Burgundy – episode 16

Episode 16.
By Amah’s Heart.

I was tensed, I felt uneasy with the news of Ireti’s pregnancy. I lost appetite for food and everything.

“How can this be happening to me? Where did I ever go wrong? I was careless to have let this happen. I thought alcohol will help me out that night but it drag me into a deeper mess that I never bargained for. How can I even make out with Ireti without recollecting it happening? I can’t even remember anything. I only remembered trying to get up and fell back to the ground and Ireti came to help me but I resisted and probably dozed off but I can’t just remember what happened after then. I only woke up with my clothes off and Ireti was lying unclad beside me. Oh my God, I’m in a big trouble. What do I tell Sandra? I have already told her that the relationsh¡p between me and Ireti was over. How can I explain this to her…ahhh! I’m in trouble. Sandra’s father will skin me alive if I hurt his daughter. My parents will be so disappointed. My Dad especially that believes in me and entrusted so much to my care, he will be very angry. This is definitely not how I planned my life. I have always wanted to make my parents proud. To marry a good woman and start my own family just as my Dad had always wanted. I fell for the wrong girl and got stuck now I’m in a deep mess. Jezzzzz. God, please help me out of this….

I cried out to myself while driving down to pick up Sandra who was already at the bustop waiting.
When I got there, she was so lively and I can feel her happiness. She gave me a warm hug and I lead her to the car and started driving back home.
I was trying to concentrate as she sat beside me but my mind was divided between the trouble I’m in and Sandra sitting beside me cheerfully.
How could Ireti do this to me? How do I come out of all this? My God, I don’t want Sandra to find out but I don’t want to keep it as secret, because if she discovers the truth it will not be disheartening. I can’t live with myself if such happens….

“Are you alright?

Sandra asked while looking at me.

“Yea….sure. I’m fine.

I breathed deeply and focused on my driving while trying to hide my discomfort from her.
She sensed my troubled and volunteered to drive, I asked her if she knows how to drive and she replied that her father thought her and her elder brother how to drive with his car. And she sometimes drives her Dad’s car.
That was impressive. I parked and asked her to show me and she did.
Sandra drove the car to the house.
She and Musa went talking and laughing. Musa was happy to update her on how much her absence was felt.
I waited and after she was done exchanging pleasantry with Musa we went in,side.

She also volunteered to prepare dinner that night and I was willing to join her like the old time.
While in the kitchen I heard my phone ringing. I rushed to it and it was Ireti.
 I quietly walked into my room to receive the call. I began to talk in whisper. I don’t want Sandra to hear any of the ongoing trouble between me and Ireti.

“Hello, what is it again?

I asked getting impatient with Ireti

“Mart, I’m outside your house. Tell your lazy gate man to open the gate for me. You can’t keep shutting me out. I’m carrying your child and we need to sit and talk concerning this baby.

With every word from her mouth my frustration grew. I punched the wall so hærd and withdraw my hand in pain.

“Ireti, i will tell you when to come but definitely not today. I’m very busy right now. Go back to your place, we will get to talk about the pregnancy but give me time to come up with a perfect time Ireti.

“Mart, I’m not going anywhere. You can’t keep avoiding me…telling your gate man to dismiss me with the excuse that you aren’t around. I am not going anywhere. I will remain at this gate until you come to open up. I’m not the type of lady you can outsmart, I’m too wise for such. You are going to be a father soon so you better get that into your skull and stop treating me like trash.

I try to convince her to leave but Ireti was adamant and refused to go.
I decided to ignore. Whenever she is tired she will leave but I won’t let her into my house and create a scene that I will forever regret. Sandra is all that matters not Ireti and I will not ruin this opportunity of having Sandra back.
I stepped out and saw Sandra setting the dining table. She looked up at me and said

“Is everything alright?

“Yes, everything is fine. I was talking with…with my Mum.

She smile before straightening.

“Mummy’s boy. She still can’t get enough of you I guess….mothers are the best. Fathers are our hero. My Dad is an awesome father but I miss my Mum so much. Anyway, how is your Mum?

I try to smile back, my phone was ringing again and I know is Ireti. I totally ignored the call.

“My Mum is fine. I can’t wait to introduce you to my parents. You will love them because they are both amazing.

“I look forward to that Mart. Your phone is ringing again. Maybe your Mum who can’t still get enough of her only son is calling to hear your voice for the evening….

She laughed and I joined but the laughter did not come from deep within me. I was just acting along.

“I’m not sure is my Mum this time. Is probably some of my crazy friends or cousin trying to give me update on a football match.

I can’t believe I was turning out to be a perfect liar. This is exactly the part I don’t want to trade at all.
How long do I intend to keep lying just to cover up my sins, is either my sins finds me out or Sandra will dig it up. I know I can’t hide forever.

I was hearing a big bang on the gate. I guess Ireti was behind the heavy noise. Sandra draw my attention to the noise which I heard already but pretend not to notice. I waved it off with another lie, i told her to ignore the heavy bang and let’s eat.
I sighted Musa from the dining window walking towards the house. I quickly stood up and rushed to the door before he will get there.
I went outside and met Musa half way.

“Oga…big madam don dey mad oo. She wan spoil the gate. She talk say she no go comot until she see you. abeg Oga, go see her before she go fall the gate down.

I gave Musa sign to reduce his voice so that Sandra will not hear him and he quickly did.
I followed him to the gate and went outside and immediately Ireti saw me she stopped hitting the gate, dropped the big stone in her hand and walked upto me angrily.

“What is wrong with you Mart? You are making me feel like I’m insane. I’m pregnant and do not deserve all this from you.

“Ireti You will have to go home and I will come to see you tomorrow but I’m not letting you into my house. Go home Ireti and stop disturbing the public peace with your noise. I agree to take responsibility but you have to respect my wishes. Please go home and I will be with you tomorrow…please. I will transfer some money to you once I get back in,side but you need to leave this place…

She was quiet for some time and later said.

“If I don’t see you tomorrow, I will be back here and my craziness will be double. Don’t make me wait for too long…and don’t fail to transfer the money.

She turned and left. I watch her walk into her car, stayed a little before driving off.

I went back in,side and Sandra was already done with her food.
She was watching her favorite show on the TV and did not bother to ask me what was happening.
I was glad she didn’t because that would have required me lying to her again.
There was no appetite for food anymore and i decided to leave the food. Sandra packed some of it to Musa who was hailing her happily. I can hear his jubilation from where I sat.
While sitting with the woman I truly love, my heart was racing so fast. She was relaxing in my arms after refreshing for the night.
I held her while she watch her normal programme. My mind was faraway and I was distracted.
Sandra noticed again, she asked what the problem is and I kept saying that I was fine.
The following morning while Sandra was still in bed I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I was in the kitchen when she came to join me.

“Ooh, I wanted to bring breakfast to you in bed. You shouldn’t have bother getting up from the bed.
 I gave her a warm Good morning k-ss and began to wish that we are already married and she do not have to ever go back.
She smile and said.

“Next time I will pretend to be asleep while breakfast is served. That will be really rom-ntic… Maybe we can take turns doing that. You serve me and I do the same for you.

She made a funny face and I started laughing. She told me that she wanted to take over from me to finish up with the cooking.
 I didn’t argue after she insisted.
 I went back in, checked my phone which I changed to a silent mode so that it doesn’t ring out whenever Ireti calls.
I saw Iret’s missed calls that morning and a message. A reminder that I didn’t transfer the money to her yesterday.
 I totally forgot and quickly did the transfer that morning.
I was supposed to see her that day and I wanted to go early so that I can return to be with Sandra who only have two days to spend with me before going.

During breakfast I told Sandra that I needed to hurry out to meet up with a friend and will be right back.
She asked me to go ahead that lunch will be ready before I return.
 I picked up my car key and left.
I drove to Ireti’s place and she came to open the door almost unclad. Exposing every part of her body for me to see.
 I wasn’t move at all. Sandra was waiting for me at home and Sandra is all that matters now not Ireti.
Even if Ireti dance unclad in front of me I wasn’t going to fall for her. I was tired and done with her. if not for the pregnancy and her numerous threats she would have been a history.

“I’m here to talk Ireti. Please get some cloths and cover up. Stop parading unclad. I have things doing and do not have enough time to waste here.

She frown at my harsh tone and said.
“You used to die for this same body. There was a time you couldn’t get enough of me. Do you remember then? Well, I’m carrying your child which is very important. So get ready to deal with my presence because I will be in your life for a very long time. I will remain part of you and this baby will have a father who will do the right thing.

“Okay. I have heard you. Is that all you want us to talk about? Well then…the only thing connecting us will be the child. I guess you can’t kill yourself now that you are pregnant.

I said more like to make her feel bad with her numerous threat of killing herself.

She laughed and I can sense sarcasm in her voice.

“You don’t even know what you are into Mart. Get prepared for this journey with me because we will both carry the burden of this pregnancy. You can’t escape it. To avoid me disturbing you all the time then always be around me. I’m a hærd nut to crack and not an easy meat to chew so you are in for a long thing…

I took a step towards the exit door, I suddenly stopped, turned to her and said.

“I will forever regret giving you another chance. I thought you are better, I thought you have truly change but you caused more havoc with this chance. When you stole my Burgundy shoe and my aquarium and gift to your papi I thought that was the most shocking thing about you but you keep giving me reasons to doubt and regret ever knowing you. Indeed a leopard can never change its skin.

She moved closer to me and try to rub her hands on my chest but I slapped it off. She looked straight into my eyes and said.

“I’m not a leopard. My name is Ireti so deal with it. I actually changed Mart, I did. I wanted to become the woman you want me to be but I saw that you have your mind on your former maid. What did you expect me to do? You want me to close my mouth and fold my arms why you kick me out. No, I won’t do that, so get use to me and this baby. It was a good thing to watch you make out with me raw that night. I enjoyed every bit of it and I don’t care if you can remember squeezing and lashing me so hærd. The only thing that matters is I’m carrying your child, a product of that same night. So you better tell Sandra or whatever her name is to keep off because I’m already pregnant with your child but I guess you can’t tell her that. You don’t have the liver to do so because you are afraid. You don’t want to hurt her. I know you will never be able to tell her your little secret. Listen to me Mart, in other to keep my mouth shut do everything I ask of you otherwise I will search Sandra out and tell her what you are keeping from her. Do as I say and our secret will be safe….i trust you are ready to do anything for me to keep mute and not spill out the truth.

She began to laugh again. I said to her calmly.

“I will do everything you want but please keep your distance from Sandra and from my house. She is not your problem. Carry out your frustration on me but leave Sandra out of it. Make sure she doesn’t know any of this please. I will give you enough money, I will do everything you want but all I ask is to leave Sandra out of this drama….i beg of you.

Ireti was laughing. She told me the money I transferred to her earlier wasn’t enough and she needed more.
Right there in her house I transferred another money to her account before walking out.

I drove back home to meet with Sandra and i was planning to open up to her before she finds out or before Ireti who cannot be trusted fills her in.
But I’m afraid and I don’t know how Sandra will take the wh0le troubling news.


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