Celine And The Hoffman

Celine and the hoffman episode 119 – 120



👙”Life of a MODEL”👙

💜CHAPTER 119 and 120💜


Celine rushed to the veranda and pointed to the bill board for city’s top model. Miranda millBert.

” really, you want that crown?

” not that I need it, I just want miranda removed. Simple.

” you want that girl to kill herself. Anyways Danny is there to save her.



Mrs hoffman called the doctor

” Mrs ciara where you the one that changed the report

” yes it was me and that new report must be accepted, you can’t change or deny it.

” am sorry but that’s wrong

” its my son, I did it to help him, you don’t know what that girl did to him, you doctors take an oat of privacy right.

” true but that’s not

” better act in order, if you ruin this for me, you will become my new enemy, Don’t push me.

She dropped the call the doctor turned to the nurse

” should i still send the real report to the daniella.

” no send the fake one tell them its real.



danny rushed down to his car, he was already dressed up, his white limo was waiting Sandra leaned by the door. Danny wore a white designer suite, He looked very expensive but simple, he wore a gold chain which was obvious from the first 3 open buttons of his shirt. He wore only his gold watch. His hair fell freely and covering the gold earing He wore. Two guards already stood by the car Danny had gotten close enough when Gretel ran out after him, She wore a sliver stonned show back gown with high heel shoes and packed her hair behind , She held her purse in front and her make up was quite mature, She looked so mature Danny was surprised

” danny am going with you.

She rushed towards him and more 4 guards followed her danny signaled them to turn back.

” honey what about your boyfriend

” he’s bad news, He is so cought up, him and his dad are somewhere so you are my date.

She wrapped her hands round danny.

” ok what about miranda, you know she’s the real owner of this hand for tonight right.

” forget your girlfriend, your hers so this night you are mine

” but I spend more time with you, Gretel go with dad please

” but his old and not s-×y I want a date who is handsome and s-×y.

Danny scratched his hair,

” ok you win, let’s go.

Gretel took one gum from his hands

She hugged him.

Danny called Miranda on phone as they entered the car.

” miranda your date had been stollen.

” Gretel right.

Danny touched Gretels hair and chuckled.

” well may the prettiest girl keep the man.

Gretel laughed

” because you are so pretty. G said

Miranda chuckled

” see you there.

” ok Hon.

Miranda dropped the call. Gretel lay backward on Danny.


celine ran into her compound she was already dressed up, She walked down with her assistant Salvador was already waiting for her outside. She ran to him and hugged.

” you came, am really sorry for the way I sounded earlier.

” well after this date our quarrel continues

Celine chuckled as she entered the car.

The guards and her assistant followed them in the next car.

She leaned on Salvador shoulders with thoughts in her mind, one way or the other Paula was right after all what If Danny has fallen for Miranda.

She looked at Salvadors face and he touched her hair

” what are you thinking about

” do you think Danny doesn’t love me anymore.

Salvador smiled

” you are crazy asking me that when you know I like you, I will just spin the ball to favour me.

Celine smiled

” when we truly love someone we don’t drop them like that, even death is too little to separate that bond, that’s true love and the first day I saw you with that spoilt child…

Celine chucked

” hey dont insult my boyfriend.

‘ he’s really spoilt, you met him when he changed, i remember when his maids followed him about with disinfectants .


” if he touched a human being they disinfect his hands, if shaked you he will get disinfected. And he rarely stepped on the floor before he steps on the floor it must be very important. Hes dad almost bought a carriage.

Just research on your boyfriend from when he was 20 years old until now. He Changed a lot.

“yes he did

” back to what I was saying when I saw you with Danny I saw true love so Danny might have lost his memory but he didn’t lose his love for you. I pity mirabda because she is hurting herself, She let her love for Danny grow into an obsession you don’t need a gun to kill miranda, Danny leaving her will ruin her.

” miranda over stepped the boundaries

” so I answered your question Danny still loves you celine and though he is a crazy kid he is worth waiting for, don’t mind Paula

” how did you know Paula talked

‘ I have been close to that girl for 8 years I know her hand writting, so how old is Daniel, I have always wondered.

CELine hid her face

” I don’t know I was too busy loving Danny to find out.

Both of them smiled.

They got close to the party celine asked the driver to stop.

” what now.

Celine pointed at paulas car

” i will just chat with miss jason

” ok bye.

Celine rushed out and her guards walked out the next car and followed her.

She sat beside Paula inside her car.

” welcome

” thanks.

Just then celines phone rang, Celine smiled

” hy miss president

” where are you daniella I really want you to do the toast just you and only you

” am coming my love, wait for me Or just give it to my girlfriend Miranda if I don’t come on time, it’s ok Miranda is my bestie so even if I arrive when she is doing it I can still take the cup from her she won’t feel bad.

” ok. Dear.

” you really hate Miranda Celine.

” no I love her

” Miranda is gonna be so embarrassed.

Paula increase her car music volume and both of them laughed


The party was already set

the press and the paparazzi already filled everywhere.

Salvador walked out of his car the press rushed him, he looked wow.

Pictures of him were taken.





Salvador ignored them and just walked faster Hes guards surrounded him.

He waved at people and soon he arrived at the red Carpet

” hy Salvador where is your date

” don’t mind daniella she’s on her way

“can’t wait to see her

” you won’t wait dear.

He waved his left hands to his fans and ran inside with his guards.

Just then Danny’s white car arrived

The paparazzi rushed his car. The press rushed him, reporters started talking.

Reporting live : the city’s sweet heart just arrived, Danny Hoffman launches designer outfit, he’s stature totally sold The outfit. it turns out he’s with a high school girl ok that’s Gretel hoffman.

Danny’s guards opened the door he stepped out and opened the door for gretel.

Press took pictures of them, their outfit already made the head lines.

The press rushed Danny.






DANNY ignored them he just walked with Gretel.

He looked At her legs to ensure she didn’t mistake a step Soon they arrived at the red carpets

” Danny where is your real girlfriend .

Danny smiled as he k!$sed gretels cheek

” here she is

” lolx Danny your real date.

Danny pointed at mirandas car which just pulled over

” there she is.

They interviewer smiled

” Miranda Milbert just as we hoped.

Mirandas guards opened the door and miranda stepped out

Her outfit was wonderful. She smiled as she walked with style pictures of her were taken.

The press rushed her







Miranda ignores them she hugged Danny at the red carpet.

” so you guys are complete, when are we hearing the wedding bells

DANNY smiled

” my mouth is filled up. He said

” Miranda answer us your not chewing anything.

Miranda smiled and tapped Danny

“spare gum.

Danny smiled


Miranda stretched her hands to take a gum from him but Danny k!$sed her and slipped the formal one into her mouth.

MIRanda smiled.

” both of your mouths are filled congrats I will still catch you next time.

All of them laughed and walked in

” you look awesome mira

” thanks to you

Danny smiled

Miranda touched Gretels hair

” boyfriend snatcher

Gretel chuckled and hugged Danny.

3 of them walked in just then Gretel saw keila, she ran off leaving Danny and Miranda to themselves.

” my other girlfriend left.

Miranda k!$sed him

” am still here

Danny smiled as he walked further .

Gretel sat beside keila

” the person I really really want to see is daniella Daniel. “, keila said

” I swear my mum loves her so much”, beauty said

” I wonder if she would come. ?

Light opens outside, the reporters looked through the empty road

” our city’s dream girl daniella Daniel wants to sit this party out too bad some of us came to see her.

” mr and Mrs hoffman just arrived ciara is wearing a very expensive diamond stonned gown, wow she can never stop being the fashion queen.

Carl hoffman looks more handsome everyday, what an honour the complete hoffman family is here.

Mr hoffman and his wife walked down with his guards. he held his wife tight soon the got to the Red carpets

” your welcome

” thank you

” ciara who do you owe your outfit to

” well all we think about is fashion.

” wow, amazing.

Mrs hoffman walked in with her husband.

” mum and dad are here almost all the stars are here daniella might not come

” Jennifer has not arrived yet neither has Paula Jason or even jewel Makiato”, keila said

” I wonder who will win the award for most beautiful woman in the room. “,.

” its obviously Miranda. “, beauty said

” its your mum gret”, keila said

” older women are out. “, gretel said

“yes that’s true. “, keila said

Reporting life : Jennifer Williams just arrived.

Jennifer’s car pulled over at the same time with jewel

Both of them walked out together, wow the looked amazing.

The press moved to them jennifer walked with Kelvin while jewel walked with her boyfriend Tony.

Soon they arrived at the red carpet.

” you are both welcome

” thanks

” have fun.

Both of them rushed in just then crisellas car pulled over

Reporter :omg its the cat walk queen, crisella Valeria shows up with husband and daughter What a beautiful mother and wife.

Paparazzi took pictures of crisella, she waved at her fans soon she got to the red carpet

” welcome

thank you.

Soon they got inside crisella waved and greeted her fellow models the presidents daughter already stole her child from her hands.

” its crisella daughter. “,beauty said

” so pretty “, keila said

“selfie time. “, gretel said

All of them took selfies with the kid.

Just then president wife walked out. She smiled and waved just like as a model.

Celine smiled in Paula’s car where she watched from her phone .

” lets go party

” finally.

They drove off

The presidents wife took the Mic

” everyone is welcome today am so glad to have you all.

I celebrate prosperity and wealth as well as opened doors.

I am so glad to be here..

Everyone clapped, the floor was so filled up and crowded every body clapped.

Isabella looked around for Celine for a while..

” with complete honour of friendship and respect. I will love our city top model Miranda milbert to do the toast.

Everybody clapped miranda k!$sed Danny’s cheek and rushed up

She walked with style and her guards followed, as she walked the glass was being shared equally. And wine was poured.

Just then Celine car pulled over. She and Paula walked out, the press rushed her, The paparazzi rushed her.

” Her guards sorrounded her as gold not letting anyone touch her. She catwalked as she held her gown with style.

Reporting live : our city’s dream girl daniella Daniel shows up wearing most expensive and hottest gown.

Make way for daniella Daniel.

Celine waved graciously.

miranda already picked the diamond cup, The cup was filled with expensive wine, She lifted it and first hit together with Mrs president then she took the Mic.

She was so happy and proud. Just then Celine walked in.

Her presence alone made everybody turn

Mrs president spoke into her Mic.

” oh finally she is here, The lady I have been waiting for, pls give her the drink miranda.

Miranda was shocked, she got so embarrassed that she almost fell from the stage.

She still smiled out of tears

” oh ok.

” daniella don’t take forever to come here. “, mrs president said

Celine smiled as she walked on stage, she k!$sed the presidents wife

” happy birthday

” thanks.

Celine walked over to miranda with a smile.

” if you don’t mind.

MIranda looked around she was already shaking.

She handed the cup to Celine

Celine deceptively shifted the cup while taking it and poured the wine on miranda

Mirandas gown stained.

Danny stood up. Everybody stood up.

” am really, really, really so sorry, my hands slipped.

” oh its ok

” am sorry I will buy your gown back.

Celine assistant gave her her check book and she wrote the exact price of mirandas gown and signed.

Miranda held her anger in because she told Danny she was in good terms with daniella.

” you didn’t have to, its all right.

” if you say so. Celine dropped the cheque on her sandal

Celine k!$sed both sides of Mirandas cheek and Miranda walked down from the stage.

People laughed at her, no body could control their laughter, even little kids, She looked so funny, She almost cried.

CELIne smiled and took another drink. She faced the Mic.

” Miranda am sorry for your gown, okay guys lets toast to one thiing “fulfillment “, .

Celine completed her toast and walked down the stairs.

Miranda walked to Danny and he held her hands

” are you ok

” I will use the bathroom Danny.

She rushed away in speed almost crying Danny tried following her when Celine called him.

” daniel

Danny turned.

” hey , hottie .

She hugged danny .. and lifted her face to his with both hands on his waist… Danny smiled

” how are you Ella , I mean after The incident that day are you ok?.

” am fine am really sorry for crying on you, really , really sorry.

Danny chuckled

” its ok girly, am honoured.

” so you wanna join Miranda?.

” yea she is really annoyed right now she might even bite me.

” what can i do, the cup slipped.. am sorry

” its ok you guys are friends right.

” is that what she said, well yes we are. Celine smiled. Danny nodded and removed her hands from him just then she realized she was still holding him to herself she looked around shyly

” i will just check the The bathroom” Danny walked out and Celine exclaimed in pain.

” ouch that hurt.

Danny turned back and came to her Celine placed her hands on her for head. Danny held her tight just what she wanted

” are you ok… do you feel sick.

” I just felt dizzy, I almost slipped

” its ok, let’s go, I will walk you to your boyfriend.

” thanks.

Danny walked with her and just then Miranda came out she already changed. The sight of Danny and Celine killed her as they smiled at each other. Celine looked in her face that was when she saw true pain. Salvador was right Danny was what Mattered to Miranda the most, almost everything Celine did to her she had not seen this kind of pain in Miranda before. Mirandas biggest pain and fear was loosing Danny. Celine faked a smile at Miranda just then Salvador stepped out and Danny left Celine for him.

Danny walked towards Miranda. He held her hands tight.

” hey, you look great.

Celine observed Miranda closely as she smiled widely, And hugged Danny. Celine got scared, she held her purse tight. Salvador was right Miranda had gotten obsessed over Danny, this means she might even kill Danny and keep him in her room.I need to take Danny before its too late. What’s holding the doctors report she wondered to herself. She and Salvador walked further, soon crisella and Paula walked to them.

” Miranda almost died”, crisella said

‘ I swear it was a blast”, paula said

Celine smiled Just then she saw ciara with her clique of classic friends in expensive wears.

Celine smiled.

” lets go greet my mother in law.

Paula smiled.

“I will get a drink. “, salvador said

Celine pecked him and he walked out.

Celine and crisella with Paula walked towards Mrs hoffman.

” omg ciara!! “, celine said

Mrs hoffman as well as her clique of friends turned.

” daniella my sweet heart “, mrs Williams said Keilas mum k!$sed Celine.

” Mrs James , celine said and k!$sed Anna’s mum.Mrs hoffman looked at her in awe she couldn’t just believe her sight.

” i know I can kill for daniella, have you met my son michael. “, Isabella said

” maybe next time, I have a date.”, celine said

” daniella welcome. “,mrs Desmond said

” thanks.

” celine? “, mrs hoffman said

” come on mum, that’s my old name. .

Mrs Hoffman was so schoked she dropped her purse.crisella picked it and gave to her. She was still in shock.Celine k!$sed both sides of her cheek smiling

” how are you ciara

” am …. am fine..am good…what about you Celine..uhmm i mean ..Ella..daniella” ciara stuttered

” am fine Mrs Hoffman I am good.

” Ella isn’t that gown from your closet “, paula said

” oh its my gift to ciara. “,celine said

” wow, where is mine.? “,

issabella said

” you think I won’t get you something. “Just then celines assistant gave the presidents wife a car key

” its outside, happy birthday. “, celine said

” another car for me. ” , issabella said Celine smiled.

Crisella greeted everyone as well as paula, when they were done.

” ciara, nice meeting you my love. “,celine said

” oh of course, I believe we can meet later daniella….”, mrs hoffman said

” I will check my schedule “,Celine walked out.

Paula and crisella went their way, celine rushed over to Gretel. She sat beside Gretel, everyone was surprised. No one had recognized her untill she hugged gretel. Gretel hugged her tight too. After which she touched keilas hair that was when Gretel recognized her.

” omg celi..

“shhh just hug me.

Gretel hugged her tight, Mrs hoffman just watched them. Danny sat with Miranda and his dad. Who was busy making business calls.

” Daniel call me daniella.

” I will send my gua..

” go yourself it shows respect

” I will go dad. “, miranda Said

” its ok ,I will just. “, danny said Danny stood up and Sandra rushed after him

” sir you need to go home and rest, the music live show is tomorow night. And you have to shoot with Angelina or should i cancel.

” don’t worry, I will go soon

” ok sir.

Danny met celine who just stood from Gretel and talked with Salvador.

” hey hottie, uhm Mr Hoffman wants to meet.

Salvador stood up

” sure, shall we.

Celine smiled as she gave Salvador her hands and both of them walked further.

Before Danny could turn he realised Celine dragged him by his shirt too.

Danny smiled Just then Sandra came to talk to Danny so Celine left him

” sir Liam is free so what do you think should i drop you from Angelina and fix him in. .

Danny looked at celine for a while

” no ,I want to do that shoot.

” but why, your schedule is too tight, you still need to meet Nicky…you might break down

” I want to do it already

” sir ,really.?

” what?

” you are cruising on daniella, I can’t believe this. Danny walked out faster.

” but sir. …… Danny came back and covered her mouth with his hand towel. And walked faster.

Yes that’s Better, if Celine will bring you death then I pray you fall in love with daniella, I want the both of you to start dating again, from there your memory will come back, no one needs to tell you about celine, it will come back itself, that way I guess you won’t die. What a crazy doctors report. Sandra said.

Danny rushed back it turns out his mother had occupied his seat close to Miranda Gretel sat close to Salvador taking selfies with him force fully. Daniella sat alone beside his dad but her right hand was free. Danny sat close to Celine.

” are you okay Danny”, celine asked

“yes thank you”, Danny said

” ok but button up, you have a co…… I mean”… Celine looked around. “Uhm the weather is cold”. She removed her hands from his shirt which she almost buttoned up. She pressed her purse tight, what was she doing. Danny please move from my side. She said to herself.

” I wonder how come I felt cold”, danny said moving his hair

” Danny do you have cold? “miranda asked

” he always had cold, you knew right. “, ciara said

” yes sure what was I saying”,miranda covered

” finally the food is here., Daniella I am enjoying business with ur dad.

” am always right.

Mr Hoffman k!$sed her cheeks

” dad mom is here. “, danny said

” your mum knows Better than to interfere. “, mr hoffman said

Mrs Hoffman’s smiled cunningly and picked her drink.

” so Ella how did it happen.? ”

” you were my biggest inspiration ciara.

” Hey ,sweet heart, should i serve you?” salvador asked c

” yes sure, please. …

Salvador served Celine. Mrs hoffman served Gretel and her husband. Celine served Salvador and ciara. Miranda served Danny and Gretel served Miranda.

” thanks. “, danny said ,Mira smiled Danny Moved the food closer he scratched his hair, he hates fish and he didn’t want to embarrass Miranda but if he ate it he might throw up and embarrass himself. He decided to force himself.He moved the plate closer and picked his knife. Before he could cut it. Celine took an empty plate and removed the fish from his plate with her fork. She replaced it with chicken.That was when she came to herself . She looked around

(all eyes on star queen)

” ummm well the fish is tasteless. C said ,Celine cunningly removed Gretels own too.

” yes it is, so tasteless ” gretel said

“oh really.”, miranda removed her own too.

Celine forced herself to breath she was runing out of control. What was she doing. She pressed her hands together under the table.

The doctors report should please come, am tired of this, she said to herself.

” are you ok. Danny touched her Neck, u look weak “,….

Celine smiled

” oh am fine. …

Mr Hoffman just smiled at them, Miranda got so jealous she couldn’t eat again.

Gretel choked, She wanted to take water but Celine already filled her cup.

” here, are you ok Gret

” yes sure thanks.

Celine touched her hair .

Mr hoffman poured himself a glass of wine and celine Instantly took the cup she drank slowly while smiling at him Just then he remembered his diet so he took water instead. Mrs hoffman just observed In Silence. Just then Danny choked.

Mrs Hoffman instantly drop her phone

” omg am sorry my love” she said ,before she could give Danny water Celine already moved her hands to his face and tucked his hair into his ear her eye was already teary

” danny are you ok,Is it pepery?..She instantly tasted his food.

” I am sorry,i am really sorry , she gave him water just then she remembered where she was she turned and all eyes was on her.. She moved her hair and took the cup from Danny..Salvador instantly texted her.

“Ella if you cant control yourself around Danny , just switch.

Celine stood up

” uhhmm gret your stealing my boyfriend. CELIne was so nervous she felt like falling.

Gretel stood up and Celine sat beside Salvador. Miranda sat beside Danny. Salvador looked in her face She was obviously shaken up. Salvador whispered

” Celine its ok, it’s not wrong to still love Danny.

Celine leaned on his shoulders.

Danny tried thinking when mirandas k!$s jolted him out.

” naughty

” you had stuffs there

” no nothing was there.

Celine looked up so she won’t shed a tear. Just then someone walked on stage .

” hello ladies and gentlemen the result for most beautiful woman in the room is out and guess who it is. Daniella Daniel. And most handsome goes to Danny hoffman. Can you both please come on stage. Both of them stood up the table was cleared.

Danny held celine tight.

” hey dont fall

Celine nodded.

Soon the got on stage and people took pictures of them with their phones.

” picture time is enough now we present their gifts.

Adora handed a flower to Celine and a flower to Danny as well as a diamond molded award with their names.

Danny smiled ” thanks Every one ” thanks guys.

Both of them walked down. Danny handed his flower to Miranda and k!$sed her cheek.

” most beautiful woman in my heart.

Miranda smiled.

“congrats “,salvador said to Celine ,CELIne smiled Salvador stood up

” our schedules are kind of tight so we Will be going.

” but the bidding is about to start. Mr h said

” Honey will you stay” Salvador asked Celine

” I have a shoot tomorow lets go…..

” good bye , ciara said

“daniella see you tomorow , danny said

” sure ..

Celine walked out with Salvador.

Reporting live : miss daniella is leaving the party now, i guess in preparation for her busy schedule. Celine waved at them until she got outside. She walked carefully till they got to the car.

She sat down beside Salvador and the driver took off To Salvadors surprise She lighted a stick of cigarette which Salvador took from her and threw out the window She lighted another one Salvador turned her face to look at him

” hey stop,its ok Celine

” am trying to think ” she wiped her tears

” you need this to think now?

” don’t you get it, I can’t control myself around Daniel and how am I suppose to shoot with him tomorow.

” Celine the doctors report might favour you

” what if it doesn’t, won’t i end up being Danny’s killer… Salvador hugged her.

” its fine.

Soon they arrived Salvadors house. Both of them walked into his room.

” should I cancel your shoot with Danny”, He unzipped her gown.

” Angelina will feel bad…

Celine pulled of the gown and packed her hair up.. She walked to his cupboard in her pant and bra and took his shirt . She wore it without buttoning it and sat on the bed

” are you this dirty,better don’t infect my bed” Salvador said playfully


” go and bath … stop over thinking it.

” I don’t want to” .She lay on his pillow and wrapped herself on the pillow

“I miss Danny ..She said to herself Salvador walked into the shower while celine rushed to the veranda . She looked at the stars and wiped her tears

Danny please don’t fall for miranda, stop k!$sing and caring for her, i still love you so much and you are hurting me, making me weak.

Just then she felt Salvadors hands on her shoulders. He massaged her making her smile happily

” hey you know i love you right.

Celine looked down he lifted her face

” if Danny f–ks up I will teach him how to love you…. I won’t let you get hurt Celine I am here .always!

Celine smiled and nodded .Salvador buttoned his shirt she wore

” you will get cold

Celine smiled .

He folder the hands together .

” good night

” ok

He k!$ses her cheek and rushed into his room Celine looked out the veranda she just kept seeing Miranda k!$s Danny she angrily threw her phone into the pool.


danny and miranda were in front of her house ,Sandra sat in Danny’s car Gretel and the rest already left.Miranda removed his jacket and held it to herself Danny already flew his shirt and scattered his hair all over his face out of frustration

” oooh Mira please

” danny just sleep here .

She dragged him by the hand into the house Danny stopped and pulled her back by the waist

” Miranda I am tired

” Danny I swear we will just sleep ,i just need to see you on my bed.

Danny looked around .

” I have a live show tomorrow you know I can only practice in my room.

” ok lets go your house then” she said Danny got shocked .

” I just brought you home, miranda you are getting possessive, you picked my calls like 5 times today, what’s going on, am still here right am not disappearing , you don’t need to throw a chain around me.

” oh ” she wiped her tears , am sorry I was Just, am really sorry… , you can go now . Danny smiled and heived a sigh of relief

” thank you..he k!$ses her cheek and entered his car. Miranda ran into her house. What’s going with me, all I think about is how to have Danny chained to myself, god please help, I can’t get obsessed with something that’s not truly mine. Danny you have to be be truly mine, do I kill daniella or do I kidnap you Daniel. What’s going on with me, I need therapy. I need to rehab.

Danny unbuttoned his shirt and sat in the car… he lifted his face and and closed his eye quietly Sandra looked in his face and smiled

” Sandra why didn’t you leave?

“Hahaha sir ,a good assistant makes sure her boss arrived home safe… fighting!!

” I know you better than u know youself just tell me what you want?

Sandra smiled and he opened his eye

” sir I think my car is becoming slow ,just imagine yesterday it took me 3 hours ,3 hours like this, to go to the store from the penthouse.arrrgh its making me weak

Danny chuckled

” are you my girlfriend?

” no not yet

” have i seen your panties before.

Sandra started laughing

” stop laughing and anwser

” not yet

” but you squander my money like a second wife , u have me give you a new car every month

” well sir its called assistant love

Danny hit her head.


” whatever just take another car… in fact take two drop the other in your box so you won’t disturb me again.

Sandra shouted and Danny hit her again

” sorry sir

” now kindly leave my car

” no sir i will stay in your house today its late.

Danny chuckled and looked in her face

” do you need cash too

” well a little sir

he moved her face with his fingers ” yes your face is darkening and why is your hair dropping

” haha poverty sir

he handed her his credit card.

” anything else madam

” no…I love you sir

” ok sandra I am looking for a new assistant …you are a scam

Sandra laughed and picked her phone.

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To be continue

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