November 29, 2021

Broken episode 20


(Forbidden love 💔💘)

✍️Sha Ron ✍️

Episode 20.


I shivered all over as he dissapeared into the night, I ran to the switch and switched on the light.

I took a deep breath, checked all the doors from downstairs to upstairs and the windows as well, they are all firmly locked and I wondered how he got inside.

I wasn’t afraid or shaken when he was inside with me, but I think my fear now comes from the fact that I am not sure how he got into the house.

And I can’t help thinking that he might be somewhere, watching me like a ghost in the shell of darkness clad in black.

I went inside my room and tried waving his words off my head but I couldn’t, he had asked for my help and he said he won’t hurt me.

I feel really sorry for him after he narrated his story to me, he sure thinks he’s getting paid for the sins he has committed in the past.

He said he had always taken away people’s loved ones away from them, he also takes people’s hard earned wealth just to get paid.

He had also mentioned that he was once a secret agent of the most wanted drug dealers in too many countries.

When he finally thinks he’s not doing the right thing, he fell inlove with the wrong person whom he still aches for each and every day and night.

He wished, he wanted, he craved for a simple, extraordinary and calm live with his beautiful daughter and wife, with so much happiness and love everlasting but it’s never coming to pass.

He believes that nemesis has finally caught up with him, his business failed and his wife left, only to come back to claim their daughter.


trusted that she would give her a good and better live but he found out a bit too late that she’s turning her into a beast like herself.

He really wants to save his daughter as fast as he could but he has to thread with caution and care, Marshall has many secret agents working for him.

If he ends up noticing his actions, he might kill him before he has a chance to save his daughter.

“Poor Brianna, where would she be now?” I lamented feeling a knot tightening in my heart.

I feel sad for her, that girl was so innocent and such a darling. If I had a child like that, I won’t trade her for anything in the world.

What will Rachel gain from venturing her daughter into evil? She has practically exchanged her for wealth.


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thing is; that girl might survive the mission, and another is; she will still die no matter what, anyone initiated into this fraternity has two options…..

If you aren’t killed in a mission, they will kill you after the mission by bringing in a new member who must take your life to live.

Well, I think I must help him. After all, I will still die in one way or another, why not make use of it now that am still breathing.

I took a scissors and torch light and went up to Marshall’s secret room, I must do something to expose him so the rest of the world will live in peace.

People like him don’t deserve to live, I think he has lived long enough, so help me God!

If he leaves, then evil will be reduced and some people might find peace and harmony for years to come.

I really pity Brandon, he’s just like me, we are paying for the things we have done in the past which when looked into, isn’t exactly our faults………..


I gulped in air when I swam out of the water, I could hear noises and gun shots from the other side of the river.

I know they are busy contemplating on how to get across the river to us and they are shooting non-stop in order to scare us.

I looked around for Anna, but I didn’t see her, I went on my hands and knees and looked around for her as I called her name weakly.


second sense told me that she might still be inside the water, does she even know how to swim?

“Oh God!” I dived into the water again and swam around in search of her.

There’s no way I can talk in the water except I want to drink the whole river tonight, otherwise, I would have called her name and maybe…..just maybe she would hear me and answer.

I had to follow my heart as I went deeper into the water and used my hands and legs to know if I would touch anything. Just anything. Her.

I have never felt much afraid in my life, what if she has drown? What if something has swallowed or eaten her up? What if the water has taken her to a different place?

No! God please!! I will never forgive myself if anything happens to her. I have never cared for anyone as much as I do her.

I cried when I lost my parents, I feel sad for loosing my Aunt. I might die if I loose her too.

I can’t last longer inside this water, it isn’t as if I have any oxygen with me and if I don’t surface now, I will drown.

Anna? Anna please….God please…..Dad…. Mom….. Aunt…. I can’t loose her.

My heart called her name, my lips quivered to mention her name as my mind talked to God and my lost ones to save her and bring her to me.

I gulped in the first water when I couldn’t hold my breath anymore, I know I will take in another one sooner and I might sink but I can’t go without her.

My feets touched a rock, I stood firmly on it and bent over to search with my hands, I touched something.

It’s a clothe, I picked it up and I perceived her scent. She’s somewhere here, I have to keep on searching, I held onto her clothe and prayed it leads me to her.

I left the rock and swam around it, while my hands touched her finally, I gulped in another water and I became weaker.

I took her with me, she’s so calm and she has only her inner wears on her. I made sure I took the few ones I saw around there.

She’s going to need it, else she will die of cold as summer has come to an end and I don’t know how long we will spend in this forsaken place.

If you stay alive for that long sir; my brain mocked me.

I held her waist with my right hand and used the other one to move on while her clothes where on my mouth.

I felt her gun still on her waist, she had attached it to her waist band and her sword was also attached to the rope which she tied on her back up to her shoulders.

I had touched it earlier when I helped her up after we fell down, I thought it wise to ask her when I am certain we are safe and not there while our lives are in danger.

It’s a good thing they are still with her, we might need it somehow, though I keep wondering what they are doing with her.

And the fact that she’s dressed just the same way those men are hasn’t left my mind, I will get to know the truth with time, I just want her to be safe and sound first.

We surfaced together and I felt too weak to move, I lay there and whispered her name, I can’t even lift my hand, I could only fight to breath.

We lay side to side, I can’t feel her breathing and when I recovered a little strength, I went on my knees and gave her mouth to mouth respiration.


she didn’t come around, I felt her pulse and it still thuds, I pressed her stomach before giving her another mouth to mouth, she threw up at once.

Thank goodness! She’s still alive. She breathed quick, coughed chronically and sneezed almost at the same time as she regained consciousness.

“Frank?” She called when I lifted her head and placed it on my chest.

“I am here baby, I’m very sorry that I put you through this” I said and lifted her up.

We need to get far away from where those men won’t see us or they might shoot us if they continue releasing bullets like that.

I carried her and her belongings and walked towards the forest ahead, I don’t know what is there but I have to get away from that vicinity to avoid getting shot.

If we end up being eaten by wild animals, so let it be than getting shot by assassins.

She shivered in my arms and held me tightly as if her life depended on me, maybe it is but she doesn’t know how afraid I am to loose her than myself.

“Frank” she called my name softly.

“I’m here” I managed, she lifted her head slowly and laid it on my chest again.

“I’m very sorry” she mumbled, I noticed she’s crying because her tears…hot and humid…. touched my chest from an opening on my buttons.

“No, this is all my fault, I shouldn’t have known you in the first place, because you wouldn’t be here if you know nothing about me” I said.

“No… just lemme die here, I deserve to” she muffled trying to get down from my arms, I didn’t let her, I held her tight.

“Just shut up, stay still and pretend you’re in your bedroom, feeling cozy and warm” I laughed weakly and coughed at the process.

I stomped over something and almost fell but I derived strength from the warmth her body offered me and moved on, she trembled in my arms.

“I wish…. I wi…sh I have su…per power, I will reverse the hands of time” she said, her voice broke at some point.

“To the second time we met, huh?” I helped her.

She nodded as she sneezed. She must be very cold because she shivered the more.

I saw a little hut built with palm fronds and tick water proofs, I noticed smoke oozing out of the roof, I went there straight without minding if it’s for humans or not.

All I could think about is her welfare and comfort, and she really needs warmth which my body offers little for how cold she is, she might freeze in my arms.

She tightened her hold on me when she saw where am taking her, I assured her that I will protect her if I enter the wrong place but how sure am I?


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