Broken Home

Broken home episode 16

(Stagnant Attitude)

Standing rooted on the spot I had to turn back with a horrific look if we were more than two in the room I wouldn’t believe she could utter such statements.

“Bella! I thought we were going to your house, you look rich And fabulous, and your fiancé looks very rich too,this can’t be your house”,,,I gave her a confusing look…

Of course this is not my house,but you can’t live with us anymore, dad is now remarried with a daughter and you know it is against tradition for youuuuuu,,,

What?,,,,,remarried,she interrupted me, how come,why didn’t you tell me,,how could he do that to me,I thought Osahon said he loved me,how could he do this to me,,,I watched in surprise as she said all that, Are you really saying this?,, you cheated on him while still married to him, you even had a child outside your marriage,,,mom was shocked to hear me say that,,,

“oh so Osahon has been saying bad things about me to my own kids,he’s terrible, he’s just trying to paint me evil!” Can you st©p this madness,I thought you would have changed, but apparently some things never change,,,dad didn’t tell me anything, I heard you two that faithful day,,,dad protected you from your own Shadow, he didn’t even tell your family nor his,except for Aunty Adesuwa who found out by chance and he warned her never to tell a soul, he protected your face,he even wanted to come back to you despite your promiscuity, but no,your atitude didn’t allow us have a complete family, you have no right,to blame my dad for anything or any reason,, he wasn’t the one who sold my house, took my millions and went with a man…

“Everybody makes mistake,,I made a mistake, but am back,that woman is leaving,I must live in the same house with my children and husband,I can’t be a tenant in this dirty place when I can be a landlady somewhere, not possible.”
You won’t do such,that house is for my dad and His wife,you had your chance, the house you sold was supposed to be yours,you can’t eat your cake and have it, father’s wife is a beautiful soul in and out,she is an amazing mother,she has been a mother to Grace and I,she respects and loves dad,she makes her family and children her priority,she loves us like her very own, she is far a better mother than you can ever be,,…. Mum landed a sound sl@p on my face, “How dare you insult me?,,I may have made a few mistakes in my life, but you have no right comparing me to that useless step mother of yours”….I was shocked to my bones, I was already 28 years old and this woman actually thought am that little Bella she was able to push around and made her do her biddings….

I looked her straight in the eyes,,,,you would never lay your hands on me again,,,I made a big mistake getting you out from that prison, i actually thought you had changed, you are such a drama Queen, so all those apologies weren’t even real,you can never change,its obvious a leopard can never change its sp©t,,you still have the guts to choose and have options?, after all you have done to me,my sister and dad,you are terrible,,, I don’t want to ever have anything to do with you ever again…. You are lucky you are out,you would have remained in that prison.

“No matter what you say or do, I am still your mother,and you can’t teach or tell me how to live my life,I appreciate your effort in getting me out of jail, it will only be nice finishing the good work you have started, allow me live in your mansion, I can’t live here.” Then I gave her a sacarstic reply Well if you are really interested in a mansion, go to the bank,clear your loan and get the other house back, that is also a mansion, And besides you built it probably to your taste, so go and get it back! I angrily left her ap@rtment…

I was really angry at mom,I never imagined she hadn’t change, I called Grace and told her everything that happened, she was really angry at mom.
“you see what you’ve cause,I told you to allow her remain in prison,our lives were okay without her, but you didn’t listen,now see”
its okay Grace, I have learnt my lesson ,unfortunately the hard-way, some people certainly do not change no matter how much one try to change them
Getting home,i couldn’t tell father and his wife what had happened and what mum had said,,,,it will definitely make her sad,,,and she didn’t deserve to be unhappy thankfully, mum didn’t know where we lived..

“I watched in horror as my own daughter that I carried for nine month walked out on me, what effrontery! Oh wow she has really grown out of her naivety who would have thought that the little Bella could look me in the eyes and reply me…. Hmm what a pity see the way my life has turned out I’m now a lonely woman without anything no husband or children..Bella who I believed is damaged without repair is now a successful woman and I made her successful oo with this business in Italy now she is talking trash. I’m looking aged now no man would ever want me again am no more in vogue I don’t even have any money to keep up the luxury life truly i’m a failed mother I used my own hand to destroy my family and what have done is unforgivable”
She broke down in tears looking round the small room and the memories that comes with it tortured her she let out a scream and continued crying, in the cause of crying she started coughing she felt her chest burn she quickly picked up a bottle water Bella had drank half way and left on the ground after drinking the water she thought the pain will go away or reduce then she noticed blood on her palm, realization dawned on her that she had coughed blood she wondered what was happening to her she managed to stand up and she stepped outside holding her chest apparently she felt some relief.

Some days later I was watching the TV, NTA 9pm news when a man who should be in his late 40ties, had been caught raping a 10 year old girl,,the family of the victim wanted justice for their daughter, taking a proper look at the man, lo and behold it was UNCLE CLEMENT.
Indeed some people never change, so over seventeen years ,this man was still involved in this his devilish act,I had looked for him for so long, but he was no where to be found,I had wanted to deal with him,thankfully nemesis has caught up with him,,the family of the victim didn’t seem financially okay, and as such the case may be handled with less care, knowing the society we live in, I decided to come out and help the girl, for me,my sister and all other victims of his, equally to all r@p£ victims all over the world…


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