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Brutally s€×ed
Episoe Twelve (18+)
By: Alfred Wysdom Obioma
Th£y cont!nued !n s!ng!ng praises to God, th£n two black cats appeared !n th£ir midst as th£y sang……
“What th£n shall we say !n response to th£se th!ngs? If God is for us, who can be aga!nst us?” Romans 8:31. Th¡s is th£ time to glorify yourself fath£r of all creation. You said we should call upon you that you will answer.
Fath£r you told us !n th£ book of Exodus 14:14 that “Th£ LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace”.
“h£ said, “Listen, all you people of Judah and Jerusalem! Listen, K!ng Jehoshaphat! Th¡s is what th£ LORD says: Do not be afraid! Don’t be discouraged by th¡s mighty army, for th£ battle is not yours, but God’s”.
“For we wrestle not aga!nst f|£$h and blood, but aga!nst pr!ncipalities, aga!nst powers, aga!nst th£ rulers of th£ darkness of th¡s world, aga!nst spiritual wickedness !n high places. Romans” 6:12.
“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome th£m: because greater is h£ that is !n you, than h£ that is !n th£ world”. John 4:4
“For th£ weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to th£ ₱v||!ng d©wΠ of strong holds”. 2nd Cor!nthians 10:4.
While th£ prayer leader was busy quot!ng scriptures, oth£r prayer warriors were busy pray!ng. Th£ cats couldn’t act, but were j√$t th£re star!ng at th£m as th£y prayed. but th£ir eyes showed fire that’s capable of putt!ng fears !nto someone.
But th£ prayer warriors stood th£ir ground, know!ng th£ God that th£y serve. It was a battle b£tweeΠ th£m (th£ prayer warriors) and mermaid directly from th£ underworld.
Th£ cats at a stage will make a m©v£ to attack, but th£ mention of th£ name that is above all names will weaken th£m. It was hours of !ntense prayers and attacks from th£ warriors and th£ cats. Th£ battle was tough, but God allowed it l!nger !n order for h¡m to glorify h¡mself.
Th£ two cats turned [email protected]¢k !nto th£ two beautiful ladies that walked !nto Pr!ncess’ (Lucifiana’s) cl!nic ward.
“We warned you to stay ©vt of th¡s, you are mere mortals and do not understand th£ th!ngs of th£ spirit”. One of th£m said.
“Th£ secret th!ngs belong to th£ LORD our God, but th£ th!ngs revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all th£ words of th¡s law”. Deuteronomy 29:29.
“Th£re is no secrets with th£ one we pray to, h£ has revealed all to us even before now and we have been ready for th¡s battle”.
“For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways,” says th£Lord.
“For as th£ h£avens are high£r than th£ earth,
So are My ways high£r than your ways,
And My thoughts than your thoughts”.
“Our God is a master planner, that was why h£ allowed Rob to be knocked d©wΠ by a vehicle so that th£ prayers can hold !n th¡s cl!nic premises. Th£re are those to be delivered from your bondage as well ly!ng !n th¡s cl!nic and our God is will!ng and able to do abundantly than you and I can imag!ne”. Prayed one of th£ warriors !n response to th£ir threat…….
One of th£ ladies ran to th£ room wh£re Rob and th£ three musketeers were and th£ oth£r went to th£ ward wh£re Pr!ncess (Lucifiana) is.
Th£ Prayer warriors are seven !n number and Rob is th£ eight person, four followed th£ one that went to Pr!ncess’ room and three followed th£ one that went to th£ guys ward. Rob will be th£ fourth person and h£ was already up on h¡s feet pray!ng wh£n th£y came !n. Th£y all h£ld th£ir [email protected] !n agreement and cont!nued !n th£ir prayers !n th£ different wards.
Th£ battle !ntensified as m©r£ spirits appeared to jo!n forces with th£ two that were already on ground.
Episode Thirteen (18+)
By: Alfred Wysdom Obioma
Th£ battle !ntensified as m©r£ spirits appeared to jo!n forces with th£ two that were already on ground.
Th£y stood th£ir ground !n prayers and also !ntensified th£ir prayers……
“Demons trembles at your pres£nce, what a MIGHTY GOD we serve? Glory Glory hallelujah, everyth!ng written ab©vt you is GREAT”.
“who can battle with you oh God, no one.
I will lift up m!ne eyes unto th£ hills, from wh£nce cometh my h£lp.
My h£lp cometh from th£ Lord, which made h£aven and earth.
h£ will not suffer thy foot to be m©v£d: h£ that keepeth th£e will not slumber.
Behold, h£ that keepeth Israel shall neith£r slumber nor sleep.
Th£ Lord is thy keeper: th£ Lord is thy shade upon thy right [email protected]
“Today we shall know th£ one and true God, wh£th£r it is th£ powerless demon you repres£nt or th£ God most high. Th£ omnipotent, omnipres£nt, omniscience. Th£ one who is and is to come. h£ar what h£ said to th£ Israelites”.
And Moses said to th£ people, “Fear not, stand firm, and see th£ salvation of th£ LORD, which h£ will work for you today. For th£ Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see aga!n”.
And with th£ authority that have been bestowed upon us by th£ fath£r of all creation, I tell you that everyone under your bondage shall be freed h£re and now.
Th£y (th£ demons) h£ld th£ir [email protected] togeth£r as well to fortify th£mselves. Fire came ©vt from th£ir m©vths directed towards th£ prayer warriors. Th£y as well divided th£mselves !nto numbers to attack th£ warriors. But be!ng that th£y (th£ prayer warriors) h£ld unto th£ word of th£ Lord and fought th£ battle by quot!ng what th£ scriptures said, th£y were able to come ©vt victorious.
Th£ demons while hold!ng th£ir [email protected] turned !nto cats and snakes to attack, but th£ warriors overcame h¡m by th£ blood of th£ Lamb, and by th£ word of th£ir testimony; and th£y loved not th£ir lives unto th£ death. Because th£y were ready to die if God is not able to fight for th£m.
Our God has given us authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all th£ power of th£ enemy; and noth!ng will be able to harm us.
Th£ word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, pierc!ng even to th£ divid!ng asunder of soul and spirit, and of th£ jo!nts and marrow, and is a discerner of th£ thoughts and !ntents of th£ h£art.
Th£ir strong faith and firm believe !n God gave th£m victory.
While th£ demons attacked th£m, th£ fired [email protected]¢k with th£ word of God because that was th£ only weapon th£y had. None of th£m were hurt, even with th£ demons turn!ng !nto cats and snakes.
It was at th£ stage wh£n th£y started s!ng!ng th¡s song….
“Fath£r s£nd d©wΠ your power, we pray Th£e oh Lord. s£nd your Holy Ghost, we say amen”.
Th£y sang it repeatedly still hold!ng th£ir [email protected] !n unity and agreement. And with th£ believe th£ that th£ battle had been won.
It was at that stage that th£ demons disappeared. Both Pr!ncess Diana (Lucifiaa), Mark, Alex and Tom all vomitted golden r!ngs. Th£ r!ngs turned !nto snakes and disappeared as well.
Th£y were all delivered and became as wh0l£ as ever.
Th£ doctor that went bl!nd rega!ned h¡s sight and Robert was properly treated and became well aga!n after few days.
Mark, Alex, Tom and Pr!ncess Diana all became strong members of th£ campus fellowship. W!nn!ng souls !nto th£ k!ngdom of God and perform!ng all manner of miracles.
God allowed th£ three musketeers to witness h¡s power !n order for h¡m to manifest h¡mself and take th£ glory. Because h¡s glory h£ cannot share with any man.
Have you wondered why God does some certa!n th!ngs th£ way h£ wants?
* Why will h£ allow h¡s only begotten son to come through th£ l!neage of a prostitute? (Search your scripture).
* Why was David a man after h¡s own h£art? Despite all th£ atrocities committed by David…
* Why will Jacob (Israel) be chos£n by God even with h¡s trickish nature?…
* Why are th£ people we see as good people be dy!ng untimely, while th£ ones we see as evil live for long?
And many m©r£ confus!ng questions that will be runn!ng !n our m!nds. Th£ truth is th¡s, “h¡s ways are not our ways, neith£r h¡s thoughts our thought”.
Learn to believe and trust !n God, h£ alone can fight all your seen and unseen battles.
Th£y replied, “Believe !n th£ Lord Jesus and you will be saved, along with everyone !n your household.” Acts 16:31.
Robert and th£ three musketeers graduated one year after and did th£ir National Y©vth Service. Th£y all went !nto fvll time m!nistry and God is us!ng th£m greatly to th£ glory of h¡s name.
Pr!ncess Diana graduated three years after, did h£r Masters Degree Program abroad and got married to Robert whom $h£ fell deeply !n love with and was delivered through h¡m by God.
Oth£rs got married as well and have got kids to show for th£ bless!ngs of God upon th£ir lives.
Trust !n th£ LORD with all th!ne h£art; and lean not unto th!ne own understand!ng. !n all thy ways acknowledge h¡m, and h£ shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6
May God !n h¡s !nf!nite mercies, grant to us th£ power to overcome temptations and be good children of God.
Th£ END………
Mr. Suspense.
Lemme read your comments pls.

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