Called By Jesus

Called By Jesus – episode 2

Episode 2

I got home some minutes after 12 feeling so wore out and confused, I took off my hills from the car and walked into my massive living room, I dropped my hand bag on the couch and laid on the other thinking so hærd ” what could have happened back there? Was that really my doing or something else happened out there tonight”? I was just confuse my eyes was already getting w-t.. “My child you are finally discovering your self” that wasn’t my thought was it? I looked around but I saw no one, I got up from the couch scared

Wh….who are you (I stuttered)
I’m Jesus
I couldn’t help this time but to laugh, Jesus in my house? I thought Jesus was suppose to be invisible? So why is he in my house?
Jesus? Like seriously you want me to believe you? Hell no I don’t believe that, Jesus is just an imagination, what people think in their hearts then they imagine it.
I gave my life so you could be save my child, you don’t believe it?
My parents were the ones who died so I could live, the day we had the accident my mum had to shield me with her body so I won’t die, so who ever you are please stop reminding me of the past.
your parents died in the accident, that was because their mission on earth was already complete, look (I saw a light reflect on the wall of my living room and my parents appeared, smiling and shining in white garment) they are in a better place my child
I walked closer to the wall, seeing my parents after so many years my heart fluter, my legs shaver, in fact all my body was trying to express its own emotions, I was happy and sad, happy that my parents were happy and sad because this was just a moment that would go away so quickly.
(Tears dropping down) mum, dad I missed you guys so much.
you have grown into a fine beautiful lady my child.( she wiped the tears that had already fallen from her eyes) I miss you too my baby
we love you Teresa, we miss you too, but its time to accept what you are, and who you are.
who I’m I dad? Please tell me, you and mum weren’t here during my university days, a lot happened that I wanted to tell you guys but no one to speak to, who I’m I really.
Gradually they faded from the wall, they left without giving me any clue of who or what I am, ” in heaven’s name, who the hell I’m I”? I thought inwardly, then Jesus as he calls himself spoke again
you are the last offsprings of my blood.
and what does that mean? You confusing me the more.
you are my blood, created by the last blood from my body while on earth.
I read bible, I heard you died on the cross, but I never believed it, what are you telling me now?
I moved back and sat on the couch, this was too much to handle, I’m Jesus blood? How great.
your time has come, to heal the sick, set the oppress free, you are the earth healer right now. My father has given you all the power you need.
I have no power in me, I’m just an ordinary girl, who is lonely and depress.
You remember your friend Sandra? You remember the day you both almost got kidnapped by her father’s driver?
Yes I remember, but what has that got to do with this?
look my child


Sandra and I walked out of our school gate, I called my parents but no one answered, my driver called in sick so my parents were the one who was suppose to pick me up, but since non of them showed up, I decided to follow Sandra since our house was so close and the driver was already here.
Sandra and I was so busy talking in the back sit that we didn’t know Kenny has taken another root, when I lift up my head I was shock to discover we were driving along bush path, I got so scared I touch Sandra to look up, she scre-med immediately she saw our environment.

Kenny, where are you taking us to? (She yell)
He was quiet, didn’t say anything, but his eyes were fix on us through the front mirror.
We begged and cry, pleaded for him to stop but Kenny just kept going, I felt a very strong urge to touch his head, but what would touching his head change in situations like this, yet the strong feeling wouldn’t go away, so I touched his head the next thing Kenny pull over and got down, started taking off his clothes laughing and talking like a lunatic, it was as if something from my body has cause him to go mad, but I felt weak and pass out, when I woke up, I found myself on my bed at home, not remembering anything that happened, not even Sandra


what happened to him? Kenny I mean.
You wanted him mad, that was your wish, ” lord please make this man crazy so my friend can be save”
I said that? But how come I never remembered it till now.
you weren’t ready then, but your time has come now.
All this is just confusing, please let me see you, how do I know I’m really talking to Jesus and not Satan? You warn us to be aware of familiar spirit.

He appeared to me, but he was just to bright, his clothes shining like snow, I couldn’t see his face, the more I tried so hærd to see his face, the brighter he become
your abilities will come out one by one from now on.

To be continued

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