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Brutally sexed episode 11


Brutally s£xed

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Episoe Eleven (18+)

By: Alfred Wysdom Obioma

She accepted to go back to her hostel after about thirty minutes of arguments. Then Rob walked her down….


Rob went back to his room and prayed all through my the night, because he knew the battle at hand was going to be a tough one. More things were revealed to him in the dream concerning the dangers he was about face.

The next morning, he decided to see some members of his prayer group in the fellowship to tell them about what was happening. He was encouraged not to be afraid, but put all his trust in God, because the battle is the Lord’s.

“I encourage bro Rob, this is a tough battle though, and it is nothing compare to the kind of battles that have been fought and won by great men of faith and courage in God. It is not your battle alone, we are here to stand by you in prayers and any other way we can. Make sure she is present in this evenings fellowship, God must surely intervene”. Said one of the prayer warriors……..

“For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that shew€th mercy. So God told us in the book of Romans chapter 9:15-16. God have decided to show her mercy, but it is not by our own power that she will be delivered. “For by strength shall no man prevail”. The battle is the Lord’s and now is the time to intensify prayers. Bring her for fellowship this evening”. Said another member.

Rob went back to his hostel, took his bath and went for lecture, because he usually have just one lecture on Fridays. After lecture, on his way going back to his hostel, he decided to check on Princess (Lucifiana). But he met her in a very bad state, she was running temperature and needed urgent medical attention. Rob hurriedly took her to the school clinic, same clinic where the three musketeers are undergoing treatment.

She was taken to the female ward of the clinic, while the guys were in the male ward. It was there Rob got to meet with Mark, Tom and Alex. They were gradually coming back to life, but needed a serious session of prayers to be fully liberated.

Princess (Lucifiana) was given a drip to help her regain strength and also some injections were given to her. What was happening to her meant she was gradually getting out of the marine world and coming back to the normal life.

Time for fellowship was fast approaching and the drip was still a long way far from finishing. That meant she won’t be attending the fellowship. Twenty minutes to fellowship time, Rob decided to leave her at the clinic and go for his fellowship. While he rushed down for fellowship, a vehicle knocked him down and he fainted. He was rushed back to the clinic and was kept in the same ward where the three musketeers were.

The news got to members of his fellowship who payed him a visit after the day’s fellowship. By the time they got to the clinic, he had woken up and was responding well to treatment.

Members of the fellowship decided to hold a session of night prayers for him and others at the clinic and it will be an all night prayers.

They started at 12 midnight by singing songs of worship to draw down the presence of God. The prayers were holding at the clinic’s compound.

The doctor on duty that night was struck with blindness by the marine powers and the clinic experienced some strange happenings that night which did not allow any other doctor come to take over from the blinded doctor until the next morning.

They sang for about an hour and was about going into prayers when two beautiful fair looking ladies appeared from no where and went into the room where Princess (Lucifiana) was. Then the battle began. Battle for supremacy, battle to claim ownership……

Voices came from the room she was……

“No one can take her from us, she belongs to us and her mission must be accomplished. You are going into something bigger than you, I suggest you go back to your hostels or face whatever comes out of this battle”.

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“You have been defeated over two thousand years ago, I know who you are. The defeated Satan, the God we serve is capable of delivering us from your hands. Tonight we shall know who the real God is, whether the powerless Lucifer you represent or the true God of battle, the God of Elijah and Elisha. The God that brought back the dead to life, tonight we shall know”. Replied one of the prayer warriors……

“We shall see”. Replied the voice from the room.

They continued in singing praises to God, then two black cats appeared in their midst as they sang……

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