Broken Vow

Broken Vow – episode 3

Broken Vow (episode 3)

Sean’s harmless question became a torn on Lisa’s flesh as she was having a hærd time getting her mind off it. The scary part of the wh0le thing was that she didn’t have an answer to his question. Sean’s words kept replaying in her mind and it was evident that a seed of doubt and confusion had been sown.

As Lisa got in,side her car, she took a deep breath and laid back on the car seat for a while before starting the engine. On her way home, her phone rang and she looked to see who was calling and it was Richærd. “Good evening baby” she greeted in a low tone, “How’s my lovely wife doing?” Richærd asked and she said “Fine”. Richærd noticed her voice was down and thought she was still angry with him due to the unexpected news he gave her in the morning. “I’m so sorry honey, I didn’t plan to stay this long away and I also didn’t know that my trip duration would be extended” he said. Lisa told him it was all good and that he should ensure to take care of himself, they said “Goodnight” to each other and ended the call.

In no time, Lisa arrived home and the baby sitter had to leave. She prepared her daughter for bed and went to the living room to cool her head off before going to bed. As she sat there, her mind travelled back to what Sean said. She tried to divert her mind from there but she ended up thinking about Sean instead, “God please what’s happening to me? And why does my heart beat faster whenever I think of Sean?” she asked herself. As she got deeper in thoughts, she had to leave the living room to her bedroom, where she forced herself to sleep.

The next day was a hectic one for Lisa at work and she almost missed training for that day. I guess The Universe wanted her to miss the training for sure because it knew something was going to happen. Lisa arrived late than usual and was told Sean was busy attending to other clients. Lisa was a bit disappointed that Sean was preoccupied and asked the receptionist when he would be done, “Just wait for a little while, he’ll be with you soon” the receptionist said and Lisa agreed to wait a little more.

After about 10 minutes of waiting, Sean showed up and Lisa gave a sigh of relief. “Hello Lisa, I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting” he said, “It’s fine, let’s just get to it fast as our time is far spent” she responded, “I don’t think we’ll be closing by the normal time today because we have to make up for the time we lost” Sean said. Lisa thought about the time extension for a while and finally nodded “Ok”.

The workout session started immediately and Sean tried to rush the wh0le routine so they could finish early. As they were still on it, the receptionist packed up and closed for the day. Everyone in the gym left one after the other and in no time, the gym house was empty with only Sean and Lisa in it. Their minds were occupied that they didn’t even know that everyone had left, it was when Sean excused himself to the restroom that he realized that they were all alone.

“Congrats Lisa, I crown you the most dedicated trainee” Sean jokingly said, “Well, thank you but what did I do to deserve this thoughtful award?” she asked laughing. Sean laughed too and told her she was the last person in the gym house, which shows how dedicated she was. Lisa blushed and beckoned on him to continue with their workout so they could leave too.

The workout continued and finally came to an end, Lisa sat on the floor to catch her breath and Sean joined her too. “You have lost so much weight, nice one” he said, “Thanks a lot for noticing, it’s encouraging when someone notices our efforts. You are the first person telling me this” she said. Sean smiled for a while and asked “Why didn’t your husband beat me to it?”, “Beat you to what?” Lisa asked too, “Why didn’t he compliment your weight loss first” he said. Lisa’s countenance suddenly changed and Sean figure she was sad, “Did I say something wrong?, I’m sorry” he said and Lisa gave a faint smile, “You did nothing wrong, it’s just that I have so much going on now and little things tend to trigger some sad emotions” she said as few drops of eyes fell off her eyes. Sean stretched his hand and cleaned the tears that fell off her eyes, “Please stop crying, you are beautiful and deserve to be happy” he said. Lisa closed her eyes and thought of how her husband keeps neglecting her and broke down in tears the more. Sean became emotional too, he moved closer to her and rested her head on his chest.

The atmosphere became intoxicated with emotions and feelings of both Sean and Lisa. Sean held Lisa tightly and his grip caused her body to shake and made her heart beat 10 times faster. Before they knew what was happening, Sean looked into her eyes and planted a hot passionate k-ss on her l-ips. Lisa knew deep down that what she was doing was wrong but she didn’t have the will power to stop it.

They k-ssed for a long time till Lisa’s palms became sweaty. Sean laid her down on the cold gym floor and placed his hot body on her soft body, he was burning and ready to devour Lisa. “You are beautiful” he whispered to her ears and she rolled her eyes in pleasure. Sean pulled her clothes off and s-cked every nook and cranny of her body as though she was the only water that could quench his thirst.

Lisa mo-ned in great pleasure and scratched the bare floor with her hands, it was a ride of a life time. Sean was very skilled, he jacked her up and placed her back on the wall. He grabbed her hair and took her to the world of intense pleasure and ecstasy. As all this went on, one thing was clear to Lisa and it was the fact that her husband had never made love to her this way. She was dying of guilt but didn’t want to face her conscience just yet. Sean made sure to be careful in order not to get her pregnant, he knew all the tricks of love making.

After about an hour of intense pleasure, they both tiredly laid on the floor, trying to catch their breath. The got up afterwards and Sean helped to dress Lisa up, he apologized for the way everything escalated but Lisa told him it was mutual. Sean walked Lisa to her car before entering his.

On the drive home, there was only one thought on Lisa’s mind which was “What did I just do?”.

End of episode 3 😉

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