Broken Vow

Broken Vow – episode 2

Broken Vow (episode 2)

It took a while for Lisa to digest the shocking fact that the handsome and overly hot guy standing right in front of her, was going to be her gym trainer. Deep down in her heart she knew this was a death trap considering the situation of things with her husband, but she tried to act maturely and played cool. Sean had a clean mind towards her and acted professionally.

“Hello Sean, I’m sorry for the numerous questions, I just thought I would be having a female trainer” Lisa said. Sean understood and told her it was fine, “We don’t have any available female trainer, the only one we had is presently on maternity leave, if not I would have requested for a swap so you can feel more comfortable” He said. The way Sean politely communicated with Lisa melted her heart, her mind relaxed a bit and she told him it was Ok for him to be her trainer.

Without wasting further time, they started training and it dawned on Lisa that Sean was experienced and an expert in weight loss work out. They kept everything strictly professional and rarely had any informal side talks. The training session for that day finally came to an end and it was time for Lisa to go. “Make sure to cut down on those foods I mentioned earlier and I assure you that you wouldn’t need to come back here after a month because there wouldn’t be any need to” Sean said. Lisa thanked him and headed home.

On her drive home, she thought of all the times Sean held a part of her body to correct some mistakes she made during work out. She took a deep breath and immediately diverted her thoughts to her husband. In no time, she arrived home and rushed to give her daughter a hug, “I miss you baby” she said to her daughter and k-ssed her cheek. “Mummy where’s daddy, is he coming back today?” Her daughter asked and she nodded “No”.

The baby sitter took her leave as it was time for them to retire to bed. Lisa couldn’t sleep as she thought of how her husband wasn’t there in order for her to do all the crazy things on her mind to him, “I wish Richærd was here to just touch and k-ss me” she said as she hugged the pillow on her bed. As her emotions became unbearable, she went to her husband’s wardrobe, picked his shirt and wore it. She touched herself as she sniffed Richærd’s signature scent on his shirt. Lisa tried to force herself to sleep afterwards because she was going through “Emotional Torture”.

In few hours, it was already morning and Lisa woke up from sleep. She hurriedly prepared her daughter for school and dressed for work too. In no time, they zoomed out and Lisa had to make a stop at her daughter’s school to drop her off before heading to work. On her way to work, Richærd called to check up on her. “Hello honey, Good morning” she greeted, “Morning darling, are you already on your way to work?” Richærd asked and Lisa told him “Yes. Lisa enquired when he would be returning home and he sadly told her that the duration of his trip had been extended. “Richærd this isn’t fair, why are you doing this to me? I missed you all night and wanted you but as usual, you were no where to be found” She angrily said, “Honey I’m sorry and would make it up to you when I get back. Remember, I’m doing this for you and our daughter” he said.

Lisa was heartbroken because she was expecting him that weekend, she told him it was Ok and ended the call. When she arrived at her office, she sadly rested her head on the car steering and shed a few tears before entering in,side. All through that day, Lisa was sad and sluggish.

At close of work, Lisa hurriedly went home to prepared for her gym class. Her baby sitter had already picked her daughter back from school and was to keep watch over her while Lisa headed to the gym. She arrived a bit late and her trainer was already waiting for her. “I’m so sorry for coming this late, today has been one hell of a day” she apologized, “It’s ok Lisa, lets just get to it” Sean said and they began working out. At every attempt to concentrate, Lisa found her mind swaying back to her sad situation. Sean noticed something wasn’t right so he stopped and asked her what the problem was but Lisa said she was ok, “I always ensure my clients are sound both physically and mentally, so feel free to talk to me” he said. There was no way Lisa was going to tell the man she occasionally fantasized about that she was thirsty and starved of love making, No way!

Sean figured she was resistant, so he respected her privacy and shut the conversation down. After workout, Lisa was so tired so she sat on the floor to catch her breath, Sean joined her to sit on the floor too. “Please don’t collapse” He jokingly said and they both laughed. There was a little silence afterwards and Lisa broke it by asking how long he had been a trainer, “For over 5 years now” Sean replied, “Wow! That’s how long I have been married” she said smiling. Sean couldn’t help but admire how young and beautiful Lisa was as she smiled, he quickly remembered she was married and called himself back to order. “It must have been a battle for the fittest before your husband married you because you are beautiful” he said and Lisa smiled more, “Well fortunately, he was my first and last boyfriend so there wasn’t any space for a competition” she said.

Sean was surprised and shocked at the same time, “So you mean you have never been with anymore else but your husband?” he asked and Lisa nodded “Yes”. Sean was impressed and praised her for being so reserved, Lisa smiled and said “My husband was and is still the love of my life, I honestly can’t imagine being with someone else”. Sean smiled and asked “How can you be so sure you married the love of your life, when you had no one to compare him with”. That question hit Lisa, she was mute and couldn’t find the right words to give as an answer.

There was grave silence and Sean figured he went too far with his question. He apologized and beckoned on her to get up so they could close for the day. Lisa bid him goodbye as she walked to her car. She was consumed with thoughts and couldn’t get Sean’s question off her mind.

She kept asking herself “Is Richærd truly the love of my life?”

End of episode 2 😉

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