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Broken episode 3

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(Forbidden love 💔💘)

✍️Sha Ron✍️

Episode 3.


I wanted to talk, I wanted so much to cry out loud and curse that woman. I wanted to stand up to my feet and shout her ears off.

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As Marshall led her out, I opened my mouth with all the energy I could be able to draw from inside of my soul but nothing came out, I only heard my own heart pounding noisily that my eardrum hurted.

I shifted my gaze from one man to the other and I knew that if I came out of this room alive, I might never die again, but I will turn out to be like Zoe, a demon that lived for thousands of years in a children’s story book I came across.
No!…. they can’t do this to me!!.

They undressed hurriedly, each one wanting to be the first to have me. In seconds, they stood [email protected] in front of me and they exchanged looks before pouncing on me, I had no power to stop them.

Two men climbed the bed immediately while the other three stood and watched, I don’t think I will ever forget the pain that I felt when the first man thrusted inside me.

I lay there and prayed for death as they dealt with me. It’s not their fault, it’s God’s fault for bringing me into this cruel world.

What’s my sin?.

I only counted to the third man and I can’t remember when the others took their turn.

I woke up and found myself in a different environment, I lay on a bed with white sheets, the walls of the bedroom were painted sparkling white.

Everything in the room is pure white and I wore a white robe, I had no inner wears on and I wondered how I got here and who dressed me.

My whole body ached, when I stood up, every joint on my body cracked and cried. When I took a step, my legs gave up and I slumped down weakly beside the bed as my head banged.

I was forcing myself to stand again when the door located at the left side of the room that looked eastwards opened quietly and a woman came inside, she carried a white rectangular tray.

“Good morning beauty! I don’t think you are fit to stand up from bed not to talk of walking, so I advise you stay in bed for the time being” the lady said as she placed the tray on the bed and came to help me up.

She smelt like lilies and her short hair seemed to be freshly washed, she’s pretty with her oval shaped face and slim figure.

I didn’t find the mouth to talk though I had many questions to ask, I kept quiet and sat on the bed where she helped me sit and offered me a hot tea.

I took it and without minding my smelling mouth, I gulped down everything and looked at the tray myself when I found out how hungry I have been.

I took everything on the tray, bread, three kinds of fruits that I don’t think I have seen before and a hot fried egg, I ate it all and demanded for water.

The lady didn’t look surprised at all, she went outside and almost at the same time appeared again with a bottle water, I downloaded it inside me and fell on the bed tiredly.

I closed my eyes and tried recalling what happened after that third guy took his turn, nothing came to mind, I gave up and cleared my throat.

“How do you feel, beauty?”the lady asked me as she sat beside me on the bed and combed my long black hair with her long fingers.

I don’t think am ready to wake up from this sleep, I need more of it to clear my head.

“Go” I whispered breezily and lay properly on the bed, I threw the sheets up to cover me to shoulder length and I shut my eyes and prayed that when I woke up again, I will find out I had been dreaming……….


I know nothing about this sweet girl but I felt sad for her, when Mr Marshall and Rachel brought her here yesterday I knew that she has faced the most painful part of her initiation.


had faced that and many more painful experiences when I joined this fraternity four years ago, in four years, I have watched many die, right before my eyes, six men and two ladies had been shot dead and now forgotten.

I must say I have been very lucky to go to every dangerous mission and come back alive.

This girl,not minding her height and flourish body is probably around 17_18 years, a little too young to be here, is she a product of broken home or ……?.

Neither Marshall nor Rachel told me anything about her, they simply told me to take care of her because she’s my partner now.

When she lay down and threw the sheets over her body, I understood more than ever the pains she’s going through.

I took my tray into the kitchen and when I came back, she’s standing beside the window. She glanced at me and looked away. She opened the window and squinted her eyes when the sun rays splashed into the room.

She looked around the environment outside and I could see that the only thing that has gotten her attention is the beach which is a few feets away from the house.

I had accepted this house because of that beach, it’s a nice place to clear your head on stressful days. It’s my friend when am lonely and when I lost my friends during a mission, I took a walk on that beach and remember how lucky I am.

I went close to her and patted her shoulder in a friendly gesture.

“I know how you feel, baby” I said.

She laughed loudly while tears w€tted her face.

“I want to die!” She shouted “what am I doing here?!!, Who the heck are you?!”


down baby”

“Don’t baby me!, am not your baby!!” She pushed me and I fell backwards, I was caught by the make up chair. She has more strength than I expected.

“You….well… I won’t let you get free if you touch me again, just calm down and pour your heart out” I told her and that made her stiffen a bit.

“Where am I?” She asked me quietly.

“You are in my house, it was given to me by my boss for my hard work in three years, you are left under my custody for the time being”. I explained walking a few feets towards her again.

“That smelling man?”she mumbled facing the window again.

“Mmm….what’s your name?”I asked her as I tried touching her arm.

She looked at her arm where I touched her, her brown eyes were looking straight into me when she looked up at my face.
She laughed huskily and tilted her head to the left.

“Funny…. if my name was that important, my mother would have told you or the man that must have brought me here” she said and shut the window.

“Well…. important or not,can I get it?”I said as she walked past me towards the door.

“Brianna!… that’s it, I like what I see outside, I need a walk on that amazing beach!” She said and ran outside.

She surprised me though, where did she derive her energy from.

I mean, she slept for two nights now, and she’s supposed to be weak from all those……..

During my initiation four years ago, I spent two weeks behind closed doors. Weak and shy to face reality until I was forced out.

There’s more to her !.

I followed her outside, she knows nowhere around here and am not ready to be held responsible if anything should happen to her.


I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, i didn’t give way to the weakness threatening to wear me down.

I kept my head straight and raced on the hot sand trying to clear my head, all my pains and heartaches all to no avail. I noticed that lady following me from a distance, I didn’t stop running.

If my body will allow me, I will run till eternity. But my legs failed me, it buckled and I fell face down on the hot sand.

I rolled till I felt myself sinking into water, I squinted my eyes open and saw myself inside the beach water.


didn’t see anyone around, apart from that lady who’s still far away, I heard no noise.

I stood up and stripped myself [email protected], free from the white robe. I dived into the water and remained there, when I surfaced I found out I wasn’t alone and my robe is quite far from my reach.

I flushed for the first time in my life, he rode a brown and beautiful horse.

He looked down at me and didn’t make any move to divert his eyes from my [email protected] body.

I lifted my hands up and covered my face, that was foolish. I jumped into the water and lifted only my face when I looked at him again.

He has already come down from the horse and he was inside the water with my robe on his hand, he smiled at me when he came closer to me.

“Who are you?!” I asked him snatching my robe from him.

“When next you undress, be sure it’s not on a public beach that people strode in and out” he said and turned to leave but he stopped “you’re beautiful, anyways”.
He turned and walked to his horse.

“What’s your name?!” I shouted after him, determined to make acquaintances, but he only grinned at me and took his horse away.

The lady came into view immediately.
“You are such a fast runner!”she exclaimed and stepped into the water.

“Did you see that guy?” I asked her.
She looked at his direction, he’s already far from where we are.

“Mmm….what about him?” She asked.

“Well… I thought you might know him”

“I haven’t seen him around here before, different people come here daily…….!”she threw her hands up and shrugged.
I buttoned my robe as I came out of the water, and walked towards the house.

“You didn’t tell me your name” I asked her.

“You didn’t ask, my name is Cleopatra”she replied and fell into step beside me.

“Good, you’re 28 years?”I guessed and I knew I was right when she threw a surprising look towards me.

“You are a good observer, too clever for your young age”she said pinching my ear.

“I will be 18 years by November 9th” I told her.

“I see…now, tell me, is Rachel really your mother?,like biological mother?” She asked me and took hold of my hair when the wind blew it to her face. Her’s is trimmed short.

“Yes, why?”I questioned.

“Wow … she’s….well, nothing,I just didn’t think she has a child” she stammered.

I know what she wants to say, but I didn’t push her.

I took to my heels again and laughed with every fiber of my being…………

Don’t worry Cleo, I will get back at her.

I had wanted to die before but now, there are reasons…many reasons…why I should live, why I must live, if not for anything but for that guy I saw on that beach, there’s something about him that triggers me…..

…….that makes me want to live a very long life.


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