Capital crime episode 17

“ Come Little Brother… Come”
I wish I had an answer. Right now I am not sure who to support any more. Hoping I have not turned a critic of madame President Alakara, who will believe and do anything, just to see her out of power, the reply I gave Ife was the best. Non- judgemental.
“ Why ? ” She asked “ Why that kind of look?
I felt my lips spreading. A smile had erupted from nowhere but now visible on my face. No doubt.
But mhen. Craps! Staring at her, I just marveled at Ife’s beauty. Her boyfriend had a good eye, indeed.
Becareful man! Becareful!! A voice echoed in my head.
“ We all have skeletons in our cupboards…Life is a movie. We should all play our parts and leave the rest to other actors.” I replied after silence.
On the screen, my actions from a keyboard clicked ‘ SEND’ to a message that read “ Get the Operatives ready. The plan is in motion”
The leather sofa in the spacious room bridged the Alpha and a tanned– well polished mahogany table. A very expensive piece of art.
The One who deserves more than a name, took a phone from a cupboard nearby.
A number was dialed as the Alpha pressed out the digits.
The connection was successful. The Alpha said while still backing the room and looking out through a large window.
“ Rumeh…It’s time…” A brief silence follwed.
“ Good” The Alpha added “ Note , this is where our paths come to a cross roads. If anything happens wrong from here on wards, we never met.”
Another silence .
“ But before that” The Alpha concluded “ Now, pay attention and listen carefully”
It had been sixty— eight hours since I got into a fight with Skipper and almost thirty six when I landed inside the laundry house to execute my plans. A work in progress indeed.
Lying on a delux sized bed in this cell with eyes sparingly fixed to an LG Flat Screen 34′ Tv thats connected to a DsTv decoder, I wandered in the pondering ponderous ponderland of my mind.
Occasionally, I look at John Okah who I picked among the five gang members to be my cell mate. No g-ys. Bleep that shit. Ive never liked solitude. And even worse being alone in the period of it.
John throw glances at me too while the latter churned away on the cereals he enjoyed with a cupful of milk and chocolate. Each crunchy balls generated a collision with the thoughts in my head. Bumping into every faucet and hindering progression.
I caution him with a stare. The youngster reduces his chewing spree only to resume it almost immediatly with reamped vigour.
Children. I sigh. Well look at him. Poor thing who got unlucky and added in size before his age caught up to him in velocity.
My eyes returned to the enclosure. It was spacious and well equiped with a cupboard at the corner. A table. A chair. A cushion. And then the glistening bathroom with coral- designed marble tiles.
Funny enough, this doesnt feel like hard labour. It is coerced.
The thought of it made me curse my entire being and slamed a fist against a nearby tray . The impact saw the plate on it go crashing to the floors.
“ Welcome to News Metro” A Tv News caster drew my attention “ Breaking News…”
I did not grasp everything entirely until my name was mentioned and my photograph etched to a corner of the screen.
I jerked to my feet. They found ground to trample upon the floor. I threw John a third glance in a row. He must be as shocked as his master.
Yet I decided it was best not to discuss it with John. I paced up and down, mumbling words and then eventually I could hear my self re-itterating in confusion.
“Kiri-kiri. Why Kirikiri?
“ Kirr-kiri? Not Kiri-kirki”
“ Lagos? Why Lagos…. Not-”
“ Ooooh! Fero! ” I continued “ Fejiro… What have you done now? I told you to let me do this my way. I told–”
I stopped. And not because I had nothing to say but because a sound caught me off. The Cell doors clanked as someone put the keys through a h0le on it.
Valley walked in with four other uniformed guards. All of them on kharki- green uniforms. John probably knew they were not here for him but he stood up in anticipation of a blow or a fight. With the way he squeezed his lips to the right corner cracked his knuckles while staring into Valley’s eyes, I could as well liken him to Peter in the Bible.
I heaved a sigh.
“ Its time” Valley said, glancing at his right arm. It was six- twenty pm, Monday evening. “ You have visitors. ” He continued “ Farmiliar foes and friends.”
I marveled at the manner in which Valley smiled. Sheepishly to himself.
I can not explain why but a part of me wanted it so badly. The urge! That desire. It burned deep inside my heart to put a bullet in between those ignorant eyes. That ebony forehead that looked so perfect a target spot. Yeah a golden bullet would make it shine brighter in the glare of the light.
Ken and I discussed about our plans for the girls, the device and other hostages when Rumeh Kadiri called. I payed attention like I always did whenever people start talking and I want to give them the benefit of doubt that I actually listened. If only they knew how boring they sound with all those words and instructions flying here and there.
Then I hung and smiled.
“ Whats up Boss? Ken asked, coupling his pistol and then tossing it upon a metal table. “ Good News?
“ For us? Yes! For them? No”
I recounted before joining him in the task. I aimed at an imaginary target. Dropped the pistol and looked at the wall clock in the candle- lit room. It was already dark outside.
Ken remained silent waiting for me to drop a detailed information.
“ Pop up the internet Tv” I urged him.
The young man of 33, drew closer to his bossom, a Nexus 64-bit Laptop and connected to a terrestial Tv. He easily found his way through the net after several protocols where observed. He made active use of a location changer and a premium packaged VPN.
I told him the channel to search for. He did and clicked “play ” on the recent video without subscibing. There, we saw something. It was something I already knew.
“ I’m aware of the transfer plans” I began. Still testing my ammo, I said “ But I had no idea it would be this quick. I have my plans though. I will make sure Ray gets safely to Lagos. Its a must”
Ken opted“ I thought you wanted him released?
“ Hmmhmmghm” I replied “ Infact , I want him out of this country” A sniff escaped my nose involuntarily , after which I stared at Ken before adding “ My days are numbered this is where the road trip ends for me”
I went further to explain the plan with the President which was to stage a transfer of a prisoner to Lagos. Then we will burst him out of the convoy. To ensure his freedom. Thats the aim of this wh0le operation and afterwhich we must disappear instantly.
“ A heist you mean? Ken asked.
“ How clever! ”
I said “ I will make sure of it, and even more. I’ll have the convoy wiped out. ”
I strolled to a corner in the wide room where I took a can of beer , it was on a table. “ We will go to Benin – City this night and lay ambush at Oluku Ishior”
“ Our teenage hood? Ken asked.
“ Yes. Where we grew up” I remembered. ( It had been terrible after my parents passed on. A life changing event at the National Capital made my old man relocate to his own country home. I couldnt bare the poverty, after my old man passed on, leaving me to fend for a little brother and mother who never walked on the same path where I trampled my feet upon, or even to eat from the same plate I used.
I left home, leaving behind my little brother , Ray and an un-repentant mother with one goal in mind : Revenge on those who ruined my life.
No one heard from me again until I met Ray on the streets looking tartered, hungry and unkempt. My boys had gotten into a fight with a rough street youngster and the case was brought before me, only to realise the youngster was my kid brother.
“ Mama is dead” were the only words Ray said after he swiped blood stains off his lips.
“What? I uttered
“ Come little brother. Come”)
To be continued….*Capital Crime* Who? Where?… Why?…Or Implications? …. Stay tuned…

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