Burgundy – episode 14

Episode 14.
By Amah

The continues noise from my phone woke me up very early in the morning.
It was an unknown number again.
I didn’t pick at first, I thought it was Ireti who kept texting me with different numbers threatening to kill herself if I don’t accept her back.

The phone kept ringing and I decided to pick up
The female voice from the other end do not sound familiar.

” Hello, am I speaking with Mr Martin Jr?

” Yes, who’s this?
I queried impatiently.

” My name is Doctor Kate of Royal Hospital. I’m calling on behalf of a patient who was admitted to our hospital yesterday. She gave us your number to call and insist we do . Her name is Ireti and she took an overdose drug and passed out in her apartment. sir, we will appreciate if you can come down to see her because her life depends on it. Please. When should we expect you sir?

I ended the call and exclaimed sadly to myself.

“Oh my God, what sort of problem is this now. Why is Ireti doing this to herself? she actually meant it when she said she will take her own life.
Or is this a set up to get me back to her?…I seriously hate this.

I breathed in, changed over, took my car keys and drove out.
Since Ireti’s life depends on me showings up, that is exactly what I will do.

I pray she doesn’t die and I also hope is not a set up to get me to pity her and accept her back.
That girl is capable of anything.

I drove to the hospital and was directed to where she was
I began to count my step as I walk down to her hospital room.
It doesn’t seem right to me coming to see Ireti after all she did but I hate the idea of she trying to kill herself and I don’t want to be the reason for that.

She was lying still in her bed and a nurse was checking on her.
Immediately I came in the nurse left.

Ireti turned and looked at me, she looks normal to me but she had tubes and drip tagged on her body.

” Thank you for coming Mart. I know you are not so heartless to want me dead.

I stood watching her. She still looks pretty and even had make up on her face and red l¡pstick on her l-ips.

” Why did you asked them to call me? You should have called Papi and not me.

I said with a frown while trying to understand why I even came at first when it was obvious she set up the drama.
She doesn’t even look like someone that wanted to kill herself.

“Mart, stop doing this to me. All I ask is for a second chance. Everyone deserves it Mart. Please, reconsider. I totally bared myself open to you. I withheld nothing. I told you all my secrets that I never told anyone. Is all because I don’t want to hide anything anymore. I wanted you to understand every reason behind my actions. I regret most of my actions and wish I can undo them. I’m not proud of my past but I can’t change it. I was spoilt with money and gifts and felt like I got it all. I’m sorry Mart for hurting you…I never meant to and I promise, I swear with my life that I will never hurt you ever again. Trust me this time and I won’t disappoint…I will do everything you want me to do. Anything at all. I love you so much Mart. I loved you more than I do for Papi. Please, don’t turn me down. I have told you every of my secrets, everything I hide away from everyone. I told you because I don’t want to hold any secret, no matter how small it may be from you. Please Mart…

I shakes my head unconcerned.

” And when your Papi shows up, you will returned back to him. Ireti… I’m done with your lies and deceit. I won’t fall for this pretense. I’m moving on and wish Sandra will forgive me for what I did to her. Sandra, the lady you accused, humiliated and insulted. I wish I can see her… searched everywhere for her already but is negative. she’s very angry with me all because of you. You caused it Ireti and you are putting up this show for me to consider and accept you back but somebody like you do not deserve a second chance… at the end you will mess it up…

She straightened from the hospital bed and sat up.

” Mart if you leave me I will kill myself for good. I can’t live without you. Papi is not Coming back for me. He said I betrayed him and does not want to have anything to do with me. I won’t disappoint you Mart, give me a try first. Sandra is gone for good. She asked you not to look for her. I guess she’s gone to be with her boyfriend and do not need disturbance or reminder of what she’s trying to forget. Mart, please don’t forget the good moment we share together…give me a chance to make it up for the bad time we had. I promise not to ever leave you for any man or disappoint you.

I try to have a rethink over Ireti’s offer. She seems real but I’m trading safe. I don’t want her to play with my intelligence.

I left her and went home.
After two days I kept thinking of my traveling out or giving Ireti a chance.
she sounds sincere and I want to give her benefit of doubt.

I desperately wanted Sandra but I think Ireti maybe right. She has gone to be with Jeff, her boyfriend and do not want to have anything to do with me.
I wish to set my eyes on her but it appears to be a very hærd task.

Ireti came over and I asked Musa to let her in.
She came in and sat like a repentant sinner in my sitting room.
She acted as if she was not the Ireti that i used to know.
I did not touch her but we had a good k-ss after few days.
Ireti was not as before, she changed. There was no longer eating and messing the wh0le place up. She quit smoking and also reduce her alcoholic intake.
She was really different and I like the new Ireti that she portray to be.
i did nott allow her stay for long at my place or come every weekend. I try to be discipline and not touch her but morals failed me. Her beauty comes out the more on every of her visit.
I cancelled my traveling plans and resumed again with Ireti.

I just hope I’m doing the right thing because sometimes I feel guilty for no good reason.

After two months I started suspecting her. She was either hiding to receive calls or talking in a whisper.
I waved it off at first.
I thought is because of what happened in the past that was making me to suspect her every move.
Well, I couldn’t explain the reason why I feel she’s hiding something and I don’t want to drug her like the last time just to find out what she’s up Ireti clears her chat and I can’t lay my hands on anything negative.

When I became certain that Ireti was up to something was when her number was off for two good days.
I drove down to her house but she wasn’t around either.

 she came after few days to my place I asked her where she has been and why her number was off.
She told me that she was at her house all through.

” Which house? I was at your place but you weren’t there and I couldn’t reach you either …

” Ooh, is probably when I visited my aunt and there was no network there. It was an emergency visit, she was very sick and no one was there to care for her, so I needed to go. I even try sending you a message to inform you but it didn’t go through. i’m sorry my love.

Why do I think she’s lying?
I challenged her.

“Your aunt huh? I hope you haven’t resumed back to lying to my face because if I find out…it won’t be funny this time.

I Walked away from her and few days later I caught her. I woke up in the middle of the night and was hearing a whisper Coming from the bathroom.
I tip toe to the bathroom and listened.

” …yes, I’m at home. Yes… I’m tired right now and can’t take a picture of my nude. My girlfriend is around and I wouldn’t want her to see me doing that. Papi, C’mon, you know I love you very much and ready to do anything for you but definitely not tonight. I will do that tomorrow… please. Don’t be mad at me…yes, I promised tomorrow. I will also try and come over next weekend to be with you. I thought you will be mad at me forever, I’m really happy to have you back…I won’t. I promise you before and I’m promising again. No one else except you… just you Papi. I love you. I believe you know that right?

I went back to bed and stayed awake until she came out.
The phone almost fell from her hand when she saw me.
With the look on my face she began to give unsolicited explaination with trembling.

” Mart, I was afraid to tell you that Papi was back. He wants me to return back to him but I said no and told him I was with a loving man who cherished me. I was just trying to make him leave me alone. I don’t mean anything you heard me say to him over the phone. All I wanted was to dismiss him so that he will let me be for good. I don’t want to be harsh due to the fact that we got a past together and he was very nice to me… so I decided to play smart by talking and acting so loving to him but I don’t mean any of that. Mart believe me. I promise not to disappoint you and I won’t…

She sound convincing to me but I have my doubt.
“what if she was lying?.
I waved it off and went back to bed.

I was within my compound one day and heard Musa shouting excitedly on the phone.

” Small madam, Na where you come go since. I miss you pass oo. Chai small madam I don dey try reach you but your number no dey go. I just say make I try again today and you pick. Walahi, God go bless you well welloo…

I paused and listened and wondered if it was Sandra that Musa was talking so happily to or was there another small madam aside Sandra?

After the call ended, I called Musa and asked him who he was talking with and he was filled with joy and told me is the small madam that worked for me before.

He was actually talking with Sandra and couldn’t hide his excitement.
I was surprised and quickly came up with a plan that Musa will stylishly ask her where she resides whenever they speak next time.

Musa got the details after I waited for one long week.
 I got the address to locate her.
I drove off to see Sandra.

It was a very long drive and I wasn’t bothered.
Ireti was calling me but I told her I wasn’t home and don’t know when I will return.

I kept driving and began to wonder if Musa gave me the right address or did he played with my intelligence.

I drove and kept asking around until I was directed to the street and from there I was shown the house.
I parked outside and rang the bell at the big gate.
The gate and the fence was very high like an army barrack.
I silently prayed that I was at the right house.

After sometime, i began to hear somebody unlocking the gate.

I stepped back and try to calm my racing heart as the gate suddenly opened and I stood face to face with an elderly man.

” Goo..good day sir…

I stammered at the tall man who wore camouflage top and blue jean.

” Yes. How may I help you..Who are you here to see?

The man sound so authoritative and very eloquent. I was almost turning back because it appears I was in the wrong house.
This man was very intimidating. I breathed deeply, trying to appear brave.

” I think I lost my way sir. I’m Sorry. I was actually looking for a young Lady. Sandra is her name and I was directed to this particular house…but is a misup and I will take my leave. I’m sorry to bother you sir.

I nodded to my own words as the man stand looking at me. I was about taking a step back when he said.

” Sandra is my daughter. She’s in,side. If you are here to see her then is fine. Come in,side then.

Fear grabbed my two legs but I obeyed and went in,side. It was a very large compound and there was a car parked at one end.
I followed the man silently and quietly and kept hoping that is not a trap.
If I get locked up in this big house, even if I scre-m all I can I’m not sure my voice will be heard.
nobody will hear me.

The man sensed my fear and called out to his daughter with a strange name.

“Treasure… Treasure… please come. There’s a young man here to see you.

I began to doubt if I’m truly in the right house after I heard the man called his daughter treasure.

I was there to see Sandra and not treasure or could it be the name her father specially calls her.

My eyes was looking all around when I saw her come out of the nicely painted house.

It was truly Sandra, yes. I was looking right at Sandra standing by the door side and looking at me.

She doesn’t look angry or happy, her face was expressionless. I couldn’t place it but I was happy to finally come face to face with Sandra.

My phone began to ring, interrupting the good moment I was trying to enjoy.

 I quickly checked the caller and it was Ireti again.


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