November 29, 2021

Broken episode 21


(Forbidden love 💔💘)

✍️Sha Ron ✍️

Episode 21.


I sat up from the bed and picked up the call from Marshall’s men, we have gone ruthlessly on three hot rounds of s£x which got him snoring deep in sleep.

“Yes, what’s the news now?” I talked to the guy on the line.

“They’re across the river, they headed into the forest beyond and we are stuck here, we can only cross over in the morning” a deep voice replied.

Marshall’s men might know me but I only know them by their dress code, I can’t identify them if I see them dressed differently.

I know none of their names and the person that replied, I can’t figure out who owns the voice but I know they came from one of them.

“I will send down a boat to come for you guys, it will be there by morning, they won’t get far from their location because it’s a dangerous place so make sure you capture them alive and bring them to me!”

“Boss said we should get them dead or alive” he returned.

“And am telling you to make sure that boy comes here alive, if possible, the girl too but if not, am more concerned about that boy, he’s the key to my wealth” I said.

“Okay, I’ll make sure of that” he finally accepted and I disconnected the line.

I went back to sit down beside Marshall on the bed, he slept quietly, harmless and innocent like a child.

For a woman like me, this is the part of him that I see as long as it gives me what I want and all I want is money to live a stress-free life, have I mentioned that before?


took a cigarette from his locker and looked around for his lighter to light it, I found it at his bed’s headboard and lighted it.

I puffed in smoke to my satisfaction and blew it out slowly, the smoke escaped through my mouth and nose, I liked the feeling of it.

It makes me feel fulfilled, I see myself as an accomplished person and I forget the fact that when I look at Marshall, I remember Brandon.

He’s nothing compared to Brandon, he’s just an arrow that I am using to shoot my wealth, when it’s a success! Boom!! I fly.

I can go to any length to make sure my thoughts becomes a reality, I have sacrificed my all… heart, my soul and my child….what else? Everything.

It’s even written in the Bible that poverty is a sin, or did I read a different Bible? It’s a very big disease to live low and be looked down upon. I can’t settle for less. Never!.


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fell inlove with Brandon and thought he’s going to remain the same, but he decided to start a new life so he turned into a new leaf. Well, sorry to him, I can’t stand living like that.

I had to push Marshall to send Brianna to complete her mission as soon as possible, not only because I don’t trust her but also for the fact that Brandon is gradually getting closer to finding his daughter.

I know no one understands what happened a few days ago, but I do. Those colors, the texts. Everything points at him and I can’t bear to loose this wealth because of him.

To hell with Brandon!.
To hell with Brianna!.

To hell with Marshall!.
To hell with everyone else, I don’t freaking care!
All a bad bitch wants is money!.

If I become this generations Jezebel, I wouldn’t be the first huh? Would I ?

Who knows? Who cares? fvck all this problems surfacing now because of that little witch!

“Who’s this boy that she has to risk her life for?” I lamented exhaling tiredly as I slumped to the bed and dropped the cigarette, I closed my eyes slowly and dreamt about my success.


“Frank, I’m scared” that’s the truth, I haven’t been much afraid in my whole life, not for myself but for him, he’s already going through alot because of me.

“Don’t be, I will protect you” he said, we got closer to the house before he added “I promise”


looked up at his face and held him tighter, I closed my eyes and waited for whatever is going to happen next.

“Hello?!” He called out to whoever or whatever that’s inside the hut.

His voice echoed in my ears as he continuously tried to alert the occupants of the hut.

He became unsteady and I guess he’s becoming weak and dizzy as I am but he’s fighting to maintain his balance as a man.

I didn’t want to open my eyes, but when I heard a cracked voice and noticed Frank moving backwards, it fluttered open.

A man was standing in front of the hut, he has a stick on his left hand for support, I guess something happened to his leg because he’s not an old man though he looks bushy.

A boy stood beside him with a torch light, he held a catapult on the other hand and his hair is so grown and tattered.

“Please, help us, some men are after us and we don’t know……” Frank started but he cutted him off by signaling for us to come inside.

The boy took my clothes from him, he wanted to take the sword but Frank doesn’t seem to trust him enough to let him take it.

He smiled and went inside with the man, Frank looked at me thoughtfully before going inside.

The inside of the hut looks neat and bigger than it is when you look at it from the outside.

“Here” the man gave Frank dry clothes, he pointed towards the corner where the fire is hissing and churning as it burnt slowly.

“What happened to her?” The boy asked looking at Frank, he opened his mouth to reply but the man stopped him.

“Let them rest first, Eche” the man talked to the little guy. He accepted nodding affirmatively.

Eche? What sort of name is that? I became curious about the name because of the way the man called it…

Anyways, People give their children funny names, at times, according to the condition of which they were born or the situation they are in during the child’s birth.

If I remember correctly, Eche simply means everlasting or Eternal, just an English word that I haven’t seen anyone answer before.

Well, looking at their condition, it’s quite a honourable name for them to have been alive in such a place, who knows what they are.

“Oh…we will go outside while you guys change into the dry clothes, you can spread the w€t ones beside the fire to dry” the man said and went outside, Eche followed.

The boy is around twelve to thirteen years old, the older man must be around sixty something years not minding his condition, or he might be younger.

When we were left alone, I stood on my feet and looked at Frank. I reached for the clothes with my shivering hands but he pushed it away.

He placed them on a big flat stone which seems to be their chair here, he unclasped the waist band from me and laid it beside the clothes.

“What are you……..” My eyes opened wide as he pulled my clothes down and urged me to lift my leg so he would take it off.

I was meaning to ask him what he’s doing when he reached for my clothes, he didn’t mind me as he undressed me and grabbed the dry clothes.

I swallowed hard as I lifted my legs one after the other and held his head for support. I felt really shy as he clothed me, even my father has never tried that ever since I turned eight.

He had stopped bathing me at age seven, after my eightieth birthday, he stopped coming into my room when am [email protected]


and sit beside the fire before you freeze” he said and pulled down his own clothes.

I obeyed him and left to sit beside the fire, I busied myself with throwing small chopped firewoods into the fire to divert my attention from him.

“Are you alright?” He asked me calmly as he came behind me, I could only nod. He spread our clothes beside the fire and sat down next to me.

He held my sword, mask and gun. I understand he doesn’t trust the man and the boy. No one in his right mind will trust anybody or anything here.

I also think he needs an explanation of what those items are doing with me, I don’t even know where or how to start explaining.

“You don’t have to put all the firewoods into the fire, Anna” he told me taking my hand when I continuously threw more firewoods into it.

“Oh, I….”

“Don’t worry, we will be alright” he said smiling at me.

“You are done dressing?!” The man’s voice came into our conversation.

“Yes!” Frank answered.

“Aish! And you didn’t bother to inform us! We are already freezing!!” They chorused running to the fire place.

“Sorry, we just finished” Frank said.

“Don’t worry, we are not the ones who got w€t so we can’t freeze!” The man said, his son laughed and eased the tension.

“Thank you, for taking us in, sir” I said quietly. Frank took my hand and stretched it across the fire for more warmth, the contact sent butterflies skittering around my belly.

“You don’t need to thank me, just thank your maker” he said patting Frank on the back.

They sat opposite us around the fire, Frank took my other hand too and did the same thing he did to the first one.

Does he know what’s happening inside me when he’s so close ?

He’s breathtaking even in the rags we are wearing, I wish…… I wish…..

Brianna, you wish for too many things lately, remember that you two can’t be an item!

An inner voice shunned me.

“Your sister?” Eche asked looking at Frank, his father gave him a resounding knock on his head.

Surprisingly, Frank bursted into a hearty laughter, I felt happy watching him. He’s a beautiful sight to behold and deserves to remain happy.

“I don’t think it’s funny that he knocked him” I said to him, then turned to the boy and apologized “sorry, Eche.”

The boy smiled at me while Frank freed my hand and kept a moody face. Jealous? Can’t be true.

“You look tired, I think it’s better if you go to sleep” the man said after a while.

He went to a corner where a big bag was lying and took out some old fashioned bed sheets, he threw one at Frank.

“Manage that, my son easily gets feverish” he said as he used some palm fronds to make a mat for sleeping.

No bed of roses here, bed of palm fronds and leaves.

Frank looked over at me and handed the bedsheet to me “you look terrible, go to sleep. Am alright”

“I don’t think I will be able to sleep” I pushed the sheet back to him but he blocked it.

“Come on” he tapped my chin playfully.

How will I be able to sleep knowing that we are in danger?

Who knows if this man is one of Marshall’s secret agents?

Well, I gat no strength to argue “okay, can I sleep next to you?” I requested.

He tapped on his shoulder, I laid my head on it and closed my eyes.

I felt save and strong with him, can’t we just remain like this, forever? Impossible journey!

He took the sheet from me and covered my whole body excluding my face, he laid my head on his laps.

He cuddled me into sleep as if am a new born baby while he sat uncomfortable on a skin ripping stone.

Just for me, what happens if he finds out the whole truth? A lot of unanswered questions hovered around my mind.

I tried dreaming ahead, forgetting the dangers lurking around……..


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