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Brutally sexed episode 3


Episode Three (18+)

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By: Alfred Wysdom Obioma

“Why she no go open? She go don hear about us na, and have decided to give in. I thought she is claiming hard to get?” Mark said smiling….

That was the beginning of their DOOM..


One week gone, and they kept counting down on the two weeks given to them by Lucifiana.

But in all these period, she was not seen anywhere around the campus, neither did she attend lecturers. Unlike her, who doesn’t fail to attend a lecture….

Mark, Tom and Alex went to her hostel severally but were told she’s not been seen over a week now and that she didn’t tell anyone her whereabouts.

“I wonder why this lady will just vanish into the tin air. She should not play with us ooo. She better come and let’s do this thing once and for all so that everybody will rest”. Mark said wearing a tight face…

Tom looking worried “I’ve seen this lady severally in my dreams, where I was making love to her. And each time we made love in the dream, I feel it as though it was real. I’ve seen her severally open our room door at night and walk telling me to make love to her. It often look real, but I see it as a dream”

“Same with me” Said Alex….

“She’s appeared to me one afternoon when you guys went for lecture. But it was like a dream to me, because the door was locked and there was no way she would have entered except I opened the door for her. We made love, and the next thing I saw was myself waking up from sleep. She had disappeared, but I was confused”.

“Guys, make una forget that thing abeg. All those things were just your imaginations, you guys have been thinking how it will be to make love to her. So you have been dreaming about her, make una take am easy oooo”. Mark told them…..

“I think there’s something diabolic about that lady, but whatever it is, I go tell her say even mummy water herself we dey f–k her”. Tom added…..

“Diabolic my ass, make she just go come back first, Infact the bulala (stroke) wey she go receive go hot for her. For disappearing for over a week, she will be “BRUTALLY s£xED”. Said Alex…..

But Linda, Lucifiana’s friend had once again warned them to forget about her. That what she had seen the few days before her disappearance confirmed she is from the marine world….

“I have noticed her talking to herself most midnights when she thought I was deeply asleep. You could hear her saying “mother, I am ready for the mission”. As though she was responding to a conversation”. Linda told them one of the days they went there….

But all warnings from her fell on deaf ears…..

“If Na this one go kill us, make she kill us. We die here…. That yansh must not go unattended to, we go chop. Na lecturers she wan give her bakassi? Abegi Linda, all this your sermon no go work. We have made up our minds”. Mark told Linda…

“I wish you guys luck, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. You may have done it right others and go Scott free, this one might not be so. How I wish you guys will listen to my advise”.

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While she was still talking, they left her and walked away……


It was a cloudy Friday evening, it was about to rain. Students were seen making haste back to their hostels. There was thunder and lightening, it was as though it would rain cats and dogs….

The Three Musketeers were in their room still discussing about Lucifiana when a knock came at their door. Alex went to get the door but found no one knocking…

About ten minutes later, the knock came again same way it did the first time. Tom went this to get the door, yet found no one……

“E be like say all these guys for this block don start this their rubbish again? Why dem go dey knock for people door dey run? If I catch that person”…. Mark said as he stood close to the door….

About twenty minutes after, the knock came again same way and pattern it did the first two times. But Mark was already by the door and he quickly opened it. It was Lucifiana, who stood still gazing at him…..

“My oh my…. What an angel, please come in beautiful one”. He (Mark) gladly usherd her to their room…

Tom and Alex stood up to welcome her….

Episode Four Next…….

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