Broken home episode 12 – 13


……I couldn’t believe my eyes,,,Graceeeeeee I shouted,,plea-se help me,plea-se,,, I asked for help and drove to Edo Specialist Hospital, which was the nearest to the accident scene,,,,,

She was immediately attended to,been an emergency, my sister was bleeding profusely,,, I had never cried like that all my life,,,my sister was almost lifeless,,,oh my God,,, aside dad,Gracie is the only one I have,I can’t live with myself should anything happen to her,,,she didn’t deserve this, the only crime we ever committed was to have been born by a nonchalant mother,my sister was fighting for her life, I called dad but he didn’t pick,I called again someb©dy else picked,, who is this and why are you with my dad’s phone I had asked angrily,,,,”the man no well ohh,we don rush am come hospital for UBTH,,,

Getting there, I met my aunt,she was with dad,, dad was suffering from typhoid fever,but because of Gracie issue he had forgotten about taken care of himself,because he was too busy with Grace….

Don’t worry my daughter ,I shall be fine,where is your sister,dad had asked me,,, I was trying to hold back tears from coming down….

But my eyes betrayed me,,,,,my child you look bittered and stressed, where is Grace,dad asked again,this time in panic, even on his sick be-d,he was still concerned about Grace, who wasn’t even his own blood,what a father,,, if only mom was half the person dad is,our lives would have been better…..

Ivie, I said where is your sister,dad only calls me Ivie when he’s angry at me,,,, dad,,Gracie was involved in an accident,,, I called to inform you when I heard you were in the hospital and had to rush here,,,,,

“What? accident, and you left your sister all by herself”,,,let’s go to her immediately,,,

“Osahon,eheen,you can’t be serious, you are going to leave the hospital be-d because Grace is hospitalized,,, you are willing to take a risk for a child that is not yooooo…”
,hold it,Adesuwa, hold it,take me to my daughter at once,he said to me,,,,

I tried to st©p him too, but he was bent on seeing Grace.
Getting to the hospital, I met with the doctor in charge of Gracie,he said she was yet to regainc consciousness,but he was sorry she had lost the baby,,,,

I didn’t know how to react to the lose of the baby,if I was supposed to be happy or not,,,,I told dad and Aunty Adesuwa,about the development,,, we went to Gracie’s ward later, praying for her to regain consciousness

My dad’s sister just had to ruin the moment “Osahon, you can’t keep yourself here in this your condition because of a child who isn’t yours,your health is more important to us, this girl is not your daughter, I don’t know why you areeeee…”
Enough! Adesuwa, Grace is my daughter and nothing can change that, so if you don’t have anything reasonable to say,you can leave us now,,,,

“What is she talking about dad?,are you not my father, Bella what’s aunty Ade saying”,,,Gracie managed to say as she opened her eyes..we were shocked and happy to here her talk,after some months,but didn’t know how to handle the issue she had asked.

What are you talking about Grace, of-course you are my child,, you are my dear,dad managed to reply. But I heard Aunty Ade said,,,, forget what aunty Ade said, dear,you are mine,,

“My Darling Grace, my brother here is not your Father, Bella is your step sister, your useless mother was having an extra marital affair, while married to my brother, and you are the product of that shameful act,” she went on ranting not minding Grace who was finding it hard to take the truth

“Adesuwa, get out of this place dad shouted”,she managed to leave, knowing how serious dad was,Grace was broken,,, the miscarriage she had didn’t weigh her down at all,she was happy God settled that case fairly, for taken the shame off making her a mother to a bastard,,,

The issue that was difficult for her to comprehend was that dad isn’t her real father and I her step sister,,,,
After she got back from the Hospital, she locked herself in the room for two days crying and saying all sort of things against mom,father and I tried all we could to make her come out but she refused,, so dad then broke the door and we went throu-gh…

“Gracie my child dad started, my blood may not flow throu-gh your veins,but that doesn’t mean I love you less, you are still my Darling daughter,and you will always be,,,you had nothing to do with your mom’s promiscuity….”

My darling sister,you are the best sister anyone can ask of,whether same blood flows in us or not, I would love you with my very own life,and won’t think twice in trading my life for yours,we both smiled and hugged…

Nobody is giving her life for the other, If there will be a life to give,it will be mine,I can’t bury any of my daughters, but you and your children, my grandchildren, shall bury me,,,,.

We laughed and hugged,,
It was an emotional moment for us all.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better father and a better big sister,I love you two more now,knowing that you knew I wasn’t yours yet you love me so much,come rain or shine,you will always be my father ,because you are the best dad alive,, I love you for always been my mother Bella, I may have lost my selfish mother, but I have one in you…
I love you so very much my sister my mother”,,
Some tear drops came down my cheeks,It was a family moment for us..

We had a group hug,
And there was love in the air…

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(The Turning Point)
…….Our lives were going fine,my sister was recovering from all trauma ,the [email protected]£,the pregnancy and miscarriage,,, though gradually, she was doing fine,she soon got back to her usual cheerful and happy self,this time she studied double for her exams,trying to do very well to be given her desired course…..

Days had run into months and she was done with her exams,thankfully she was given her desired course, Medicine….. My Gracie [email protected]£ an undergraduate of medicine in the University of Benin….

My family was doing well, dad’s business was improving, he had someone in charge due to his health, while Gracie was in school,with all these improvement, I thought it was high time I left..,.
I wasn’t done with my fashion program,I had some months to go,I had stayed back for months,but my stay was worth every second,,, soon I went back to Italy to focus on my course…..

Life was okay, I was doing well,months in I was done,,,, I looked for a job in fashion schools in need of designers, luckily I found one,I was good at what I did,I was appreciated and well compensated,,,,my pay was good,but I didn’t relax,I looked for other jobs I could do in the evenings and on weekends…

I had a dream,and that would cost much,also I had responsibilities, my sister was still in school,dad was there, and I wanted to have one of the best fashion homes in Benin or lagos…

Aside my designing job, I had two extra jobs,,,, I was ma-king money,and was very proud of myself, as it was a legal means….

I came across so many girls going through what I had went through in Europe, I try to help the few I can,leading them to the right path,at times it comes at nice,other time I regret,but it didn’t discourage me,I was able to house some girls until they found their path in destiny….

I was happy doing what I did,giving my little contribution to society…

I was working on a building, dad was in charge,though it took a while, at last the building was completed, indeed,for the [email protected] restored double, it was by far better than the house mom had given out..

Talking about mom,I sometime worry about her then,like where she was,how she was and the likes of that,but Gracie won’t allow me mention her name,,according to her mom was dead for all she cared….

Dad was able to find love again,I talked with the woman on phone for a long time, while Gracie said the woman was a wonderful person,,,she was a widow, with two girls,,, she didn’t want to have more kids,dad wanted the same thing they just wanted to be each others companion…..

I couldn’t attend the wedding, I was very busy, but I contributed immensely ,,,

They had moved into my house,thankfully it was big enough for everyone, and still had extra rooms….

A Union that was supposed to be for companionship soon produced,a baby in 10months,,,It was a baby girl……

We all rejoiced, and this time,I had to come home,,,
Father’s wife was an Angel, she loved Gracie and I like her too while of course father,I and Grace loved her children too…

One can never know mother,(which we now call father’s wife), wasn’t our biological mother….
When we go out together, people called dad and mother, mama and papa girls,thinking we are all his,,,

Father will reply too,” yes oh,papa girls enough canopy and bride price”, we will all laugh..

Talking about,bride price,father had started asking about my relationship life,,,, I was 25,going to 26,but I wasn’t in any relationsh!p,,,, I was too busy trying to make everyone happy that I had forgotten myself..

Really darting and relationship wasn’t even on my mind, I wasn’t emotionally ready I feel like I’m too damaged for any man ,my aim was to try and preserve the smiles on the faces of my loved ones…..

When mother was strong enough,after child birth,I opened a big supermarket for her, I wanted money to be coming into the home from all aspect,Gracie was doing well In School, she was in her third year…..

My other sisters from mother,Ese and Ehi were in high school,ss2, and jss3 respectively, they were also doing well…

Our baby Nehita, was growing so fast and was already in kindergarten,,,my family and I were doing great,,,

I met Kelvin in a fashion show were my designs were showcased, he was based in Nigeria, but comes in and out of Italy, he’s a popular business tycoon he didn’t only fall in love with my designs,he also fell in love with the designer,,,, one thing lead to another we became lovers,,

I told him about my past,I wanted him to know all that is about me,I don’t want him telling me tomorrow ,I didn’t know you were once this or that,,,thankfully for me,he was man enough to handle my past,and told me he appreciated my telling him rather than hearing from outside, nevertheless, he isn’t in love with the Bella I once was,but the Bella I currently am….. I also told him, of my plans not to rush into marriage,that I had responsibilities resting on my shoulders,,,, he understood all and was willing to wait, but to show he was serious, he asked for my address in Nigeria and went to visit my family without telling me…

Dad,mother and my sisters soon called singing Kelvin’s praises,apparently they liked him already,I was blessed to have Kelvin, he was a Lagos/Benin based business man,but had to frequent his visit to Italy because his heart was there according to him….(I’m the heart 😍)

My sisters were all doing great,Gracie was in her final year,Ese was in 100 level studying Accounting, Ehi was almost done with high school and baby Nehita doing well too,I [email protected]£ back to Nigeria and opened my fashion home..

“IV_Bella’s Fashion Palace” ,,it was one of the biggest fashion home Nigeria ever had,I soon began to have students who were willing to be trained under me,,my fiancé, yes you heard me fiancé, (Kelvin proposed and I said yes),was helping in ma-king my [email protected] popular, because he was a well known name in the state,I [email protected]£ a big name in Nigeria fashion world……

Dad and mother were so proud of me,,,,you are an amazing child, mother would say,you have a heart of gold,you take everyone as one,you are amazing,,, no thank you mother,for being a mother to Gracie and I,and for taking good care of our dad,I love you so much….

In all these I sometimes think of how mom would react seeing her successful I have become, she will never appreciate a voice will reply deep down..

When ever I think of mom or mention her name, this gets Grace angry….
But can I really for get her?
I mean,she’s still our mother.

“It’s been more than five years,she has not called, written nor come visiting and you still regard her as a mother, Gracie would always say”…….