email protected]¢k so you shouldn’t try anyth!ng stupid with h£r”.

“I guess $h£ must have told you ab©vt what happened b£tweeΠ us last night”.

“Last night”. San looked confused.

“Seems like $h£ didn’t”.

“What did you do to h£r”?

“It’s private”. Vagamound smiled. “$h£ would be th!nk!ng ab©vt it right now. Th£ event was so romantic”. h£ laugh£d. San t!ghtened h¡s fist.

“I know I’m not as powerful as you’re but I don’t joke with my woman”.

“Calm d©wΠ. Zanillia isn’t my type of woman at all. $h£’s too ugly and sk!nny for my lik!ng”.

“Do not say anyth!ng bad ab©vt h£r. $h£’s th£ most pretty woman ever”.

“Sorry. I j√$t forgot that $h£’s your woman”. Vagamound stood up and walked over to wh£re San stood. “Don’t th!nk anyth!ng negative. I’m not !nterested !n your woman. I’ve a lady of my choice and I’m off to meet h£r. Take ¢ar£”. Vagamound smiled and left.

😉😮 BRIDE OF Th£ SEVEN gods😮😉

Written by TOM

👰 $h£’s th£ legendary master wife 👰
🤴 🤴


Th£ sun sh!nes up brightly !n th£ sky. I was at Feiye residence. It seems to be a better place to stay. I really don’t want to see San. I might get hurt if I see h¡m.

“Look who’s h£re”. Feiye walked towards wh£re I sat. “It’s San’s woman”.

“Stop it”.

“Why? A!n’t you San’s woman”? h£ sat beside me. “Or h£ rejected you”.

“h£ didn’t. h£ likes me [email protected]¢k”.

“That’s great. I also have some good news to tell you. I’ve found th£ girl of my dream”.

“Really! Wh£n”?

“j√$t yesterday. You wanna see h£r”?

“Yes”. I nodded. h£ brought ©vt a portrait of a girl. It was…. “Th¡s……”.

“Isn’t $h£ pretty”?

“Wh£re did you get th¡s portrait”?

“I found it littered on th£ ground so I picked it. Who knew it’s a pretty girl picture. $h£’s so beautiful. I’m go!ng to ask h£r [email protected] !n marriage once I see h£r”.

“Really”. A smile lit my l¡ps. “$h£ looks ugly to me”.

“$h£ doesn’t. $h£’s much prettier than you”.

“You th!nk so”. I blu$h£d.

“Who knew such a beauty exist”.

“San said $h£’s ugly”.

“San? h£ knew h£r”?


“San only said that because h£ likes you. Anyone oth£r than you should be a surprise”.

“I guess so. So what are you go!ng to do once you f!nd h£r”?

“I’m go!ng to shower h£r with all th£ love $h£ deserved and th£ oth£rs is none of your bus!ness”. I really felt loved wh£n h£ said that.

“Can I put my h£ad on your shoulder”?

“Sure”. I was happy that h£ didn’t resist. I sat closer to h¡m and placed my h£ad on h¡s shoulder. We rema!ned like that for a while.

“I th!nk that girl is also go!ng to love you [email protected]¢k”. I sat upright th£n turned to stare !nto h¡s icy blue eyes. h£ stared [email protected]¢k at me.

“Why did you say that”?

“Because I…….I love you”. I m©v£d closer to klzz h¡m but h£ turned h¡s h£ad away.

“I’m sorry but you shouldn’t do th¡s. I appreciate th£ love you have for me but I don’t like you”.

“I know”.

“That’s good. So I hope we could stay as friends like th¡s”.

“I guess so”. I b¡t£ on my lower l¡p.


Sweet aroma filled th£ air. X!nger was almost done cook!ng. I haven’t even started cook!ng. I j√$t hope I can w!n th¡s competition. X!nger smiled at me.

“You a!n’t cook!ng”? $h£ asked.

“Still th!nk!ng of what to cook”. I replied.

“You’re already done”. Janice said to X!nger. “I really envy you”.

“Hmph. What’s th£re to be envy ab©vt? h£r cook!ng doesn’t even smell great”. Natasi said.

“You brat. Watch your words or….”. Janice paused.

“Or what? You a!n’t even fit for th£ bride. Wh£th£r you like it or not, th£ pr!ncess will end up becom!ng th£ bride”.

“Let th£m be Natasi”. Th£ pr!ncess said. “Leave th£se lowly slaves to th£ir work”.

“Slaves”. I smirked. “Looks like you don’t know wh£re you’re. Th¡s isn’t your fath£r’s palace dummy”.


“Yes dummy. Why? You don’t like it? If you don’t th£n come on and fight me”.

“F!ne”. $h£ walked towards me and ₱u$h£d all my cook!ng utensils away to th£ floor.

“h£y you bitch”. I sh©vted.

“What’s go!ng on h£re”? Eason entered.

“It’s h£r”. Th£ pr!ncess po!nted at me. “$h£ hit me”.

“You aga!n”. Eason sneered at me. I’m pretty sure h£ would take th£ pr!ncess side.

“What”? I asked.

“Never m!nd”. h£ said. “You would soon be omitted anyway so I don’t need to waste my time on you”.

“You a!n’t go!ng to punish h£r? But $h£ hit me”. Th£ pr!ncess lament.

“I know. Today’s h£r last day h£re so you don’t have to worry ab©vt gett!ng !nto trouble with h£r”.

“Really? That’s great”.

“Y’all have five m!nutes to round up and br!ng your food to th£ immortal palace”.

“Sure”. Th£y all answered and Eason walked away.


I laid th£re on my b£d starr!ng at noth!ng !n particular. All my hopes are now !n va!n. I lost.

Th£re’s no way I’m go!ng to meet lord Vagamound. I’m really happy for X!nger that $h£ won and not that silly pr!ncess.

I really hate h£r. I hate h£r and Eason. Now I’m go!ng to be stuck h£re for th£ rest of my life. No one to talk to.

At least I got Feiye. A smile dis₱|@y on my l¡ps as I remembered how h£ called me pretty. I sat upright on th£ b£d.

I should go and see h¡m. I stood up and made to pick up my hairp!n only to f!nd ©vt I’ve gotten ©vt of Zanillia’s b©dy.

“Not aga!n”. I frowned. “How am I supposed to meet h¡m? h£ wouldn’t even see me”. I sat [email protected]¢k on th£ b£d.

An idea quickly run through my m!nd. Perhaps, I should go and meet h¡m !n th¡s state. h£ should be asleep by now so maybe I would be able to steal a klzz from h¡m.

I smiled and got up. You’re so brilliant Belia. Why didn’t I thought of th¡s before. I left th£ room.


To my utmost disappo!ntment, Feiye wasn’t @r0vnd. Wh£re could h£ be? h£ doesn’t usually spend th£ night at home so I guess h£ must have went somewh£re. I will wait for h¡m till h£ comes [email protected]¢k.

I laid on th£ b£d. It was all filled with h¡s scent. I smiled. h¡s face keeps appear!ng before me. Blue eyes, perfect face.

Why didn’t I noticed how perfect h£ was? Well, it because I was engrossed !n San. Th£ past is !n th£ past. Zanillia belongs to San while I belongs to Feiye.

It was dawn. I got up from th£ b£d. Feiye didn’t came home last night. I should go [email protected]¢k home before someone f!nds anyth!ng suspicious.

I went [email protected]¢k home only to f!nd Zanillia ly!ng on th£ floor. h£r [email protected] and dressed wh£re sta!ned with red sticky substance.

I got !nto h£r b©dy and stood up. Luckily, I didn’t feel any pa!ns. I smelled my [email protected] Th£y reeked of blood.

“Wh£re did $h£ get sta!ned by blood”? I walked !nto th£ bathroom and wa$h£d myself clean.

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