Called By Jesus

Called By Jesus – episode 14

Episode 14
I don’t want to border you about how my day went, but it was good Mariya told anyone who cared to listen that I prayed for the woman and she put to bed. Around 5 pm I closed from work I needed to get some food stuff in the market since we didn’t eat good food the previous night, I got into my car which Michael was already in (come to think of it why is he ahead of me today) I entered the car and drove straight to the market.
I heard Jesus is coming soon, when is that going to be?
Not even the 24 elders in heaven knows about the coming of our lord Jesus Christ.
But you are an Angel not an elder so you should know right?
(He turn to face me) I do not know, the son of man is going to come like a thief unannounced and I would like it if you stop asking me this kind of questions.
What kind of questions should I ask you then? (I stare back briefly before looking at my front) do Angel love?
He was silent for a while before he said
Who ever does not love is guilty because God is love.
What kind of an answer is that, though his not human but I expected something different as an answer
See what your father has in stock for you from where I come from? Its called ” fatherly love”I ignored him why should I even talk to him after giving me such answer? I parked in the market parking lot and highlighted from the car what does he even mean by “what your father has in stock” I didn’t border myself too much with that I walked into the market. Any shop I stopped to buy something they call me “holy one” but why I didn’t understand and when I finish buying they all refused taking money from me and that was so embarrassing to me I couldn’t buy all what I needed because it feels as if I was taking advantage, Michael helped me to carry all the things I bought to the car.
What happened back there, and you dare tell me is “fatherly love” (I asked immediately we got into the car)
(He stare at me for a while) look I once told you our God is not a God of individualities, those people you bought things from had one problem or the other, and just a little help is what they needed to show for God to set in for them. The woman whom you bought that red thing from, her son has been in coma for two years she has decided to leave him there because she believe he will come out of it one day, all she needed to do is help someone and God would step in, she just did by giving you free gift.. Her son is already out of coma and I think you should go and inform her now.
I sat down thinking if I should or not, well there’s no harm in just delivering a message, I opened the door and stepped out from the car, I walked to her shop and before she could ask me if I wanted anything else I told her “for this act of charity the lord said I should tell you your son who has been in coma for two years has woken up” immediately I landed her phone started to ring she turn it on speaker ” hello” she said with her hands shaking “your son is out of coma” the caller said excitedly. She gradually went on her knees and cried her eyes out, the more I try to console her so she could stop crying the more she wept. I waited for like 30 minutes when she was a little bit calm I gave her some water from her fridge before I told her I was leaving she got up and hugged me “thank you for everything” she said to me, I smiled and released myself from the hug politely before I went back to meet Michael.
I use to think pastors are the ones who has less jobs to do but now I know doing God’s business isn’t easy at all.
I started the engine and drove home.

To be continued

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