November 29, 2021

Broken episode 1


Forbidden love 💔💘.

✍️Sha Ron✍️
Episode 1.


I stepped out of my mother’s car and took a little survey of the house that my mother praised on the drive here, she was still whining about it at the other side of the car.

“Isn’t it beautiful,it’s going to offer you great comfort than that crappy little apartment you share with your father,trust me, you will enjoy staying here and end up forgetting about your miserable father!”

It hurts;it really stings to hear my own mother curse the man that she once called honey. The man whose DNA I shared.
Tears stung the corners of my eyes as it threatened to find it’s way out.

I squinted my eyes and took three strides to stand right in front of a beautiful flower,away from the skin ripping rays of sunshine,away from her….funny how I would want to stay at anywhere but not near my mother,I feel myself move an inch towards freedom whenever I take a step away from her.

I touched the flower,it might end up being my friend…only friend… during my stay here,I felt it,I felt it might be the only friendly thing around the house,even the compound as a whole.

My name is Brianna Brandon,am from Florida,a southeast state in the United States of America and am 17yrs old, I’m done with high school and I dream of going to college to study Medicine and surgery.

But, I see that this very dream might never come to pass because in this house,I don’t think I will ever be happy.

“Brianna?,what’s keeping you mopping around!,come on in and explore the insides so that you will understand what I am telling you, you will love it!!”My mother kept talking,she carried her handbag now and dragged me inside the house with her.


name is Rachel. I don’t know why, but I have never loved my mother, and I don’t think I will ever love her.

She dragged me inside and I saw myself looking around the living room of the big house with more disgust than awe.It’s beautiful but unwelcoming.

Nothing caught my attention, nothing at all, though there’s a lot in the room,big television, cushions,a dinning at the left side beside the flight of stairs that lead to a couple of rooms.

That am sure of, and silky smooth cottons that covered every part of the the wall,a ceiling fan and so many more that I can’t describe.

My mother rambled on,and on,but I sat down and watched her put on her show.

Then,a pot bellied man ran down the flight of stairs and joined us with a sheepish grin greasing his bulky features.

His lips where black and when he smiled,his teeth where nothing to write home about,it’s just the same color as the moon,pure yellow.


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didn’t stand up to greet him as my mother hugged him and he asked”is this the daughter you talked about?”,I simply mumbled”good day” out of little respect.

Nothing sounds funny to me,am at the verge of tears as it stung me to see my mother kiss this man while my father is probably at home weeping and missing us,he might be looking for us now.

“So,how are you doing little minx?”he asked.
I think I know what minx is and I don’t know why an elderly man like him choose to use such word on me.

I kept quiet and looked him eyeballs to eyeballs,never blinking an eye.

“Oh honey!,her name is Brianna, and don’t mind her, she’s a bit shy and…..”

“I want to go home!”I cutted her off,did she say shy?, I’m not shy,if I am,I wouldn’t meet the man’s gaze and say to his face that he’s smelling.”this place stinks!!”I kept shouting believing that he will yell at my mother to take me home,he didn’t.

“Helena!”he called and an older woman came in through a door close to the dinning,she wore an apron and I noticed she just came out of the kitchen.

“Sir?”she replied with a slight bow.

“Take them upstairs and show them to their rooms”he said never taking his eyes off me.

My mom unhooked her arm from his, adjusted her handbag and grasped my hand violently, she’s angry,I didn’t care.

She dragged me upstairs following the woman whom carried my mother’s traveling bag.


is years older than my mother,I knew from her wrinkled face and peeks of gray hair that she is probably around age 55 or so.

She might be older than that man, and to think that he didn’t show any atom of respect when he called her name or gave her orders,of course!;why would he?, she’s his servant after all.

“Ma’am,this is your room and the one at the other end suits the young lady well”Helena said.

The room that belongs to my mother is at the left side when you take the stairs up,we stood right in front of it.

Mine,the room at the other end as she puts it is far past six other rooms,it’s the one at the extreme,on it’s own and I wondered why it is like that,I will find out.

“Okay,Helena,thank you”my mother said to her.

“It’s alright ma’am,let me….”

“No don’t worry, I will take it in myself”my mother stopped the woman when she made to carry her bag inside,the woman nodded and left.

My mother faced me and pointed her finger directly at my forehead,her long finger nail digging in but I didn’t move away,I wound my arms around me and waited for her to burst.

“What was that silly behavior that you displayed there?!”she fused trying as hard as possible to keep it cool,she sure didn’t want to cause chaos on her first day here.

Though I doubt that this is her first time of being here as she makes it look.”see,I don’t want you ruining things for me,it’s obvious you dislike good life,but I actually want to enjoy so, straighten your behavior and be a good girl or I will send you back to the slums….”

“Were I belong…”I completed for her, I sniffed and shook her hand away from my face”I never asked you to bring me here, I want to see my father!”I spat back at her and walked away,I went to the room the woman had pointed as mine and opened it.

I turned to look at my mother with despise before walking in and shutting the door,an image of her standing pinned to the ground with outer surprise zoomed in and out of my mind.

It took me eternity to even blink after watching my daughter speak to me with so much disregard and dared to walk out on me.

I have always known her to be fearless and smart,that’s why I had recommended her to Marshall as the right person to use for our next operation.

All she needs is a little brush up and training. I smiled at how much of a good use she will be in enriching me.

“Well, your disrespect triggers me baby!”I hummed practically and walked inside my room.

I have used it for many years,so the familiar environment welcomed me back,but I had to put on a new strategy in order not to get my smart daughter’s suspicious looks.

She is no fool and it surprises me that a girl that just clocked seventeen years old is too brave to behold,with her eyes that stares straight into someone’s soul.

I am Rachel Hanford, I’m 30 years old, my father was one of the richest men in Florida, so that explains my love for money.

I was born and raised in wealth, and I hate poverty with passion. After my father was discovered to be a drug smuggler.

He was arrested and sent to prison, he committed suicide when he couldn’t bear the pain and shame.

My mother wasn’t married to him and she’s from a poor background, so she wasn’t a choice when my father was no more.


ran after Brandon whom was one of my father’s subordinate, this our daughter doesn’t know, he was kinda rich and famous then.

But, he turned a new leaf and wanted to live a happy and peaceful life without having to hide away from the law for the rest of his life.

He settled for less and though I loved him, I can’t stay with him while he has no money.

When I got an opportunity after I met Marshall, I fled, I paid him and my daughter visits but I never stayed longer than a day.

I had to keep my distance but when Marshall requested for a young girl that will be used for our next mission that consists of billions of dollars, I had to bring Brianna with me by all means.

There are a lot that my sweet baby doesn’t know, if she knows, she wouldn’t hate me alone, she would despise her father…….

“That’s a good catch Rach, you were right all along”Marshall came into the room,I knew he would come when he senses am alone.”but,hope she will get over her father and do our bid”

“Why wouldn’t she?,she have got no choice at all”I said as he blew smoke from his cigarette on my face and I realized how much I have missed it,I took it from him and took a long puff.

“I have missed you around sweetheart”he said slyly,his eyes skimming me.

“I know…that…look”I placed my finger on his lips and blew smoke over his face,then turned towards the bathroom.”it was a long drive here,let me take a quick shower because I missed your ride”.

I went into the bathroom and locked the door,I didn’t want him to come in,at least not today.

Brianna is here, and she understands that’s why he gave her a room far from hers together with the sound proof that the house has, everyone is entitled to privacy

You can even shoot someone in your room and the person next door won’t hear the gun sound.

“But, I think it’s nice if I accord my daughter this respect,she cherishes her father”I talked to myself looking at my [email protected] body in a mirror”does it even matter?… mtcheeew”I hissed and turned on the shower.

When I got back into the kitchen to prepare dinner,I felt sad and my stomach churned because I know what that little girl will go through tonight.

And come to think of it,how can a mother bring her child,one as beautiful,brave and smart as Brianna to this sort of godforsaken place to be initiated to a fraternity because of money.

I have worked in this house for fifteen years,I know the rules and the punishment for those who don’t keep to these rules.

“If I had had a child,I wouldn’t trade him or her for anything,not to think of a blessing like that little angel”I mumbled and looked around to make sure am alone, nothing is trust worthy in this place,not even the flowers outside.

I have always rebelled against myself after I lost the man I love and my only child out of my stupidity,so this lonely life suits me just fine.

I turned the chicken I’m frying to the other side on the pan and bent carefully to cut pepper and onions.

In thirty minutes,I had prepared three different kinds of meal,I cutted some fruits for salad and went to Mr Marshall’s room to announce that food is ready.

“Get me Rachel first,then make milk for Brianna before going to alert her”Mr Marshall had said.

I went to Rachel’s room and quietly announced to her that food is ready before going into the kitchen to make milk for Brianna.

I felt light headed and dirty at that moment because I knew the reason why he asked me to make milk before going into the girl’s room to get her but, I had to do it or I loose my job, loosing my job is not just the problem but my life too.

When am done,I headed to the girl’s room.


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