November 29, 2021

Broken episode 2


(Forbidden love 💔💘)

✍️Sha Ron✍️

Episode 2.


I took my diary from my bag when Mrs Helena brought it into my room and scribbled words on it with shaky fingers and tearful eyes.

A knock on my door made me sprang up at once and hid my diary under the pillow on my bed. I went to the door and unlocked it,Mrs Helena came inside all smiles with a tumbler full of milk.

“How are you doing in your new environment?”she asked me while she handed me the milk.I rapped my hands around the tumbler and looked down on it.

“Fine”I replied quietly, she placed her hand on my shoulder and assured me that everything will be alright but I shaked my head bleakly

“I don’t want to stay here, I don’t like this place,I don’t even like my mother, sometimes I feel she’s not the one that gave birth to me” A tear slid down my left cheek and I swiped at it immediately.

“Sit down”she pulled me to sit on the bed while she squatted in front of me with both of her hands rested on my knees”drink up”she nudged me to drink my milk.

I refused afraid they must have added something to it, the woman smiled understandingly.

“Bry, life never gives to us what we expect of it, all we have to do is accept what it gives us and try to be happy with the believe that it will be fine ,such is life”.

I covered her chubby hands with mine and never blinked an eye as our eyes fought not to fall off after I had set the tumbler aside.

“I know that you know the reason why she brought me here, that man smells like a bad egg, please, tell me something that I don’t know” I pleaded with her.


must say,you are a clever and beautiful girl and I keep wondering why your mother would want to waste you like this”she shrugged and rose to her full height.

“Please,tell me what you know about this,please”I stood up as well and held her hand not ready to allow her slip away,she knows something I don’t know.

“No one tells the secret doings of this house to a non member, except you are initiated,I dare not say it lest I loose my life”

“How? no one will know if you tell me except you told them or I do, why would you loose your life anyway?” I questioned in a confused state and the older woman chuckled.

“You know nothing my dear, don’t worry you will find out soon enough, for now,drink your juice and come out for dinner, I actually came here to inform you that dinner is ready, see ya” she said in a final tone and dashed out.


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slumped to the bed and the tumbler fell unbalanced on the bed and everything spilled on the bed.

I hissed and gazed at the door thinking about the woman’s confusing words not ready to give any attention to the mess on the bed.

“What’s my mother up to?” I muttered “she has never been of any good to me”

Yes! She’s like a bad news to me, I could remember vividly how she walks in and out of me and my father’s lives. As I pondered over it in my mind, I keep wondering why my father allowed her take me.

Some of my mates teased me regularly about it and some even said am not her child but I know just one thing,she loves money and she can do anything for money.

My thoughts brought me to a conclusion, she probably wants to sell me to that old man, but is it as a wife, child or as a sacrificial lamb?

No way!,I should have known when she came back home last weekend with a car and forced me to follow her,I can’t still believe my father had said:

“Ann, go with your mother, she loves you and she wants the best for you, if you stay here with me, you might never achieve your dreams, go have a good life”.


the only person that calls me Ann, and he’s the only person that wants the best for me,not my mother,not anyone else. I have to go outside and make my mother understand that, I stood to my feet and found my way out.

I stood on my tracks when I got to the staircase and heard voices coming from the dinning, I recognized the first voice to be unmistakably my mother’s and the other voice belongs to the man I met earlier today.

I listened to their discussion and only joined them when they are done talking,I didn’t show any signs that I heard anything as they looked at me suspiciously, I kept my behavior intact not to expose myself.

“Oh my baby, how do you see your new room, hope you like it?” My mother started and I almost spat out the little food I had stuffed into my mouth.

“You see, honey I want the best for you, just mention anything that you want and I promise,it will be yours!”

There she goes again!,as if she doesn’t know what I want.”do you really want me to eat this nonsense or not?!”I shouted loosing my temper, the food looks beautiful but tastes bitter in my mouth.

I ate because I have been hungry all day as I refused to accept anything from her on our way here, if I refuse this one too, I might die of hunger though I think I might actually die of poison if they added something to the food.

Well, it would be better if I die and go to rest in the bossom of the Lord than stay here.

“Do you like the food?” the man asked trying to be nice but he can’t fool me,he is rotten,I kept quiet and ate quickly,after I cleared my plate,I drained a full glass of juice and stood to leave.

“Do you want more?”my mother asked but I sent her a dreadful glare and left them.

I had something in mind that I wanted to tell her when I was coming to the dinning but I thought better when I heard their discussion,I will see her later and she will explain to me why she brought me here.


“When will it start working and how many minutes will it keep her down?”I asked Rachel when the little demon left.

In my whole life till now I have never seen any girl that’s as bold and fearless as Brianna,her mother might not have noticed but I knew that she heard us talking.

Tonight, her initiation starts and with her bold personality she won’t succvmb easily to doing our bid, so I had to use other measures and very soon,she will be too weak to even blink an eye.

“Any moment from now, depends on the body system you know,and it holds her weak till tomorrow”Rachel answered giving me her mischievous smile.

“I know what you can do”I said and leaned forward to kiss her mesmerizing lips. I haven’t seen any woman as brave as Rachel either, when it comes to money,she can do anything as far as money is concerned.

A few minutes from now,her daughter will be initiated into a fraternity of survive or die,and to think that she drugged her daughter herself, overzealous.

“I will call those boys now”I said and went to take my phone which I had placed on the table.

They picked up at the first ring when I dialed their line and I knew they have been waiting expectantly for it.

“You guys get ready and get coming”I said to the phone and cutted the line then went back to my sit.

“You know, I think we should check on her and see if she’s down already”Rachel suggested and I agreed with her that we need to be certain that the drug has started weakening her before the boys arrive.


went up together and Rachel moved close enough to Brianna’s door to know if there’s any noice coming from inside,she looked at me and shook her head negatively before peeping inside the room through the lock.

She looked over at me this time and urged me to come forward,when I did,she opened the door quietly and we faced Brianna laying on the bed motionless.

I can’t tell if it’s fear that gripped Rachel seeing her daughter in such an awkward position with her head bent over at the leg of the bed.

I, myself thought she’s dead but when I checked her pulse, her breathing was slow and quickened and her eyes opened weakly as she looked at us blurly.

I noticed she has a lot to say to us but the drug made her loose her strength,not even the strength to whisper remained.She looked all pale and weak.

I position her in a normal position on the bed and saw her mother hasn’t moved an inch neither did she blink an eye,was she afraid for her daughter?

Or she was afraid that if anything happens to her,then she would loose a huge sum of money.That’s a question that remains hanging……….


I watched my daughter and feared that she’s dead but I felt a little at ease when Marshall touched her and her eyes opened,not in it’s normal glare or gaze but daring and bloody.

Well, at least she’s alive, I wouldn’t want to be the one that will kill my child,she deserves to live no matter what, at least until her mission here is over.

I know that I never cared much about her, I didn’t even stay with her when her first birthday was celebrated, I know little about my own child but no mother, no matter how devious would want her daughter to die by her hands.

Marshall lifted her and lay her properly on the bed and turned to look at me. I understand what he meant by that and I went close to the bed to undress her.

If she has strength, I know she wouldn’t want me to come an inch close to her and I could read the protest in her eyes but she doesn’t have the will power to brush my hands off as she did earlier today.

I undressed her and she lay [email protected] in bed with her eyes fixed on me as hot tears ran down the corners of her eyes. The worst is yet to come and she’s crying?, Well, well, the door opened just then and five guys came in.

I took a last look at Brianna, her face that reminds me so much of her father, the man I loved or still loved but can’t be with because he’s wretched.

This girl doesn’t look anything like me, she’s just as tall as her father, she has his eyes, his dimples, his long lashes, his everything except some parts that aren’t supposed to be found on a woman’s body.

That she’s beautiful is an understatement, at her young age, she’s one of those teens that men worship the ground they step on just to get her attention.

Her round [email protected] with it’s pink n!poles is just the perfect size for her s£xy shape, well…her….gosh!

These guys will devour her tonight, and make her as heartless as a beast,I can see them licking their lips as Marshall led me outside and shut the door.

Sorry….my baby, you don’t deserve a mother like me and I will understand if you never forgive me.



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