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(Forbidden love 💔💘)

✍️Sha Ron ✍️

Episode 18.


A bang on my door early the following day woke me up from bed. I had cried all through the evening after the little drama I created with Rachel.

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I felt really weak because I cried all the way to dream land. I forced myself out of the bed and went to peep through the lock hole.

Sassy stood there with a big bag at hand, I looked at the time and it’s almost mid day. I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night so I had spent half of the day sleeping.

I yawned heavily and stretched myself, I wondered what’s up with them today. No one was around here yesterday and I didn’t see Marshall when I came back.

What ever they will tell me to do today, I just wish it wouldn’t be a mission to kill because I feel too weak now.

Or did Rachel tell them what happened yesterday, she’s probably here to punish me for fighting their queen. I sighed and opened the door.

“Hi” Sassy walked past me and threw the bag on my bed.

“Good day” I managed.

She sat down on my bed and tapped beside her signaling me to sit down.

I sat down beside her, my eyes were fixed on the bag. She smiled at me when she noticed.

“I heard what happened between you and Marshall yester morning, and with your mother too, later in the evening” she touched my chin.

“I haven’t been seeing you guys lately” I said moving my face away from her reach and changing the subject.

“We are always out there serving our master” she squared her shoulders.

“Oh, I see”

“You are here for only one mission and it’s due time you finish it off because we have done ours by clearing the road for you”

“I don’t get you” I said looking at her face, she’s as s£xy as usual.

“Your mission is to get the docvments of all the properties owned by Mr Arthur. We have done our part by scaring his son and sister, they are fretting as we talk….”


“Let me finish” she raised a finger to quieten me when I wanted to ask questions.

“Alright” I kept quiet, she cleared her throat and continued.

“Mr Arthur is a multi billionaire who owns many estates and billions of dollars lying in his account, which were all willed to his only son.

“We murdered Arthur and his wife inside their private jet when they were on a trip to Asia, it wasn’t traced to us and Marshall payed the media and reporters to close the case.

“The only thing you have to do is to get his son and sister to sign and give out all the docvments of his landed properties to you in our name.

“As for the money in his bank account, we will take care of that. After they have signed out the properties, kill them and make sure you leave no trace behind.

“We will back you up secretly but if you get yourself into danger, you alone will get yourself out, we will only be there to make sure you are doing a good job, no one cares about your welfare.

“Hope am understood?” She asked after spitting her rubbish. Are these people really human?

Do they have a heart at all? They are planning to wipe a whole family out of greed for wealth that doesn’t belong to them.

“Why am I the one sent on this mission? You guys did the first one and am sure you can handle this one as well, why me?”

“There are certain things in this world that you don’t understand, me too, I don’t understand why?” She smiled deviously and made for the door.

“What’s in here?” I asked her pointing at the bag on my bed.

“Oh yeah! It contains everything you will need, be ready by nine o’clock and becareful” she said and walked off.

Cleo said it! I think it’s time I accept my fate, nothing will save me from this.

I drew the bag closer, opened it and emptied everything on my bed. Black clothes, a sword, short guns, mask and gloves.


Lord! You know this isn’t my fault, I can’t even escape this, so I pray you keep me alive because I won’t die until I kill that woman!”

I must not die. I will only die if I watch her die, she has murdered my dreams and torn my life apart. She deserves to die!.

Frank. I don’t understand myself ever since I met him, I wish I could regret meeting him but I can’t. He’s going to be the sweet memories that I will take to the grave.

“Dad, hope you find happiness elsewhere, you worked for love but it’s never gonna be yours. You trusted her but she only uses you, I will pay her, I will take her with me to the grave”

I changed into short knickers, wore my nikee shoes and a black singlet and ran to the beach.

I’m really hungry but I need to take a last look at the beautiful beach and feel the salty cool water, I need to feel the beauties of nature before moving into darkness tonight.


The car that dropped me bounced out of view. I looked at the building that I will oppress it’s occupants tonight and wondered if I have seen it before.

It looks familiar but it’s too dark to see the environment, I felt my sword behind my shoulder, I touched the short gun on my waist and knew that am ready.

I used the window frames to climb the house, I got to the roof and walked quietly over to the side that led to the living room.

It’s six minutes past ten when I came down from the car, so everywhere was quite which explains that they must have retired to bed.

I looked around the compound, there are alot of CCTV cameras fixed at almost every corner of the house. And there are over sixteen security devices connected to the fence.


roof too has wires on it and breakthrough alarms are mounted on the gate. Marshall had told me about it and had explained further that they have successfully disconnected it.

He said I have nothing to fear about security from outside but I should get my job perfectly done without trace on time and should be more aware of my security inside the house.

I jumped down and flew inside through a glass window shattering it, it fell all over the room I entered.

I waited to listen if anyone was awaken by the noise, I had to be careful, Marshall said I should be wary of the man’s son…..

I found it hard to sleep, how can I sleep while my beautiful horse was murdered by the same person who killed Mr Charlie.

The same words on his body were scribbled on the paper on my horse’s body. My head still hurts but I feel more at pain for the innocent blood wasted for nothing.

Who could be doing this to me? What does he or she want? If my parents had wronged anybody, they would have told me.

They were murdered in cold blood after all, what do they want again?

I had hid what happened from my Aunt, I don’t want her to get more worried about my safety.

She’s sleeping right now on her bed and I have been inside the kitchen drinking coffee after coffee.

I almost fell into sleep but a sudden noise from somewhere around the house snapped me awake.

I dropped the cup of coffee I was holding and went outside to check where the noise came from.

Everything seemed in order, I heard no further noise and I made to return inside but I noticed someone’s presence behind me.

I turned sharply to dodge the person’s quick kick, I had learnt taekwondo in school and I know little about self defense.

I was able to avoid her quick blow when she lunged forward again, I found out she’s a girl because I caught her soft chest when I pushed her to move away from me.

She stood frozen, I felt her soften and I took advantage of her sudden weakness and tore her mask off.

“Anna?!” Her expression was that of surprise, she stiffened when I touched her cheek. “What’s this about?”

I don’t know why she’s surprised but I am surprised to see her, like this……


heard a crash inside and my Aunt’s voice called out my name as her footsteps came closer to us.

I took her hand and together we ran into a darker balcony “you stay here while I take care of her”

She nodded affirmatively, I squeezed her hand before I went carefully to send my Aunt off. She’s someone I can handle easily, so I walked her inside.

“I heard noises” she said while I took her up the stairs.

“Yes, I….. I was in the kitchen, I went out to see when I heard the noise but it’s a cat that ran through the security wires”

“Oh, how hurt it must be, where’s it?” She asked looking behind me.

“Don’t worry Aunt, I have taken care of it and sent it away”

“I hope it’s alright?”

“Yes, you can go inside and sleep now”

“Alright, get to bed as well dear” she said and went inside her room.

I took a deep breath before going outside again, I was careful not to make a noise when I closed the door.

I went to were I left Anna, but she’s not there anymore. I looked around for her but I see no one around.

Where has she gone? What’s she doing here by this time of the night all masked? Is she a thief?

No, she can’t be. She looks too innocent for that, maybe she had come to check on me and she’s afraid my Aunt wouldn’t allow her in easily.

I sat down at a bench in the garden and buried myself into thoughts as it flooded through my mind.


Marshall left early in the morning, he stayed behind yesterday and repaired the damaged glasses.

Truthfully, I can’t seem to sleep this night while I thought about the fact that someone might be somewhere waiting to hurt me when I go to sleep.

Last night was different, it was hard to sleep but I managed to sleep with the knowledge that Marshall is inside this building with me.

But tonight, I listened to every rustle of the woods far beyond. I heard the little chip sounds on the windows and roof far up.

I went downstairs to the kitchen and got a cup of cold water, I sat down on the couch in the living room and sipped it like wine.

Maybe, just maybe I will fall to sleep by miracle without evil hands covering my eyes.

I am even afraid of my own breaths, I took it slowly and counted it all. My heart beat raced when the hairs on the back of my head stood up.

Someone is in the room with me, someone is behind me, he’s here again.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you”

He said, it’s a male voice, he switched off the light before I could see his face and he stood behind me.

“W…who ar….are you?” I shivered, my voice choked at every word.

“You forget so easily, I am your friend not an enemy” he snorted laughing.

I recognized the voice immediately, it’s him……………..

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