Broken Vow

Broken Vow – episode 5

Broken Vow (episode 5)

Sean’s heartfelt confession to Lisa took her by surprise. She was still battling with the fact that she’s having an affair with another man outside the confines of her union with Richærd, and there he was professing love to her. Those “I Love You” words that left Sean’s l-ips messed her mind and conscience up the more. Lisa didn’t see it coming!

“What in God’s name am I doing? This is so wrong and doesn’t feel right” she said as she took her body off Sean grip, “What doesn’t feel right?” Sean asked and moved closer to her as she pulled away. “For Christ sake I’m married and this is not fair to my husband, you shouldn’t be in love with me because I already belong to someone else” Lisa said. Sean ignored what she was saying, reached out for her shoulders and k-ssed it. Lisa became furious and told him to get down from her car, that she wants to leave. Sean figured she wasn’t in the mood anymore so he stopped and dressed up to leave, “I’m always going to be here for you whenever you need me because I love you, remember that!” he said and left.

Lisa drove off immediately he left and cried on her way home, “Who am I? I can’t even vouch for myself anymore. Where’s my dignity as a married woman?” she asked herself as she cried. When Lisa arrived home, she did the needful and forced herself to bed because she didn’t want to torture herself further.

Days passed and Lisa totally avoided the gym house. The gym receptionist called occasionally to find out why she has been absent but Lisa told her that she had been very busy. Richærd was due to return anytime and everyone happily anticipated his arrival.

The day scheduled for Richærd’s arrival finally came and he was happy to see his wife and daughter again. He hugged Lisa so tight and didn’t want to let go of his grip, Lisa almost died of guilt and didn’t know how long she could conceal her dark secret. “I have missed you honey, no travel for 3 weeks, I promise! Get ready to have me all to yourself for good 3 weeks” Richærd said. Lisa tried her best to act normal and not weird so that her husband wouldn’t suspect that something was wrong. As usual, Richærd came home with lots of goodies and Lisa made sure to prepare his favorite meal.

Night came and It was time for everyone to go to bed. Richærd read some bedtime stories to his daughter till she fell asleep, before heading to his matrimonial room. Lisa was already fast asleep when he walked into the room, he climbed the bed and k-ssed her legs. “Baby what are you doing?” she asked, “What else would I be doing on the night I returned from a 2 week’s trip” he replied smiling and continued k-ssing her legs.

Lisa wasn’t in the mood so she didn’t reciprocate his touch or k-sses. Richærd tried to take her night gown off but she resisted and told him that she was tired, “I have missed you for over 2 weeks now so please don’t deny me this request” Richærd said, still k-ssing her body. “Please babe can we do this some other time, I really want to sleep tonight” she said. Richærd became confused as he didn’t see any reason why his wife was denying him her body, “Is it that time of the month?” he asked and Lisa said “No”. After many failed attempts, he finally left her alone, “I’ll be in the living room” he said and walked out.

Lisa broke down in tears immediately he left, “Why was everything so awkward when he touched me? But this is my husband, so why does everything feels so weird all of a sudden” she thought to herself.

Throughout that night, Lisa couldn’t sleep as she was dying of guilt for everything that had happened between her and Sean. She tipped toed in the middle of the night to check up on Richærd in the living room and found him sleeping on the couch, she walked closer to him and sat beside the couch. She didn’t know when tears started falling off her eyes. “I don’t deserve you my dear Richærd, I love you but I have someone else dragging my heart with you now. Baby you were the love of my life when I had no one to compare you with, but it’s sad that now I do. I wish I never found myself in this situation and it hurts a lot knowing that you pushed me to do the horrible things I have done, why were you never around? You left me vulnerable and now I’m suffering. Why babe?” she quietly muttered to herself and left. Richærd was fast asleep and wasn’t aware that she was there.

The next day, Richærd pretended as though nothing happened the night before and tried to bond with his wife. After he dropped their daughter off at school, he came home and prepared Lisa’s favorite meal. He drove to her workplace and delivered it to her. Lisa was so happy and thanked her husband for his kind gesture, “Awwwn baby, thank you very much, I love you” she said. Richærd left afterwards and Lisa couldn’t enjoy the food because of guilt.

At close of work, Lisa went home only to find their room decorated with candles. She didn’t know what was happening and was curious to find out, “What’s going on babe?” she asked but Richærd carried her to the bathroom without saying a word. “Babe you’re funny, where’s our daughter?” she asked further and Richærd told her not to worry, that their daughter was at his mother’s place. “I just want tonight to be about you and me” he said as he undressed her.

Lisa tried her best to go with the flow but was having a hærd time doing so. They k-ssed passionately for a while but something wasn’t just right, “he doesn’t do it the way Sean does it” she thought to herself. As they made love, Lisa’s mind was far away, she wasn’t feeling anything at all. Richærd was just normal with no spice, unlike Sean. While they made love, her spirit, soul and body was with Sean.

When they were done, they took their shower and ate dinner before going to bed. All through that night, Lisa thought of Sean. She thought of how he touches her, how he makes her feel, how he k-sses her and how he car-sses her. She tried to stop the thoughts but it seemed impossible.

The next day while at work, she picked up phone and dialed Sean’s number. “Hello” she greeted, “Hi Lisa” he replied, “I missed you” he added. Lisa’s heart jumped and she kept quiet. “Are you coming to the gym today, I really want to see you again” he said, “I want to see you too, I’ll come around today but not at the gym” she said, “where do you wants us to meet then” he asked and Lisa told him where they would be meeting.

At close of work, she texted Richærd that she was going to the gym and headed out to meet Sean instead. Halfway into the journey, Sean texted her and told her that it wouldn’t be possible for them to meet again, as he had an urgent work related issue to tend to. Lisa told him it was all good and reversed the car towards her house direction.

Lisa arrived home and Richærd wasn’t around. She dropped her phone on the bed and entered the bathroom to take a shower. Unknowing to her, Sean sent another messages which read “I’m sorry again for disappointing, I’ll make it up to you tomorrow by giving you the best pleasure I have ever given to you. I can’t wait to do what’s on my mind to you, I love you Lisa”.

She was still in the bathroom when Richærd returned. He called her name from downstairs but no one answered, he went upstairs and found out that she was taking a shower. He quietly climbed the bed and laid on top of her phone. He felt a hærd object behind him and stretched his hand to find out what it was only to discover that it was Lisa’s phone.

The light of the screen was on as a result of the contact his back made with it. He reluctantly looked and saw the message that was sent by an unknown number. He opened to see what the message was about and almost collapsed when he was done reading.

As all this was happening, Lisa walked into the room and saw Richærd holding her phone and staring at her. “Baby what’s wrong and why are you looking at me like that?’ she asked. Richærd started tearing up and shook his head back and forth in disappointment. Lisa became scared and started panicking, “What going on babe? You are getting me scared” she asked again.

Richærd looked at her with tears in his eyes and asked, “Lisa, are you sleeping with another man?”.

End of episode 5 😉

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