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Broken episode 15

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(Forbidden love 💔💘)

✍️Sha Ron ✍️

Episode 15.


I curled up into a ball on my bed and allowed the tears flow.

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“I won’t be able to see Cleo again” I kept lamenting.

I blew my nose countless times and it has already turned red, it always hurts when I touch it.

Do I even care? Some other parts of my body hurts as well and I have never felt so lonely and forsaken in my whole life.

There has always been someone there to help me in my hard times but this morning seems to mark the beginning of my miserable life afresh.

“What did I do to deserve this?”

Wouldn’t I be safer death? My father says that the dead feels no pain, I would be more glad if I leave this wicked world.

Not a wink of sleep crossed my eyes last night, how could I sleep while I see Cleo when I close my eyes. I remember her face vividly well and her voice too kept advising me to keep calm and wipe my tears.

“Dad, please come to my rescue, I don’t want to be a murderer”

What was I mumbling?

Brianna let it stick to your willy mind that you are not different from other serial killers out there.

I climbed out of bed on my hands and knees, I crawled into the bathroom and helped my self up with the wall and faced the mirror again.

Hope you remember that this is not my first or second time of looking at myself in the mirror, I hate to see this scars but I want to see what a stupid mother has done to me for her own selfish interest.

I have been on that black assassin’s dress from last night, so I undressed slowly with my shaking hands.

“Rachel, I will destroy you. Wait for me, am coming for you” I whispered softly and took a hot bath.

Let the water wash away my softness, my goodness, my happiness, my kind heart, my smile, my humbleness, everything good in me. I don’t need it for vengeance.

I returned into the room when am done bathing and dressed up. There are set of beautiful and sassy clothes packed up inside the wardrobe which I had avoided.

I sought through it and took out the shortest white skirt and pink sleeveless top which showed off my flat tummy.

I rocked it with a black high heels and black bag, I tied my hair into nut at the back with a pink ribbon which Cleo had kept inside the wardrobe herself.

I brought out a make up kit and sat down on the make up table to apply it. I did it carefully and I could see how dashing and amazingly charming I am when I was done.

I stood to my feets, braced my shoulder and tilted my head up. Savaging. Intimidating. Overtaking. Vengeance.

“God, am sorry to disappoint you but I have a mission to complete”.

I slipped pins into my purse and my legs still remembers Sly Sassy’s teaching on catwalking. The tips of the high heels clicked repeatedly on the floor as I walked out of the house.

“Where are you going, Brianna?”

I stopped slowly and faced the owner of the fvcking voice.

I flashed him my mostly s£xy smile and stood with my legs at ease as I showed off my long legs from my thighs down to my toes.

“Oh! Hello Marshall honey, you are not looking so bad this morning. Seems her blood was refreshing!, Or was it Rachel’s doings. I must say she knows how to take care of you” I whined.

Well, I don’t need to dig deep to see that he’s really appreciating the good works of the Almighty with his eyes.

“You… haven’t answered my question” he drawled looking me up and down.

I walked to him and stopped in front of him, i didn’t give him a breathing space if enough time to talk, I planted a kiss on his stinky lips.

I noticed someone’s presence and I know that I have won the first round, I rubbed my palm on his chest before turning to look at her.


was feeling a bit himself, I am glad that my body is the best weapon so far, am irresistible and taunting.

He was surprised but I know he liked it, now what would Rachel be thinking, that he’s having the two of us?.

I looked over at her, she looked angry and ready to pounce on anyone, at least she’s feeling a bit hurt in the inside and there’s no greater loss than having the negative things running through your mind out of misunderstanding.

I gave her a mocking smile that’s between us and the person that’ll read about us, I turned and left them alone to settle their score.

I have been broken, there’s no way I can repair my pieces, it just can’t work. I have to show her that I do have a bit of her in me. Devious. Wicked. Selfish. Daring. Fearless.

As I walked through the lonely lane in the morning rising sun, I prayed that I won’t come across Frank.


What excuse can he give for that?

How could he stoop so low as to kiss my daughter in public?!


“See…. Rachel, it’s not like….it’s not really what you think” he started coming towards me.

I glared at him “don’t you lay that filthy hand on me!” I pushed him when he tried touching me and I walked inside.

I knew he was behind me so I walked into my room and shut the door at his face.

“Come on, baby don’t take it the wrong way!” He said from outside banging on the door.

“What nonsense was that?! How could you do that to me? Not just with any other person but my own daughter!!” I have never felt this hurt before, my heart tore apart.

“See.. you’re misunderstanding this whole thing, I didn’t do anything with her, she’s just there acting funny and……. and……gosh!….” He cursed and I know his hands must have ran through his hair countless times.


planned this business together and we made a deal, I ventured my daughter into this because we agreed on one goal. Now, what’s happening?!” I pushed the door open and faced him again.

He came closer and I lifted my hands up to stop him “Don’t you dare! I need answers now!!” I barked.

“Why are you taking this the wrong way? What makes you think I will want to look at your daughter twice not to think of wanting her?!. She’s trying to get on your nerves, can’t you see it?!” He questioned cynically.

I laughed vigorously. What does he think I am, stupid or dumb? I know flirt when I see it and I would have accepted if he just says the truth that he’s making out with my own child.

“I know Brianna can be daring but not to that extent, she was deflowered on the night of her first initiation, remember? How can someone inexperienced want to seduce you?” I asked in a low tone.

“And you too refuse to remember that Sly taught her how to do that because of the mission ahead!” He explained curtly.

“Well…..yes, but it still doesn’t make sense, why would you stand there and watch her kiss you and……..” I didn’t know a better way to voice out the painful words inside, he was right, she’s gotten on my nerves.

“Why am I wasting my time explaining this to you? You should know by now the sort of daughter you have, everything happened so fast and I gat no chance to avoid that”

He said the rightful words and he’s not really to be blamed but I hate to think that I’m now competing with my own daughter, a little chump.

I will so deal with her. I will show her that before Abraham, Jesus was born. And I have to start by accepting Marshall whether he’s the one at fault or not.

She’s trying to use him against me but I will send her own snake to pour venom on her. I can’t believe am at war with my own daughter, pft.

“I guess I overreacted, am sorry for blaming you. That girl has bitten more than she can chew, she must go for the mission tonight, we don’t have time anymore. She’s virtually turning against us and we have to use her before it’s too late”.


agreed with me as I hugged him, he held me close and promised not to allow that wild cat play with my emotions again.

I don’t care about that, as long as she goes out there and brings wealth to me, it would be to hell with her, her father and Marshall. I don’t have time for commitment.

I just want money, it’s the key to a good, stress free and extravagant life which is the only things I care about. Every other thing is a distraction.

Tonight, she must complete her mission. And what comes after her mission is completed?

Would she survive or die in this mission?

Time will tell……….


“Good morning, sir” I greeted Marshall over the phone.

“How are you doing, Helena?” His voice came in, it wasn’t like his voice at all. It sounded sad.

“Am fine sir, are you guys coming home today?” I questioned not minding his intonation, it’s none of my business whatever is bothering him. I should be more worried about myself now.

“Well, I guess you know the answer. I have many tasks at hand which I can’t abandon” he said.

“Okay sir…. I..” I wanted to say more, to say everything but I can’t seem to get myself into a mess that I can’t clean.

“Is there any problem?” He asked, he must have sensed it.

“No….no…no! I was just wondering what could be holding you……”

A noise behind me cutted my words off. It was a glass from the upstairs window that shattered, Marshall shouted over the phone but I couldn’t put his words together as a hand covered my face and mouth.

The phone fell on the floor, the things that happened after, I can’t say…….


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