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(Forbidden love 💔💘)


✍️Sha Ron ✍️

Episode 9.


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“Hello, Helena?” I talked to my house keeper on the phone.

We stayed up all night waiting for Brianna to come back here at the white house, but she’s nowhere to be found.

I had checked out all the clubs houses and restaurants around this place and there’s still no glimpse of her.

I had called my men to check motels and other sort of places and there’s still no news.

Rachel said she doesn’t know her way around and I feel responsible for this, I should have stopped her last night.

“Yes, good morning sir!” Helena’s voice broke into the phone.

“How are you doing this morning?” I asked.

“Am fine sir” she replied.

“We’re not going to come home this morning, I just wanted to inform you” I told her.

“Oh!, Okay sir….but….what happened?, Hope there’s no problem?” She said worriedly.

“Yap, there’s absolutely no problems at all, something came up” I said curtly.

“Okay sir, when should I expect you so that I will make food?” She inquired.

“Ehm… I can’t tell for now, but when we are good to go, I will give you a call” I replied.

“Okay sir, no problem, have a good day” she said.

“You too! Bye!” I disconnected the line immediately and made to go out but Rachel stood on the door.

“Helena?” She raised a brow.

“Yep, how are you doing baby?” I asked and went to hug her.

“Am good, you?” She kissed my cheek.

“Same, hope you didn’t think much about her?” I asked cynically.

“Are you trying to mock me?, That girl doesn’t mean anything to me, she’s better gone for good. Am just gonna pray she comes back so that I will kill her myself!” She retorted.

“Take it easy Rach, she’s your child after all” I said.

“Whatever!….they should just find her, she hasn’t done all that’s required of her” she squared her shoulders.

“They will, she’s gone off to catch fun, I know so and don’t give me that look” I laughed at her reaction.

“You know what honey!, I have missed your hands on me” she flirted changing the subject.

She took my hands and placed it gently on her [email protected], she went on tiptoe and kissed my ear.

“How about we go inside the……..?” She smiled when I swept her off her feets.

“I don’t mind taking you here baby!” ……

She’s a big temptation, one that I can’t resist…


“Oh God!! What have they done to me again?!” I shouted when I realized I’m in a new environment.

I had drifted slowly awake to find myself on a mattress covered with blue sheets, all dressed in a pink night wear.

The bedroom walls have stainless yellow painting, the window and door cuttons color rhymes with the sheets.

Is this how they will keep changing me from one house to another?.

What nonsense!.

I stood up and fled downstairs to a different parlour, beautiful. simply. ordinary.

I touched a circular set of cushions, brown coloured.

The sitting room walls are perfect white, this house definitely bears alot of colours and I love colours!.

Well, I will tell Marshall that I will not go to any other house, this one is awesome!.

“You awake?!”

I turned sharply to see an elderly woman in her mid fifties if am correct. Though she doesn’t have wrinkles and I see no sign of greying on her golden hair.

“Yeah, I…. good morning” I greeted.

“How are you feeling, honey?”

Hmmm. Marshall’s workers are all the same, always being nice while they do evil.
I think I should tag hypocrite to their names.

“Am better, what game has Marshall played this time? Am really dizzy and farmished!” I said.

“Marshall?, Who’s Marshall?!” The woman asked as she came to stand in front of me.

I raised a brow at her, she looked surprised.

“Your boss, the person that must have brought me here!” I said as I sat down on the cushion.

“Boss?, What are you talking about? I see you are still tipsy!” The woman said and I was the one that wore a surprise look now.

“What are you saying ma’am?” I asked her and stood up because I didn’t understand.


see you don’t remember anything about last night at all, I don’t blame you, as young and beautiful as you are, you are misbehaving…..mmm…your parents must be having heart ache now thinking that their child is not safe!” She stated flatly and I think I’m the one that has heartache just then.

“What do you mean ma?” I asked yet again.

“Oh she’s finally awake!….it’s ten minutes past eleven, almost mid-day, you need to get ready so I would take you home, your family must be waiting!”

I looked over to see the owner of the voice. It’s…. what’s his name again?….Frank!.

And they keep talking about parents being worried!, funny, but how did I get here?.

“You?, How did I get here?, Where’s this and what am I doing here?!” I asked astonished.

“Hey!, Take it easy!…one at a time” he commented, he went and stood beside the woman.

“Well….Frank, take care of this, am busy in the kitchen” the woman said and exited through a door.

“You aren’t talking?” I questioned when he only stared at me.

“Actually, Anna, I just can’t believe you visit such places, it doesn’t suit you at all” he said with a shrug.

“You are confusing me the more, stop speaking in riddles!” I am easily provoked this days and I hate it.

“You honestly don’t remember anything from last night?” He asked tapping his finger on the cushion.

“If I remembered, then…….” The memories started floating in, I stopped talking and mopped at him.


Am probably hallucinating!

How insulting?

Why can’t the ground split into two and swallow me, thinking of the little I remember, how about those that I can’t remember?!.

“Hey, get over it, nothing happened, I brought you here at my aunt’s. She’s the one that cleaned you up and changed your clothes after you threw up last night, I think you shouldn’t take alcohol again, it’s not for you” he told me.


wasn’t able to look at his face but I know he must be laughing silently at me.

How much of a mess could I have caused last night?.

What if I had fallen into the wrong hands?.

“I….am really…sorry, I will just get going”
I said and turned to run out but he held me back.

“Don’t be in such a rush, it’s quite a long drive. Freshen up, change into your clothes and at least eat before I take you with my car to your house” he said.

My heart beated fast, does he know the effect his touch has on me?.

My blood raced, didn’t he notice it?.

I don’t seem to have a choice here, I can’t go home in this night dress and I don’t know my way around this place, since I was drunk last night.

Am really hungry and weak to argue.

“Uhm…yeah, okay… alright” I nodded like a lizard.

“Nice girl!” He smiled and urged me to follow him “here’s the bathroom, everything you might need is in there and your clothes as well” he pointed at a door a few feets away from the one that woman entered.

“Okay, thanks” I said and opened the door to go in.

“You seem to like black clothes seeing that you were all dressed up in black” he said.

I didn’t know what to say, I can’t even think while he’s standing beside me…

What’s happening to me?
I went into the bathroom and shut the door.

It’s even hard enough to breath when he’s near.

(Forbidden love 💔💘)

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✍️Sha Ron ✍️.

Episode 10.


I and my aunt are having breakfast of bread and jam with creamy milk.

She has been throwing glances at me and I know she expects an explanation of who Brianna is, I didn’t get a chance to tell her last night because I avoided it.

She deserves a better explanation, right?.

“See…..aunt, I don’t know how to explain this to you but……”my voice trailed off.

“Keep talking Frank, I literally didn’t bother you much last night because I felt it’s too late to argue, you don’t expect me to keep quiet while you come home with a stranger especially one who’s drunk!” She said and I noticed she’s trying to hold back her anger.

Her name is Elizabeth, she can be mean at times but she’s soft hearted. With her being here for me, I never miss my mother so much.


sorry aunt, I didn’t mean to make you angry, I just couldn’t leave her in that state because I felt a sense of responsibility when she came to me and I know her” I tried calming her down.

She ate in silence, she wants to hear it all.

“I met her three months ago on the beach and we became friends, she came to me because she knows me and I could have left her there but….. I…. couldn’t” I drawled with a shrug.

“Look here Frank…..” she covered my hands with hers “…. I’m not saying you have done something wrong, actually am …. trying to tell you that it’s not safe to bring strangers into your home, and a girl at her age that’s living such a worthless life is nothing but a harlot, she’s a bad egg and I don’t want you to get infected by such persons, that’s all !”.

I nodded affirmatively at her and she smiled at me for understanding though I don’t think Brianna is as bad as my aunt makes it look.

Brianna came out of the bathroom and took a few strides towards the dinning table, she stopped distancing herself from us, could she have heard us talking?.

“Well…. I…am very sorry for the inconvenience I might have caused for you last night because of my foolishness. Thanks for everything, I will find my way home” she said and walked away, I looked at her back in surprise. She has good ears.

“If you’re certain she doesn’t know her way home, go take her home, Frank!” My aunt said.

I sprang up immediately and ran after her.

“Hey! Anna!!, Wait!!!” I caught her hand and drew her back but she has more energy than I thought.

“Stop Frank!, I can find my way home, am not a novice when it comes to this city” she said snatching her hand away.

“I know, but am sorry I can’t let you go home on your own even if your house is a feet away, got it?” I told her and she laughed huskily.

What’s funny?

Do I have dirt on my face?

“I don’t really have time for child’s play Mr responsible!. I know you think I’m some kinda stupid because of whatever happened last night but sorry to disappoint you, I don’t like it when someone thinks am a baby. Don’t feel responsible for me Frank, am good and I have to go now” she stood her ground.

“Is that really how you want to put it?, Okay….fine…. good luck and stay safe!” I said but I couldn’t even bring myself to leave her.

“I… you are getting it the wrong way, I…” She started but I shunned her with a raise of a finger.

“See?, You are also getting my aunt’s words the wrong way ….since I won, hop into the car and let’s move, I can see you don’t have anything else to say” I was the one that laughed this time when she could only pout.

I took her hand and led her towards the car.

“Ehm…Frank, how about your….horse?” She said glancing sideways.

Nice, she likes my horse and I know if I ask her, she will deny immensely.

“It’s in the pen, let’s go get it if you like to travel home with it” I told her and she smiled.

Who’s she, really?.

Her expression changes every minute, wasn’t she the one that was saying she wants to go home by herself, now she’s extremely happy as she ran towards the pen, she’s even going the wrong direction.

“That’s not the way to the pen, it’s at the back of the building!” ……..

Though I keep telling Marshall and everyone else that am not bothered about Brianna’s whereabouts, I felt restless.

You know why?

Because I am not stupid, if anything should happen to that girl, Brandon won’t spare me.

And if eventually anything happens, my plans of getting a billion rich will be shattered.

What’s wrong with her?, Did she run away?.

No way!…. Brianna isn’t the type to be so scared that she will fled.

I know that daughter of mine and she’s no different from her father, they never go back to their words.

She promised to make my life a living hell, she won’t run without fulfilling it, I know.

Then, why isn’t she coming back?.

“Brianna is not yet back?”

I pushed myself away from the door in surprise, I didn’t notice Cleo come inside until I heard her voice.

“There’s still no news of her” I said quietly.

“Where could she have gone?” She asked no one in particular.

My phone ringed immediately “I will go inside and get my phone dear”. I went inside, I had left my phone in the living room.

I picked the call though it’s an unknown number.

“Hello?” I said to the phone but got no reply.

I looked at the phone before placing it on my ear again “hello?, Who’s this?” I asked but didn’t get any response.

I hissed, cutted the line and went outside with the phone.

“Who?” Cleo asked me when I joined her again.

I understand she thinks it might be Brianna.

“I don’t know, whoever it is didn’t say anything” I told her.

A horse came into view as it hoofed towards the white house.

“I know that guy!” Cleo exclaimed pointing at the boy on the horse, someone was behind him but we haven’t seen the person’s face.

“Who’s he?” I asked.

“He’s…….oh my, that’s Brianna behind him!” She shouted and ran towards the horse as it stopped beside the car they had used a night ago.

Brianna jumped down from the horse and smiled at the boy that brought her home.

“Thank you, Frank” she said and the guy waved at her.

“You don’t have to thank me, just thank God and your stars” he said smiling at her before he looked towards my direction.

“She must be your mother?” He asked her and her expression changed in one second.

Trust the new Brianna, she didn’t say anything but walked past into the house without glancing even at Cleo who’s dancing around.

“Ehm, who are you? And, why is my daughter with you?!” I became a responsible mother at once.

The boy jumped down from the horse and bent slightly in respect as he greeted me.

“Good day Mom, my name is Frank and I….saw your daughter at a bar last night all drunk, I…. decided to bring her home” he explained curtly.

“Well…. there’s nothing to worry about Rachel, I have seen him around the beach before and they are actually friends” Cleo said and he nodded affirmatively.

“Okay, thanks my son” I said being a good mother.

“You’re welcome ma!” He smiled and went to his horse.

“Brianna!…you have got to come here and explain yourself right now!!” I shouted as I walked furiously into the house.

Goodness!, Being a good mother sucks!, And I better be careful or she might blind me with another whack.

As soon as I stepped into the house, I ran into Marshall’s room to wait for him.

He had joined his men in search of her after three hot rounds of s£x with me.

I should call him, I dialled his number at once.

It’s as if he had been expecting it, he picked up immediately.

“Rachel?, any news?” He asked hurriedly.

“She’s back, safe and sound. Please, come home” I told him.

“Oh good!…am coming back now!!” The line disconnected.

I went to the door and locked it before going to sit on the single chair in his bedroom.

I can’t handle that girl if she decides to come here.


“Tell me, should I award you for your misbehavior?!” Marshall shouted at Brianna when she refused to talk.

It’s been about an hour that he came back with Lang, Sassy and Saga.

Rachel stood behind him as he scolded Brianna about last night, she seems unmoved.

“If you keep on ignoring me, I will get you whipped back to your senses!!” Marshall fused again.

Brianna bursted into a puffy laughter.

That was a blow on Marshall’s face.

“Then, I guess all of you deserve to be whipped out of sin!” She shouted glaring at each one of them.

“What?!….how dare you talk back to my face?!!” He went close to her, pulled her on the hair and dragged her outside.

It had already started to rain heavily outside and they were drenched at once.

“Let go off me!” She cried.

He didn’t listen to her or anyone else in the house, especially Cleo who tried begging for forgiveness on her behalf.

He flung her to the ground and used his belt on her, she covered her face and allowed him whip her without trying to run away as she would have done if her father tried to cane her.

Everyone could only watch as he dealt with her, to their surprise, she didn’t make a noise at all.

She lay down quietly and made sure none of the strokes ever lands on her face.

Marshall flogged her in blazing fury until he became weak when his anger subsided, he kicked her on her lower abdomen before going inside.

“fvck you!”

She shouted after him and laughed loudly as blood oozed out of her mouth and nose.

Rachel made to go to her but the look she sent her made her became nauseous.

Cleo was the one who helped her up and took her inside, others watched.

Oh! how much she must be hurting.

“Who knows what will happen next!” Saga commented.

Rachel’s phone ringed again…..

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