Called By Jesus

Called By Jesus – episode 1

story by Deborah Paul

Called by Jesus
Episode 1
I do believe in grace, miracles, blessing, opportunities, but one thing I never believe was prophesy, gift to see the future and other stuff that I know some of you here too never believed.
My name is Teresa Eze, I’m a church goer, in fact there is no program in our church that I ever miss, I’m a doctor, no matter how busy my day is, I will make time to visit church, all to what? I go to church not because I believe in the words of the preacher, but why do I keep going? I became a member of the redeem Christian church of God for good two years, no one even noticed me, after the service I just pick my bag and drove away, 26 years no boyfriend, or husband it like i have this aura that chase men away, during my days in the secondary school no guy talked to me about friendsh¡p, well then I was a little girl so it didn’t border me much, but same thing continue when I got into the university, I had this cute guy in my department, very brilliant, and humble I tried not to fall for him but I couldn’t help myself, I fell in love with him, I did all my best to make him my friend, he accepted me after so many trial, our friendsh¡p became stronger as the day went by, to him I was just a friend but deep in my heart I was crazily in love. Since he wouldn’t change his mind towards me I decided to tell him our I felt.
Christian I know you see me as your best friend right?
(He smiled) yes Teresa, you are my best friend for ever.
(I frown) but Chris, I don’t wanna be your friend anymore, in fact I’m tired of being your friend.
what? Have I done anything to hurt you?
no no, you haven’t, what I mean is that,I want us to be more than friends (I pause) I’m in love with you.

He was on unusually quiet for a very long time before he spoke.
when I look at you, do you know what I see? I see you in pure white, from your hair down to your toes, your wings shining like the morning sun, no matter how you dress Teresa, you are always in white, I don’t know if my eyes are the only one seeing this, but I know whatever it is with you, you special or maybe an angel, I heard only witches and angels have wings but you do, I like you Teresa, I really do but I can’t be with you,I can’t ruin your future because of today’s pleasure, I can’t even date you when I’m not certain of what you are….I’m sorry.

If I say I was shock? That would be an understatement, I was d–n surprise, me wings? Where did it come from? I only laughed it off, maybe his not worth my love, why would he make me feel like a monster? I do not have wings.

Years went by and same thing continue, guys turning down my advances to them. I got used to it, so my routine is work, church, no friends. So one day they held a program in our church, everyone was in sit, pastors, minister, choirs, congregation you name it, everywhere was full to the brim but one person was missing, the choir mistress was not available, I saw how tense the podium was, the choirs were just moving up and down, I sat down on my sit observing the wh0le situations in my head, a guy from the choir came out and lead some worsh¡p but trust me, everywhere was silent like a grave yard no one sang along, even him too doesn’t even believe or trust in what he sang, then the urge or should I say annoyance pushed me outside, and I collected the mic from him, I started leading the worsh¡p, I don’t wanna be boastful, but I enjoyed what I was doing, the sound of my own voice made me love the feeling I got just standing on the podium, as I sang, so people sang along, 10 minutes to our worsh¡p people started falling, some speaking in tongues, others shouting fire fire, deep down I laughed this are the pretenders who lie in the name of the holy spirit, I wasn’t even a pastor, minister, not even a choir member so how possible is it for me to cast out demons? I tried to drop the mic their hypocrisy was making me angry, but a strong force held me still on that same sport, I tried to move my legs but they wouldn’t move. I sang and sang, and the more I sang the more people fell, I was shocked when our pastor’s wife fell on the floor too, then realization hit me, ” this wasn’t them faking it, this was God doing his wonders” how would a pastor wife ever let herself to be embarrass like that if it wasn’t God. There was no ministrations that day again, my songs healed the sick, the blind, the crippled, after what seem like forever the service came to an end, not wanting to see anyone, and the confusion in my head I ran to my sit picked up my bag and drove straight to my  house.

To be continued

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