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Called By Jesus – episode 6

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Episodes 6
It took me a minutes before I got myself, I walked closer to him.
can you say that again(I wanted to confirm if I heard him well)
I said where I’m I?(he said body)
I could swear the voice is the same, but the last time I checked angels are suppose to be invisible, and Michael is an Angel he couldn’t possibly be him right? And someone one can have same voice with another right? Its just one voice but different people
you are in a hospital, you had a terrible accident
I had an accident or you knocked me down with your car?
If I say I was shock that would be very easy, I was ten times shock, he passed out before I came down from my car to help in, I could swear he didn’t have the chance to see any face before he passed out so how the hell did he know I knocked him down?
How did you know I knocked you down, besides what’s your name.
Michael and I know everything teresita
My legs shivered, is this guy dead already? Firstly he knew I was the one who ran into him and now he knows my name? Wait “teresita”?
who the hell are you (I yelled)
(His face was calm) I’m Angel Michael, I thought you will recognized me in just one glare but you are having doubt about angels coming to earth, obviously you don’t study the holy book.
I started by chuckling, then it turn into a hard laughter, ” angel Michael ” (smiled) God have mercy nothing I won’t see in this world, Angel on earth?
you can take me home if you are done laughing.
I was about opening my mouth to say something when nurse Mariya opened the door, the look on her face when she saw the guy who was battling with death few hours ago heal and healthy showed she was d–n scared and overly shocked, before I could say something she ran outside shouting “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” I couldn’t help but laugh, it was really funny.
it looks like you are in a better moon this evening, through out this morning you were sending your prayers through me to your blood maker.
What? Look here I’m sorry I ran into you but I am not taking you anywhere, I do not know you at all..and I don’t believe this nonsense you are telling me.
You have issue with believing, after all I have said you still do not believe me (he got down from the bed and stood in front of me) then maybe this will help you to believe doubting Thomas.
he held my cheeks with his both hands, God his hands were as cold as ice, then flashes came I saw when he got to earth and how he transform from his angel form to this handsome human form, the day he first spoke to me, how he walked straight Intl my car and I knocked h down. More flashes was coming but I was too scared to see more I pulled away from him.
Do you believe now?
(Voice breaking) what are you doing on earth? I mean why did you give up your angel form just to be here?
“Give up your angel form I never gave up my Angel form, I’m here on a mission, a missions to protect and to guard you, to help you realize your powers, when my work is done I’m going back to my lord who has sent me.
you told me you are wind and can not be seen so you can’t be corrupt, now that you are human can you still say the same thing?
I am still saying the same thing teresita, there are lot of us here on earth doing the work of our Lord, some in beggars form, blind, cripple some even in mad form just to do the work of our master.
I can’t believe this so some of those people we see on the street begging, that we over look or say one ill thing or the other against them are not just ” beggars” those crazy people too on the street that would stop you at some point and tell you something sense able but we over look it saying “they are just crazy” are actually saying the truth?
why are you now here looking like this?
its the will of my lord. Can we now go ? (He walked close to the door and stopped) oh all the prayers you or would make comes to me, I’m your messenger, I will bring your prayers before your maker. (He walked out) I can’t believe this so when he laid on this bed he wasn’t actually in pain rather he wanted me to use my powers? Oh God I think I’m losing my head and mind.

To be continued

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