Celine And The Hoffman

Celine and the Hoffman episode 20

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Celine and the Hoffman💞
(Love Story)
Chidima M.

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Chapter 20

Emily dragged Celine into the room
Gretel walked sluggishly into the living room the Maids had already dropped her bag in her room and left
Mrs hoffman was reading a magazine
” hy mum
“hy honey how was your trip?
” it was fine I will freshen up
She walked into her room and locked the door
Gretel was so so so sad she sat In her b£d.

********Maids room
Emily, Abigail and Mary stood nervously by the landline waiting for it to ring
“why are you guys panicking
” whenever Gretel is in a bad mood someone loses their job
” so why are you guys standing by the land line its not ringing
” in case it rings we have to fast to anwser
“what if it doesnt
” she always asks for milk whenever she comes home
” Mr Hoffman asks for his tea
” Danny asks for juice, milk, chicken
” wow!!!!

Danny sat quietly at the beach facing the ocean he wore a very transpsrent shirt with nothing inside then he wore shorts Sandra stood beside him she held a towel and his water
The ph-otographers where set and ready everything was prepared for the shoot
Just then Mr king walked towards Danny
” am tired man where is the model and who is the model y is she delaying
” just have patients you should be glad they rescheduled this sh-ot I mean you cancelled it
“: whatever 30 minutes am out
” don’t worry you will be glad to see your partner in this commercial its a surprise
” yea i should be
” sir Jennifer is still calling should I keep busying the call
” no pls give me the phone
” of course
She handed the phone to Danny and Danny threw the phone into the river
Just then a car drove in the director shouted
” she is here guys come on lets do this “…
” I wonder who it is “, danny said
Just then a guard opened the door and a slim nicely statured light skinned tall girl walked out she wore a bikini with a long transparent jacket then she wore her glasses her natural hair was full curly and long she was very attractive
When she walked out her assistant walked behind her as well as her guard
Sandra shouted
” Miranda Milbert oh my God she is my crush “…
” come on it can’t be her , Miranda should be in India now.
” Miranda millbet best body world wide 2016 its her … Mr king said
” I don’t believe you” , Danny added
Just then Miranda took off her glasses and handed over to her assistant
” ok you guys won its her ; Danny said..
Miranda walked towards Danny
” oh its the international super model Danny Hoffman its a pleasure, I always wanted to do a shoot with you ..
” well the pleasure is shared equally”…
” lets do a good job “.. Miranda said .
” Miranda I love you pls sign my shirt “, Sandra said
” realy, i thought i was your crush”, danny said to his assistant
Miranda signed Sandras shirt after which she walked out Danny walked behind her
” sandra you are fired”, danny Said playfully
they stood in front of the beach
” ok guys I want something real”, the director Said …
Miranda you have just 5 outfits to model and the shoot is over Danny is just an asset to make this shoot superb remember these swim suits are hand maid designs by the best designer of the year that’s why we didn’t settle for average models do something real so this suits will be the talk of the town as soon as possible it has to go viral
” ok “, Miranda said
” handle me with care “, danny Said
” ok honey ( they both laughed)
Miranda changed into the first out fit and she was made up
Danny was also made up after which his shirt was taken off
” won’t I catch a cold”, danny asked
” no you won’t ….
Miranda walked up to Danny and w-rapped her arms round him.
” I won’t let you catch a cold ..Miranda said
She held his hand and as they walked further into the ocean the ph-otographer snapped
Then they ran out and played around the ph-otographer did his job
They did the shoot perfectly well it was so real.

********Maids room
the 3 maids where already tired of waiting they sat on the b£d
” I don’t think Gretel wants anything
Just then the line rang Abigail rushed to the phone
” is it Gretel ?”, celine asked
“Mrs hoffman …
Abigail left
Celine stood up she walked to the kitchen
Light opens on Danny as the shoot was almost over Miranda wore the last outfit
” now let’s end it with a short film “, director said
” ok then film this “, miranda said as She walked towards Danny and k-ssed him
” now this is real”, director added
Danny was surprised but he still k-ssed her back
They where both a distance away so Danny was sure no one heard him
” why did you k-ss me “, danny asked
” lets say I wanted to steal your necklace “…
Miranda showed Danny the necklace and just as Danny wanted to take it back she ran away this made Danny Chase her he finally caught her and they both fell to the floor
” let me place it back where I got it “, miranda said
Miranda placed the necklace back she stood up and tried dragging Danny up but Danny dragged her down
” cut cut cut I love this, this short film is excellent.. I never new models played this much this is so real and beautiful”…
Miranda and danny stood up and walked towards the director
” thank you
” thank you
“the shoot is over “.
Miranda walked towards her car while Danny walked towards Mr king, Sandra who ran to him imiediately after the sh-ot had already placed a towel on his shoulders and handed him his water as she dusted his back
” do you feel cold sir ?
” am fine”…
Mirandas assistant handed her water to her then she followed Miranda into the dressing room where’s she changed to her normal outfit
Danny came out after changing
” Miranda is realy a play girl”, Mr king said
” I swear I have never seen a model like this”, danny Said
” that’s y I love her she is so real “, Sandra said
“Sandra your still fired “….
Just then Mr king sang out a song he had been humming for long
” I thought you Said I can’t live without you…..
Sandra chorused with him ” look how jolly am living
They both sang ” I thought you Said I can’t leave without you look how jolly am living “..
“what kind of song is that ?”, danny asked
” you have not heard of the jolly dance “, mr king asked Danny..
” come on its the reigning song it was done by micky mouse cartoon “…
“really ?..
Sandra played the video in her phone and danny laughed at how stupid the dance steps where
“this is crazy “, danny said .
Just then Mr king started dancing it and Sandra joined him and the both sang out loud as they stepped forward, backward, bent down, stood up, and the funniest part was when the put their hands under their arm pit and flapped it like wings Danny couldn’t stop laughing
” come on join us Daniel.
” never this song is so stupid
” oh am tired shouldn’t we get going “, Sandra Said
” yea s£nd the song to my phone first …
Sandra transferred the song to Danny’s phone
Just then they noticed Mirandas car driving off but only Miranda was left she walked towards Danny
“:Danny I better be on my way”, mr king Said
” see you later sir “, Sandra Said
Sandra and Mr king left
Miranda walked to Danny
” are you not leaving yet ?”, danny asked her
” you should buy me a drink after k-ssing me like that you know?..
” whaaaat , you where the k-sser I was just the k-ssee …
They both laughed
Miranda and danny entered Danny’s car and drove off soon they arrived at a h-otel

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*********Hoffman’s house .
Celine knocked on Gretels door , Celine knocked once and withdrew just then Gretel opened the door she looked at celne from hair to toe.
” who the hell are you?

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