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Called By Jesus – episode 3

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Episode 3
The whole of the night I couldn’t sleep, I was just thinking, ” what if I’m mistaken, what if it was the devil trying to make things look real” in all the people God could use, he chose someone like me? Wait a minutes Jesus didn’t bore any child before he died right? Does that mean I’m going to die without a husband or children? Only the thought of that made me angry, I can’t give up my life because I’m someone’s blood oh no.
The night finally came to an end and I was so thankful for that, I got up from the couch where I had laid the previous night, went into my bedroom to take my bath and get ready for work, I took my bath and brought out the clothes I was going to wear to work. Then the voice came ” you can’t wear this, pick something else Teresa” this time the voice was different, different from the one I heard last night, I quickly turn looking for where the voice came from, ” you can’t see me” the voice came again.
I think I’m going to go crazy, show yourself
I’m only here to deliver a message from your blood maker, I am not allowed to show myself
Who are you, are you also Jesus or God himself( I mocked)
Michael, I’m an angel and I know you just mocked the holy spirit, God can not be mocked.
Yeah he was right I was really mocking him when I asked that question, is this how people will be appearing to me every now and then?
I ignore the voice and wore my clothes, no one should detect to me what and what not to wear, 15 minutes later I was already driving out of my compound, it funny how I do my things myself, no gateman or maid, just all by myself.
I drove through the busy road of abuja that morning feeling, pain, anger, hatred, lonely, and rejected. I drove into the hospital parking lot, not having the zeal to greet anyone I just walked into my office, did some signing before I kicked off for the day’s work, I checked my favorite patient in ward 4, she is a really fun person, even on her sick bed you will love her. After chatting with her for a while I went to the reception to look for nurse Mariya when this fat, black lady came from no where and gave me a resounding slap, my eyes went blank, for a minute I didn’t know what to say or how to react, everyone available was shocked and silent.
I have been following your car since my husband dropped you off, you thing you can scatter my home? ( she pull me by my collar)
I was more confuse now, what the hell is this woman talking about? How did she even know me, I mean who is her husband..
I told you, didn’t I? I told you not to wear this dress…the woman’s husband is cheating on her, and today of all days she decided to catch her husband and his accomplice together, it so happened she is wearing the same dress as yours.
why didn’t you save me this embarrassment by telling me the full story when you were warning me? ( I whisper)
you can just communicate with me from the heart, I am an angel remember?
(scoff) are angels this boastful? ( I said inwardly)
we ain’t, we are as humble as the sea itself.
Wow he really heard my thoughts, wow I wish I could really do that too.
Sure you can, all you have to do is accept what you are.
I was standing there in that awkward situation discussing with angel Michael or whatever his name is that I forgot I was been held by an angry woman. Another slap from her set my brain back on track, I try to explain to her that she had seen wrongly but she wouldn’t have any of it, this time people have already gather watching the whole embarrassing show, doctor P called for the security, they came immediately but the couldn’t do anything because she was holding to my clothes so tightly, they were scared my shirt might get tore if they pull her with force.
do something Michael
“Michael”? I’m not just Michael I’m angel Michael
Jesus Christ, are you sure you are really an angel? Cause you are too troublesome.
I’m not an angel of war, but peace my lord knew that, that’s why he sent me.
just shut up and save me please.
You already know what to do, what ever thing you want just say it.
what? are you really going to be like this?
you better be fast, her next action will bring you totally [email protected] before everyone.
The thought of me been [email protected] in the presence of everyone got me really shy and scared, I held her cheeks
release me and go home, your husband will cheat no more, your broken heart is mended.
It sounded crazy right, talking to her like I was using some kind of charm, but surprisingly it worked, she released my dress and smiled at me before she walked out.. ” oh my sweet God I can’t believe I just did that” I thought inwardly.
yes you did, but I guess you have a lot of explaining to do.
I turn around and all eyes were on me, obviously shocked for what just took place, I stare from the patients, to the nurse down to the rest before I gave an uneasy smile before I ran to my office.

To be continued

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