Broken home episode 4 – 5


Getting to aunty Sarah’s house,I didn’t know how to feel,I haven’t stayed away from my mom and sister before,and I wasn’t my aunt favourite niece either .,nevertheless I was willing to enjoy every bit of it,especially since I was free from the shackles of uncle Clement. My first few days at aunty Sarah’s place was wonderful, but soon everything changed.she would starve me of meals at will, she gives me food only when she feels like it,not because there wasn’t food at home,but out of share wickedness.I would carry her baby my little cousin every minute and she better not hear him little cousin Nosa was a very fat baby,but I dare not complain of being tired,I sometimes have my breakfast at 2pm,this is a life I am not use to,my mom may be anything and everything, but she never starved us of food.

Aunty Sarah maltreated me so much,even her husband didn’t help issues,they treated me like a slave,while their child was gold, no wonder my mom never wanted to allow me go with her,she knows her sister too well, thank God its just for the holidays I would encourage myself,I remember the day my then 14 months old cousin fell,he was under my watch,I left him on a chair to quickly use the restroom, before I got back,baby Nosa had fallen from the chair to the rug in the sitting room,out of shock he cried,he didn’t sustain any injuries because the rug was soft,but when my aunt and her husband heard his cry,they ran to the sitting room,and I explained all that had happened, What!!!

You left my child to fall,?,uncle Osas had shouted, I.,I…ii…… I was trying to explain it was an honest mistake when he pounced on me,and gave me the beating of my life with kicks ,b!ows, and [email protected],.the one month I stayed with aunty Sarah was hell.all I wanted was for mom to come take me home,, I will sometimes weep terribly at night,the pains that no where was safe for me hurt me so much.Soon the holidays were over,mom had come to take me home, she was shocked as to how thin I looked,”Bella haven’t you been eaten here”
,aha sister, how can you say that, she has been eaten na,just that Bella pla-ys too much,that’s the reason she is like this,
okay ohhh,thank you,,,, mom replied and took me home..

Getting home, my sister was very happy to see me, i bet she has greatly missed me,so did i,.”Ahaa you are back Bella, uncle Clement said,welcome oh,”he said with all smiles, I looked at him with anger in me,he was the reason I went through hell at aunty Sarah’s, because I was trying to run away from him,if he wasn’t abusing me,I wouldn’t have thought of going with aunty Sarah.

….Days later,dad [email protected]£ to visit us,mom wasn’t home, I didn’t welcome him well,Bella, what is it,you don’t look happy, daddy I want to ask for a favour plea-se, okay dear he said,we sat un-der a tree in the compound,dad,Gracie and myself,.Daddy,,I started, I know this isn’t the life you wanted for us all,Gracie and I are suffering,what?,haven’t you and your sister been eating well, isn’t there food in the house, daddy interrupted,,,,, oh dad,it’s not about food, we need parental love,guidance and care,our lives has never remain the same since after the separation, we are the ones suffering most,

Dad,I do not know what mom may have done, but because of me and Gracie, forgive her.
Dad could feel,and see the pains in my voice and eyes,he knew I was serious…my child,you have spoken way above your age,I am very proud of you,although what your mother did is unforgivable, but for you two innocent children, I shall give it a thought,,,…
Myself and Gracie were very happy, we hugged dad so tightly………..

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…..Even though dad had not agreed yet, I was positive he will, dad loves Gracie and I, he doesn’t joke with us, he also used to love mom very much, until that faithful night,,,,I kept faith alive, and believed dad will come take me away from the misery I was in….
Days on, father came one morning, mum wasn’t back yet,he waited,I was very happy he was around
“good morning my in-law” uncle Clement had said smiling like an he goat

“Your in-law? who give you wife? “father asked back
“haba baba Bella, Bella na my wife
ohhh, excus me, please Mr, I don’t joke with my girls, I no like that kind talk abeg,, dad took it serious, like he knew what uncle Clement had been up to, uncle Clement shamefully said

Oga na play I dey ohhh
yes ,,na the same play I still take dey tell you so, say I no be your in-law, no ever address any of my girls as your wife, because I no give you wife “my father said and uncle Clement went straight into his room and didn’t come out …

Dad brought some Akara(bean cake) and bread,the three of us had that as breakfast, Gracie and I were very happy that morning, we enjoyed the meal, not because it was something special, but having it with dad, laughing and chatting made it very special, Indeed nothing can be compared to father’s love….I felt like a hero,even though father didn’t know what had been happening with me,I know Uncle Clement felt it,and knows what will likely happen should he touçh me again… Dad saw the joy in our eyes,,,he held us both and said, your mother wronged me so much, so very much, but the joy and happiness in your eyes is worth all the pain, things may take time for your mummy and I to go back to normal, but I am willing to try And fight my own emotions just to retain these smiles on your faces forever, because nothing was your fault, you two didn’t commit any crime,hence you deserve to be happy like every other child, I love you both so much,and will always be my princesses, we hugged dad and were very happy ……
Mom didn’t come home until 10am,,,immediately she entered, dad told Gracie and I to excuse them,,we went out with all smiles in our eyes…..soon we started to hear shouts from inside,we didn’t know things will get this bad,,,uncle Clement came out,looked at me with a kind of bad look and left,the heated argument was getting serious,I asked Gracie to remain outside, while I went in alone, hoping to be able to calm either of them…

So you have refused to st©p this life style of yours, for heaven’s sake our daughters are too young to be left all by themselves, how can you a mother, leave your girl children all by themselves, at the mercy of a total stranger, what is your problem, what didn’t I do for you,, you wanted to learn hair making,I registered you,all of a sudden you stopped, again you said catering I did registered you,yet again you st©pped, oh soon it was nursing, I did,not knowing you were covering up with nursing only to go on your escapades with different men, I tolerated you because I loved you,I s£nt you out, thinking it will give you time to rethink and make amends,,in all these, I covered your shame, I didn’t say a word of all you did to anyone, not even your people, just so your self esteem would be intact, I came back again,gave you money for business, just so you st©p sleeping around, but apparently, a dog is a dog,,,
You have no right to come to my house and accuse me of rubbish, I know nothing of what you are talking about, and as for sleeping out,I owe you no explanation, I am no longer your wife,you lost rights over me the day you s£nt me out that night with your kids over nothing,,,,,
Over nothing you say, my kids indeed,,,,do you think I am stupid, I loved you,worsh!pped even the ground you walked on,gave you everything in my ability, only for you to make me believe another man’s child is mine,,, what are you talking about,,,whatttttt do you mean,mom stuttered,,,
oh come of the drama, i know Grace isn’t my daughter you promiscuous woman,
I was shocked to my bones, I thought I was hearing things…..
How did you know, who told you,I mean,what do you mean,,,
oh shut up,when Grace fell sick I was surprised our blood didn’t match,I couldn’t donate for my child, I had a DNA carried out on her,I just wanted to ease my curiosity, and indeed Grace is not my blood, dad was in tears now, how mean can you be,Isoken how did I deserve this,I have been trying so much to let go,I love my girls, even though Grace isn’t my child I am willing to accept her,and give her the love of a father she deserve, because your promiscuity was no fault of hers,but it is obvious some things never change,you are certainly the same, how I wished I never loved you,oh how I wish I wasn’t still in love with you,,dad said those words and ran out….

I am sorry Bella he said to me as he [email protected]£ out,I am human after all, please forgive me my child, everything seems to be coming back,and he left..
Gracie ran to me,Bella what happened, why is Daddy crying,what happened,I looked at her and hvgged her tightly, how do I explain to my baby sister,that the man we both call father, wasn’t her father after all.
I knew it wasn’t easy on dad,I decided to let the slee-ping dog lie, dad never [email protected]£ back again…
To make matter’s worse,mom wasn’t remorseful at all,she continued her life style….
Two days on,uncle Clement [email protected]£ to me and said,you went and report me to your dad,I will deal with you in this house, I will so deal with you that you will wish you never knew me,,,

I responded you will do no such thing Clement, try one rubbish and my father will be in this house,you don’t want to see my dad angry, rubbish, I said and walked away….he was looking at me in disbelief, he didn’t see that coming..
I am yet to know how I got the courage to speak to him that evening like that….