Burgundy – episode 18

Episode 18 (semi – final)

Ireti got tired and resulted to words. Sandra’s finger print was on her face. She sustained a cut from the slaps that Sandra gave her.
Ireti was p-nting so hærd while talking as if she ran a marathon.

“I will get both of you arrested if anything happens to me or my baby. If anything happens to this child forming in my womb, I will lock both of you up. I’m going to tell the police that my boyfriend who is responsible for my pregnancy invited me over and joined hand with his new girl who he was cheating on me with and also his former maid, they joined hands together and beat me up which resulted to my miscarriage, losing my precious baby and I had internal bleeding. Anything I have to say to win both of you, trust me I don’t lose out so easily. Both of you are very stupid and senseless, I will deal with you. Mart you think you can escape from doing your rightful duties to me and the baby in my womb? hahahaha…you are joker. I will make sure you do it double. No escaping for you. Your maid can not even save you from my hands. Let me just leave here first and go to my hospital to get a report which I will use to file a complain at the police station. You will see what I will do, your maid will regret ever laying a finger on me. You messed with the wrong person and I will bring two of you down. Let me get the hell out of here first…

Sandra went outside and gave some instruction to Musa who nodded to her orders. She came back in,side and locked up the door before crossing over to the dining area and pretended as if she was making a call after which she came back to the sitting room to sit down. I was looking at her. even Ireti pause from talking and became confused on why Sandra will lock the exit door.

“Why did you lock the door? Ooh, you are trying to get me scared? I’m not afraid of you…you cannot do anything to me. Go and open the door let me leave this rubbish house.

Sandra sat down and crossed her leg, ignoring Ireti.

“Sandra or whatever your name is…I said you should go and open the door. I want to get out of this place. Are you deaf…?

Sandra ignored and started watching the television.
Ireti kept talking

“What is the meaning of this nonsense? I said I want to go. Mart, tell your maid or whatever she is to you to go and open the door for me to leave here. Tell her now or you collect the key from her and open the damn door. I need to leave. I want to go and see my doctor. Mart, collect the key from her and open up let me get the hell out….

I looked over at Sandra, I don’t know what she was up to. Her eyes was focused on the television. She acted as if Ireti do not even exist.

I cleared my throat, trying to draw her attention. I wanted Ireti to leave. I did not understand why Sandra locked up the door.
Sandra refused to look at me until I called her.

“My love, there’s no point keeping her here. Let her go. Please, can you open the door for her or you give me the key to do so.

Sandra turned to me and said.

“I gave her enough time to leave, even begged her to get out but she refused and came throwing empty muscles to my face. Well, I changed my mind. She mentioned earlier that she will lodge a complain at the station that we beat her up and she miscarried her baby. That’s a serious offence and I’m fully in for Ireti. I just called a doctor…he is already on his way down here with some police men. He will run a test on Ireti. I will make sure she obeys every of the doctor’s instruction and after the test is done, I will drag her to the car and we will go the hospital to pick up all the test result. All this nonsense needs to come to an end. if I dictate any form of lie either with the paternity test or with her pregnancy….any lie at all, Ireti will be locked up for good. She will remain there for one year without bail because she is a thief and a scammer. My Dad will send his men to make sure all this are carried out. My Dad is a no nonsense father… by tomorrow Ireti will be crying “had I know”…

Sandra looks so serious with the way she was acting and fear griped Ireti.
Ireti moved uncomfortably. She looked round as if she was trying to check out an escaping rout but there was none.
She was troubled, she started walking up and down not knowing what to say.
She later sat down and said so calmly and even looks like she will cry.

“Please, Sandra…please unlock the door let me leave here. I don’t want any more trouble, I have had enough. I want to go home. Sandra…please. Mart, tell her to let me out.

I was mute and did not say a word. Sandra turned to Ireti and said.

“Ireti, you still have time to tell us who is responsible for your pregnancy before the doctor and police men gets here because I’m not letting you out until you tell us. And if it belongs to Mart is all good, we will know how to handle that but you have to speak up now. By tomorrow, you will be locked up and may even give birth in prison if you don’t open up now. This is not a joke. it will be your second arrest and you will be so sorry for trying to outsmart us with your pregnancy. The doctor just sent a message that in the next 30minutes him and the police men will be here so Ireti you still have enough time to think about your life in prison. Think of how hærd it will be carrying your pregnancy and parading in the prison yard and it will be a double offence if at the end you are not pregnant, you may spend up to three years in prison….think deep about that….

Ireti couldn’t hide her discomfort. She wiped her face, got up and looked out of the window. She began to scratch her hair roughly. I guess she was thinking of scre-ming for help but nobody will hear her. Even Musa will not answer her. She sat back down and looked at me with a pleading look, I quickly look away and stationed my eyes on the television as Sandra was doing.
Ireti began to talk calmly with a pleading voice. This time as she speaks there was tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, please. I’m very sorry….i don’t want to go back to that police cell. I hate the thought and smell of that place. Please open the door so that I can go to my house. Mart, I’m sorry, I lied. The night you got drunk…nothing happened between us. I actually try to make you do it but you were too weak to corporate so I staged the wh0le saga by going unclad and taking your clothes off but nothing happened and I’m not pregnant. I just did not want you to leave me and the moment you told me that you were moving on with Sandra I couldn’t bear it so I grabbed the opportunity of staging the pregnancy thing. I’m not pregnant…I know I may lose you at the end to Sandra so I wanted to do anything possible to keep you close by. I’m sorry. there’s no pregnancy…please. Sandra I’m sorry, you are more difficult than I thought. Please forgive me and open the door so that I can go before the doctor and police gets here. Please let me go and I promise not to ever trouble you or Mart again. I’m so sorry. I’m ready to abide by any rules you lay if only you will let me get out of here before the police arrives. I’m begging you…

She kept begging and wiping her eyes. I looked at her with a puzzled face. It was so unbelievable that Ireti can come up with such idea to tire me down with pregnancy. Ireti is impossible. She almost made me develop high blood pleasure. She wanted to ruin my life. What kind of human being is Ireti? She is just unbelievable and never cease to shock me. I was so amazed at the way Sandra was handling her, so smart and intelligent which was in another level.
Sandra curved a smile at one corner of her l-ips, she looked at Ireti for a long time and said.

“Ooh, you are sorry now right? I still don’t believe that you are sorry Ireti. I know if you leave here, you will go to your house and plan another drama to come and stage. You are filled with lies and I don’t trust any of your words. I knew that you are up to something after Mart told me about what happened. Listen to me Ireti, you can deceive Mart all you want because he is calm, soft at heart and doesn’t know the evil you are capable of doing. I don’t blame him, he didn’t grow up in a tough environment or mingles much outside his rich world but I can’t easily be deceived by someone like you. You are even too small to do that. So before I let you go Ireti, you must follow us to sign undertaking, a bond that you will never trouble us again and you will do that at the police station. As the good girl I am, I won’t let them arrest you. After the bonding, you can go on your way and we will go on ours case close…the end of Ireti’s drama. So, are you ready so that I can call the people that are already on their way here to turn back? There’s no need of coming anymore since you have already confessed your sins and I record it on my phone. Hurry up with your answer we don’t have all day. Are you ready to do as I just said?

Ireti stood with her bag and said in a hurry.

“Yes, yes…I’m very ready to do it. Please don’t let them arrest me…please. I will do as you say…I’m ready.
Sandra, stood and replied.
“Good. I like your kind of person, you corporate so well. Let’s get started then”

Sandra stepped aside and pretend to make another call before returning back.
Ireti was looking like a troubled lost child.
Sandra went to the door and unlocked it. I picked up my car key and we left for the station. Sandra joined Ireti in her car and told her that she will be the one to drive to the station. She doesn’t trust Ireti driving her.
 Ireti who did not know that Sandra can drive nodded quietly.
 I watched as Sandra grabbed the car key from her.
 Ireti entered the car and Sandra began to drive.
I was driving behind them until we got to the station where Ireti did all that was required. She wrote down every word that the police asked her to write and signed the bonding that she will never trouble us again and will keep her distance away from us.
The bond she signed was a risky one for her because if anything happens to me or Sandra she will be held responsible even if she is innocent. It was an undertaking against lives and properties.
The only time she will be free is either we are out of the country or she travels out of the state and kept a wide distance because any threat or attack on us will be pointed at her. She was in for a serious trouble if she ever smells close.
After the wh0le signing was over, we left her and drive back home.
 I hope that will be the end of Ireti’s drama in my life and the life of the woman I truly love and adore.

Sandra displayed unbelievable power and wisdom on Ireti which made me cherished her the more.
I got home and went on my knees again to ask for her total forgiveness and she didn’t say much except that she needs to leave the following day because her Dad had been calling her.
I allowed her and the next morning I went to drop her off.
After dropping her, I refused to leave because I needed her forgiveness and assurance and I was afraid to speak to her father about what happened. I remained there and refused to go until she told me that it was fine, she has forgiven me.
I almost k-ssed her in front of her Dad but had to compose myself.
I later returned back to my place and we continue our loving relationsh¡p.
Sandra adds honey to my life and I just can’t get enough of her. I still think of what she did to Ireti and marveled at her kind of strength.
She is one in a million to me.


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