Broken Vow

Broken Vow – episode 6

Broken Vow (episode 6)
Second-to-last episode

The worst thing that can ever happen to a cheater, is being caught red-handed in the act. Lisa was faced with her worst nightmare, she wished the ground could open and swallow her so she can avoid answering Richærd’s question but unfortunately, it wasn’t possible. At that moment, Richærd felt disappointed and hurt.

“Lisa, I asked you a question, are you sleeping with another man?” he repeated. Lisa was still confused and scared at the same time, ”Baby what are you talking about and where is all these thoughts coming from? She curiously asked. Richærd handed the phone over to her, “read your message” he said.

One look at the message and she knew it was from Sean. As she read further, she almost collapsed due to shock, “Oh God, I’m finished” she said within and started tearing up. It finally dawned on her that the worst had happened and she was at the verge of losing her marriage. “Baby please I can explain” she said sobbing, “So it’s true? You are actually sleeping with someone else” Richærd said and shook his head as tears fell off his eyes.

Lisa knelt down and moved closer to him sobbing, “Baby please let me explain, I beg you” she pleaded, “Explain what exactly? You want to explain in details on how you cheated on me? Or how you broke our marriage vow? Lisa I work so hærd to make sure I give you everything you need and also make you comfortable, where on earth did I go wrong to get this sort of betrayal in return” Richærd said with tears falling off his eyes.

Lisa looked at him and said, “Do you think this is the life I wanted to live, do you think I feel happy knowing that I cheated on you? Do you know how emotionally tortured I have been these passed weeks, who pushed me to where I have found myself today? Do you want to know who did? It’s nobody but You! How many times you left me starved and lonely, you were never around whenever I needed you. You travel twice every month and we rarely make love whenever you return home. You left me with a big void with no one to fill it up, you give me money that I don’t even need. I was doing very fine before you married me, so what makes you think your money was all I needed. It killed me everyday knowing that I let another man touch me, I was mad at you all the time in my heart because you pushed me into becoming this horrible person that I am today. I love you so much but its quite unfortunate that I now share my thoughts and heart with someone else whom I don’t think loves me the way you do. I’m messed up right now and hate myself everyday for all I did. Asking you to forgive me, would be me asking for a grace I don’t deserve. I’m so sorry for sharing my body that belonged to you with someone else. It was a mistake that I wish I could undo. I’m so sorry Richærd, please find it in your heart to forgive me even if you don’t want me as your wife anymore. I’m ready to face the consequence of my actions”.

Richærd couldn’t stop the tears that fell off his eyes as she spoke, “Regardless of anything I did wrong, it doesn’t justify your actions. I’m your husband and not your boyfriend, the union of marriage isn’t for kids as it requires commitment and endurance. Lisa no matter what I did or no matter how I wasn’t there for you, giving another man your body is a disrespect and disregard to our union. Didn’t you promise on the alter that you’ll stick with me for better and for worse. This was just a weakness we could have conquered with time but you weren’t patient enough. I know I’m not a perfect husband, but God sure knows that I’m a good man with pure intentions for my family” he said sobbing, “I need to be alone right now” he added and got up from where he sat, took his car keys and drove off without telling her where he was going to.

Lisa laid on the bare floor and cried her eyes out till she almost had a headache. “What have I done? Was my emotionally needs worth losing my family for? What in God’s name am I going to do now?” She said sobbing.

It was almost passed 11pm and Richærd wasn’t back yet, she picked her phone and dialed his number but it was switched off. Lisa started panicking and almost ran mad. She called all his friends and everyone she knew that might have information concerning his whereabouts but no one knew where he was. She dialed Richærd’s line over a thousand times that night, but the story remained the same.

Throughout that night, sleep was far away from Lisa as she was dead worried of where husband was. She immediately deleted and blocked Sean’s number from calling her and also went as far as doing same to the gym receptionist number too. Oh! what a medicine after death move for Lisa. She wallowed in regrets all night and kept praying that God would bring her husband back to her.

On the other hand, Richærd travelled to another state that night, where he had a property and parked his car at the airport. He switched off his phones and left them in,side his car parked at the airport. He wanted to stay far away to think of what the fate of his marriage with Lisa would be.

All through that night, Richærd couldn’t sleep either as he thought of whether to file for a divorce or work things out with his wife. “But she slept with another man, how am I supposed to live with the fact that another man has eaten my wife’s apple” he thought to himself. Richærd kept contemplating on whether to involve their families or just work things between them alone. He partly blamed himself for leaving the back door of his marriage open for another man to penetrate, “I need enough time alone to think of if I want to go ahead with this marriage or not” he said to himself.

Weeks passed and there was still no word from Richærd nor his whereabouts. Lisa became slim and lost weight naturally due to worry and crying. Her daughter was still at Richærd’s parents place, she let her stay there because she didn’t want her daughter to have a clue that something was going on between her parents. The house of God, became Lisa’s favorite location, as she was always in the church whenever she wasn’t at work. She repented and asked God for mercy for having an affair with Sean, she told God to bring her husband back to her. It was a very hærd time for both Richærd and Lisa.

It was getting to over a month and there was still no word from Richærd. Family and friends became worried and started asking Lisa about him, she told them that he went on a business trip and would be back soon. “Are you sure something bad hasn’t happened to my husband, I don’t even know if he’s still alive” she thought to herself in fear.

Things were getting out of hand and Lisa planned to go to the police station to file a report, “I’ll have to visit the station tomorrow” she said to herself as she sat on the parlor floor crying. She thought of all the times her husband was good to her but she didn’t appreciate him because she was overshadowed by complains of emotional starvation, “God I’m so sorry for under-valuing what I had because of his weakness, Richærd is too good a man to lose and I pray he forgives me because I don’t want to lose him” she sad sobbing.

As Lisa sat there crying, she didn’t hear when the gateman opened the gate and a car drove in. There was a knock at the door so she cleaned her eyes and went to open it.

The sight of the person in front of the door almost gave her a heart attack, she didn’t know when she scre-med “Richærd!”.

End of episode 6 😉

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