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Capital crime episode 32


Capital Crime episode 32
Subtitled: five and six
A girl has her Ways
Another nasty regurgitation came again. My intestines were burning with discomfort. That feeling of regret after killing this poor woman hunted me.
Rendering a young girl an orphan- the same status I’d been forced to live with for many years. It sure isn’t going to be an easy ride for her. I’ve been there.
How do I get the device? How do I get Kelly and this little child out of here?
Whataboutism struck me when I realised there where others- the senators and according to their tale; about forty women more were held captive in this camp.
It seems the device in Seth’s position finally worked.
“ Successful. H.ack complete. Intiate launch protocol”
I raise my eyebrows in disbelief. What can I do against five men with guns. I have just a metal cup and probably the steaming pepper sauce above the fire, about a 100 cm away from where I stand. I could swipe for it, but I’d be dead on arrival.
“ Caiden!” Seth speaks up.
“ Yes Mr?-”
“ Locate these coordinates and deploy three drone-missiles”
He typed in the coordinates using a virtual keyboard on the screen.
“ Target aquired” the female voiced AI replies “ Central area, Abuja”
“Central Area?” Kendrick asked with shock “ Boss. I thought we hit the nail on the head. Take it to the Aso villa”
“ Yes my friend” Seth replied “ But plans do change. And a strike at the central Area district of Abuja gulps almost a third of the city’s population”
“ There are over a million people in Central Area” I spoke up“ This is insane. You have to stop th-”
A round tip poked at me from behind. I turned to see the hefty looking guy staring at me. His gun superglued to my spine. ” Tuh-tuh-tuhtuh” he uttered while shaking his head.
Fuvck me..but Bros I no fear you o. On a normal day, you and I, one on one , I’ll run into you like a caterpillar. I hesitantly gave a sigh after the thought in my mind.
Kendrick continues“ Boss. Those are innocent citizens. Alot of them are probably asleep at this time of the night. Will you kill them in their sleep?
“ What manner of death can be more honorable? ” Seth replies“ Hmm? I’m the hand of God. And I am merciful-”
“ Do you wish to launch? The AI cut him shut in his self-gratifying speech.
“ Yes. Do it! Now!!”
“ Unauthorized access word and inconsistency in request. Please, input correct language phrase” the device replied.
“ What?
He looks at Kelly. For a split second I could tell the grin that just disappeared on my face was there. My instincts grew wil.d. Is he going to shoot her?
“ Tell me this is a joke.” He says pointing his gun at her.
“ Caiden” Ms Green spoke up “ Please Laun.ch!”
“ Alright ma’am. The birds are in the skies! Collision in 46 minutes.”
A schematic map was displayed on the device screens having three blinking dots moving from one point to another linearly.
At that instant, Seth gave a wicked grin and laughed. I finally streched my knees and sat on the floor.
First thing I did was to check if Seth had my necklace around his collar bone. Presto! It was still on him- the golden bullet oscillating back and forth upon his chest. Fine then.
We wait and hope the calvalry arrives soon. There on the floor, like a child whose favorite toy and been snatched away with impunity, I sat clueless- or feigning cluelessness. Indeed if these guys do not arrive any time soon, only a miracle would save us. Only a miracle.
Dizziness. A sharp pain travelled across my eye sockets. I winced in discomfort. Blurry figures. A little clearer now. Itoro is taking serious beating from Rumeh Kadiri.
The timer fell from Rumeh’s pouch: 3miutes left. I impulsively stretched for it. He noticed and came for me. Itoro dives him. Both men crumble upon me. The weight upon my back was nothing like I’d even felt before.
The timer flew away from my grip, farther into a tight corner. In groans I try to escape the trap. I gasp for air then struggled.
“ Ouch” Itoro gave a painful cry.
Rumeh had given him the elbow punch. Then kicked his nose twice with a back-heel. He must be in so much pain.
But little time to think about that, I sneaked out of the trap. A hand grabs my feet. I staggered and fell again.
A gun. It’s not too far from me. Let’s try and get that. Stretch Ife. Stretch… I can litterally hear all my imaginary supporters yelling in my head. Even Jerry’s voice. Stretch. I’m trying. Im try..ing…to… Okay. I grabbed it.
I rammed the metal to Rumeh’s head. Only slightly did it hit his head. Not enough to send him on a sleeping trip. He shook his head in pains as we rose to our feet.
I backtracked and stoned him the gun. He dodged. Lucky bastard. Why’d I stone you a gun in the first place if there were any bullets in the metal.
“ Arrghhhhh!. God! ” Itoro screams again. The metal had hit him on the nose.
I grit my teeth and felt a cringe in my toes. “ Sorry!”
Rumeh laughed and charged for me.
Adrenaline. I could feel the inflush into my veins when he made way for me. Okay how’d he do this? I asked my subconscious mind. Remember. Remember. I fold my fist into knuckles.
I threw punches. Fast ones.
Shocked at my reactions, Rumeh tried to catch my fist. I went for the kicks. A left leg. Right one. Right arm support punch. Left arm high jab.
More confusions? Huh? It’s obvious in his eyes. I went for a right leg kick. He caught it with his left palm.
I leaped into the air and gave him an acrobatic kick.
That sent him to the floor. Daised.
“ What the-?
I rushed him and knocked the evil daylight out of his terrorist infested eyes. I kicked him again on the face with my heels on, just to be sure.
Slumping to the floor, I try to catch my breath. A gagging pain in my chest.
The timer!!!. I rushed and picked it up. I pushed the red switch off to stop the countdown at fifty two seconds.
“ Whered you learn to fight like that? Itoro asked.
“ A girl has her ways.”
He strutted to his feet. I bet he must be feeling awkward, saved by a lady. I kept silent even after realising this.
“ You know” he began“ I had him. I could have taken him down all by myself”
“Yeah. You are welcome!”
“ You know, ” He repeats “ I was the best at gun fights during my training in the States”
“ I am glad I could help”
He laughs. Then says“ Remind me. Never to mess up with your kind of girl” He relaxed against a wall.
“ Trust me. I will”
He chuckled. I smiled. Then he laughed. I joined in. He continued for a while before his intercom rang with a voice.
“ Detective! ”
“ Still alive” He replies ” who wishes to know?
“ It’s Samantha. What– where are you?

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