Broken Vow

Broken Vow – episode 1

Broken Vow (episode 1)

Lisa has been happily married to the love of her life(Richærd) for over 5 years and they had a beautiful daughter as a blessing to their union with each other. Richærd was a very busy business man who travelled almost every week to attend to various business meetings, both home and abroad. The nature of his work made it almost impossible for him to give constant attention and affection to his wife, but he always tried to make it up to Lisa by showering her with expensive gifts whenever he returned from his trips. Lisa missed and wanted her husband whenever he was away. He was her first and last Boyfriend!

Over the years, Lisa tried to talk her husband into knowing how starved of his attention she was and how he should try to balance his marital and work life. Whenever she brought up the conversation, Richærd always assured her that he would change but never did. Lisa was forced to accept her fate and stopped complaining.

As a married couple, they made love once in a blue moon and this affected their intimacy too. Lisa was losing her mind and always seemed lost. She was a thirsty, starved and unhappy woman, even in the midst of all the riches and wealth her husband had.

Everything went on as usual for her until one fateful day. On that day, she went to register for gym class because she realized she had added a little weight. On arrival, she walked to the reception to make payments, “Hello ma’am, please how can I help you?” the receptionist asked, “I want to register for evening gym class” Lisa replied. The receptionist nodded “Ok” but further asked “Why evening class ma’am?”, Lisa told her that she had a tight schedule during the day due to work and watching over her daughter. The receptionist informed her that they weren’t too many people scheduled for the evening session and that she would have to train with a personal gym instructor, “That wouldn’t be a problem, so long as the person is qualified and capable of helping me lose weight in no time” Lisa said.

Payments and arrangements were made and Lisa headed to work, she was a bit excited that she would be losing weight soon. Richærd was out of town and Lisa was to resume her training the next day. The day to start training finally came and Lisa made sure to round up early from work, she also called a baby sitter to help watch over her daughter while she was away.

By passed 5:30pm, she was already seated in the gym class waiting for her trainer to show up so they could begin. After waiting for few minutes, a handsome, body built, chocolate guy in his early 30s walked in,side the waiting room. “Oh My! Who’s this good looking man? God I hope this isn’t my trainer oh” Lisa said to herself as she took a deep breath. “Please who’s Mrs Lisa” The handsome guy asked and Lisa raised her hand up, “Can you please come with me” He said, but Lisa tried to enquired why she was being called.

The handsome guy gave a faint smile and said, “My name is Sean and I’m your trainer!”

End of episode 1 😉

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