Called By Jesus

Called By Jesus – episode 19

Episode 19
The service was OK, we did lot of singing which I lead, one can’t be tired doing God’s business because even if I refuse to do it or many out there who God has given such gift refuse to do it, God can use a stone to praise him. God showed himself again, and the church was full, when I say full you can imagine how big the population has grown for just this few weeks, one thing about people is when they here miracle is taking place here, they don’t want to know where the power came from so long they got their solution and to me I think that’s unwise faith. The congregation has increase in numbers and I was so grateful, I sang and praise God for the lives he saved to at the hospital and the once he is going to deliver today. After much singing and dancing our daddy (pastor) called the oppressed, the sick once to come forward(you can imagine how full the alter will be) this time I didn’t pray for them alone, I joined my faith with our pastor and we started the deliverance, Michael had to me earlier not to lay my hands on anyone while praying for them he said if I read my holy book well I will know God said in the book of Ezekiel ” do not be quick to lay hands while praying else you share from their sin” all the people I prayed for I didn’t touch them, I Just stood on the alter and say the words and by faith they got their healings. After we did the deliverance that almost took the wh0le night, we closed for that day and everyone went home singing praises unto the lord.
I was now good with my gift, angel Michael did an excellent job teaching me, I was good with the voice of the holy spirit now, I don’t always wait for him to tell me what to do because I hear from God directly and its really an Honor
Weather I admit it or not I know Michael would be leaving soon, of recent times he has been so distant, talk less and prayed more, well I didn’t want to admit those two months I have been so busy learning and doing my father’s work that I forgot all about my feelings for him, maybe it was the right thing to do why wish for what you can’t have?
Are you OK? You seem far and distant, if I have done anything wrong you can tell me and I will apologized.
you haven’t done anything wrong teresita, I’m just communicating with my master
Really? Is that why you are not always eating?
He opened his mouth to say something but pause, I could swear he was battling with words he was trying not to let his emotions lose, I was about going to sit beside him when he started glowing, I got scared and moved back.
What’s happening, you are glowing Michael
My mission on earth is complete, my father waits my return (a tears dropped from his eyes and it was pure gold) all the lesson required for you to do God’s work I have taught you, I must go now before my feelings get in the way and then a lose a thrown with my master.
Wait what feelings is he talking about? My eyes were already filled with tears, I knew he was going to leave some day but I didn’t know it would be this soon.
No Michael, you can’t leave me I need you, I still have a lot to learn please (I cried bitterly)
You asked me if angels do love, yes we do and some of my brothers have come to earth and fall into forgetting their mission and their throne up high(his light was getting more and more brighter and he was still crying) just to be with the once they said they love, it doesn’t mean they won’t make heaven if they live right, it just mean they gave up their Angel form to become human and they become vulnerable to sin and death.
Please Michael do not leave me(I sniff) at lest not yet, I still need you please.
I love you teresita, even before I came to earth as human I have loved you.
I don’t understand you Michael
You can’t marry here on earth because you are my wife in heaven, the reason no man sees you and get attracted is because I asked my father to put the golden chains of taken round your neck.
(Feeling so shock) what about my wings, Christian said I have wings too.
Those wings were to protect you, but the moment I cams to earth you didn’t need it anymore because I was here.
I fell down and cried no wonder no man every wanted me, because I am married to an Angel, he loved me this much to even protect me from earthly rom-nce? I looked up and Michael was no longer standing there, I got up and search for him everywhere calling his name and begging him to show himself but only his voice came.
I will walk with you, protect you till you join me here with my father, where a man with no sin will bless our marriage. I will wait for your return my beloved.
I didn’t know what or how to feel, kill myself and go to heaven and marry my Angel? or wait till my work is done on earth and I return back home to give account to my maker.
I wonder how I’m going to live the rest of my years without Michael in my life.

To be continued

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