Celine And The Hoffman

Celine and the Hoffman episode 5 – 6

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💞Celine and the Hoffman💞
(Lovr Story)
Chidinma M.

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Chapter 5

Celines parents where sitted in the compound when she walked in with an empty tray.
“Celine you are back you need to go one last time”.
” mum , dad , good evening .
She runs into the house and carried the last oranges into the compound with a knife she sat on the bare floor and started peeling it
“Celine what are you doing”.
” ma’am not selling again ooo how many should I peel for you ?.
” what, how much have you sold today, honey talk to this girl “.
” if she is tired leave her alone she has tried today my daughter peel 3 for me”. Her dad said
“Celine give me the money you sold today”.
Celine hands over her purse to her mum
“Jesus Celine 32, 000 how come “.
” hmm ma God has answered our prayer ooo”.
“Celine who gave you this money”.
“ma,its one stupid rich boy like that he p-oured my orange into the water and paid me 30, 000”.
“Celine go out with this one who knows if another person will p-our it into dirty water “.
” my wife you are realy a funny woman”.
“my daughter I am proud of you ooooo pls I will lick 4″.
” my husband you need to go and pay Mr chigozie this money as soon as possible you know money is not safe with humans”.
” don’t worry I will go as early as tomorow morning”.
Just then chimezie rushed into the compound …

Danny was about sitting on his b£d when he remembered what happened with celine he took of his cloth and ran into the bathroom.
Ahhhhh so disgusting !!!! He kept saying to himself….. while bathing Danny noticed that his watch was not on his wrist he hastened his bath and rushed out of the bathroom he searched the entire room but he didn’t see it he dressed up and came outside where he met Sandra his assistant
” Sandra did you see my watch”.
” no you never take of that watch”.
” its missing I think that troublesome girl stole it omg I can’t loose that particular watch”.
“don’t worry we would look for her tommorow “.
“no no no tommorow is still far”.
He rushed out
‘where are you going”.
Danny walked out of the house he want back to that spot but he couldn’t find his watch he looked around for minutes it wasn’t there he stood there for hours untill Sandra got there. he was lost in thought. memories flashed back. he moved his hair with one hand and rested the other on his [email protected]¡$t.
” Danny come on lets go “.
“ok lets go”.
Both of them walked back to the suite
Danny walked into his room where he sat down and just then he rembered a car accident which happened in the past he lay down quietly on the b£d with his head down .
Memories came flashing back. voices came ringing.
He heard her voice again.
“Danny stop,
Danny stop the car…”
Danny couldn’t sleep. the nightmares which was just ending started again …ever since that accident he had not been able to sleep at night.
He lay quietly on his b£d….
What was he going to do..he lost it ….he felt he lost her all over again.

*********Next day
Gretel and keila walked out of ballet practice
” I don’t understand why you dropped ballet now “, Gretel asked
” I just felt like it”, keila said
“you felt like what? come on you know you can’t lie to me”.
“ok, finals is in two weeks gret”.
“and you are ready”.
” and so are you”.
” I don’t understand”.
“you are the best gret even if you don’t concentrate Mrs wills still calls you the best”.
” and”.
“and u always win, u won last time too and I thought you where gonna drop at least this once but I guess I was just thinking , you know how much my parents look forward to this so ave decided if you are not dropping then I have to drop because i still can’t compete with my best friend “.

” but I am not competing k,
” u have too your dad is the biggest sponsor secondly why have you been coming to practice then”.
” I was gonna tell you that I won’t compete I just started coming to practice because I wanted to spend more time with you after all I have a lot of medals and awards already my mum doesn’t realy care about that anymore”.
“what about u don’t you care”.
“I care about my best friends happiness”.
Keila hugs her
Just then something caught keila’s attention in her phone
Keila : this stupid blogger is at it again
Gretel : read it out
Keila: 17 year old award winning ballerina and multi millionaires daughter Gretel Hoffman has done it again, it’s a s-x scandal , what a blast!!!
Keila starts laughing
” I can’t believe this he even posted matching pictures including you tying a towel”.
“me when?.
” in simeons house “.
” I was looking for my uniform den”.
“what are you gonna do your dad can’t see this .
“neither can Danny or even mum”.
” i guess we have to pay that blogger off to wipe this before it goes viral”.
“we would see him tomorow
Both of them walked torwards their different cars”.

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Celine and the Hoffman💞
(Love Story)
Chidinma M.

Chapter 6

**********Dannys penthouse
Sandra woke up ,she looked at her time it was 8 she then realized that she woke up very late she took her bath at once dressed up.
She ran out hopping to see Danny eating in the dinner but unfortunately he wasn’t there she opened the door to his room he wasn’t there too
She came outside but his car was missing she She ran out she believed that Danny could be strolling around
While sandra walked she looked for the watch until she saw Danny leaning on his car she recognized it was the same sport where the incident took place
Danny stood without saying a word he just looked at the water conduit like a person who dropped something into the water Danny felt within him that the watch was inside the water , but the water was just too dirty think off
” Danny we need to go home you have a busy schedule today pls”.
Danny stared at her but didn’t reply
Sandra became scared she didn’t understand what was happening she was in shock she knew the story but she thought Danny would be over it by now
“Danny pls we have to go before people recognize you here”.

Danny still didn’t reply just then she walked miles away from where Danny was and called Mr king on phone
” good morning
“hey Sandy
“how come you have not gotten here
“having a little holiday
“Danny is not himself u need to get here he is not talking or even going to his shoot”.
” why what happened was there a car accident or did it almost happen”.
” no
” did he lose his watch”.
“cancel all his shcedules “.
“what do I do now.
“” how did it get lost.
Sandra narrates the story to Mr king
“” am on my way But for now you need to find the girl.
Sandra dropped the call and walked sluggishly back to the car where she sat watching Danny till a woman walked towards the car and stopped there
Brigitta was celines distant aunt who worked in the city. She had forgotten the road to celines house she didn’t want to get lost so she stopped by the car to call Celines mother to s£nd Celine over to come and pick her .she ended her call and looked at Danny then she greeted Sandra who greeted her too.
Celines mum informed her about her aunty so she rushed out. Her mum instructed her she ran as fast as she could this time she took her glasses in case she saw the proud peac-ck again.she wanted to know who he was cos he bragged much.
She ran faster into the streets as she got closer she saw her aunt Brigitta standing with a slim lady although Celine was still a little distance away from where they stood she Shouted waving her hands
” aunty b!!!! “.
Just then Brigitta turned and Sandra turned too
” I have to go, She said .
Just then Sandra took a closer look at Celine and recognized her
” isn’t that girl who stole the watch”.
” you are mistaken Celine is not a thief “.

Just then Celine recognized Sandra , the car ,and Danny who backed her comfirmed her suspiscion she instantly turned to hide her face
Omg its like this people found out that I duped them of 30, 000 am dead, she said to herself
Before brigita and Sandra could get to where Celine stood Celine picked a wild race without turning back she ran until she was out of sight
“if she is not a thief why is she running?.
” I don’t understand too”.
” u realy don’t remember the road to her house”.

” I don’t think so”.
Meanwhile Celine ran straight home p-nting like forest lion
“where is Brigitta”.
” mama she said she will come torrow ”
Celine ran into the house and her mother wondered who was pursuing her
Brigitta and Sandra strolled down the road leaving Danny behind since he wasn’t even looking their way
After walking for a while brigita halted as she was now confused on which part to follow
” you don’t recognize this part”.
” no I don’t”.
Just then a girl ran out of a nearby store
Brigitta and Sandra ran torwards her
“may I help you?.
“we are looking for someone”.
” her name is celine:.
“Celine juniors sisterz”.
” yes “.
“which trouble did she cause again”.
” something is missing we need to find her”.
” ok don’t worry I will take you to her house but where are the police men “.
” it looks like Celine is a trouble maker “.

“yes She is better arrest her, lets be going “.
And they strolled down
After few minutes they stopped in front of a gate which looked like it was going to fall
The girl walked away while Sandra entered the compound with brigitta
Mrs eze sat down on a bench when the walked in
” ah b b you are welcome Celine Said you are not coming what happened”
‘we will talk Later for now where is Celine”.
Just then Mrs eze saw Sandra
“you are welcome my dear
“thank you”.
” Brigitta is she your friend”.
“no am a friend of Celines pls call her for me “.
Sandra sat comfortably on the bench
While Mrs eze and Brigitta went into the house
Mrs eze s£nt Celine out to meet her friend while she and brigitta sat inside
Celine wondered who her friend was she rushed out leavin her glasses on the b£d when she came outside and saw Sandra she tried runing
“pls Celine sit down don’t run again”.
“aunty wait lemme confess I don’t have any VIP oranges I was just playing its not my fault that two of you fell for the trap .
“I know you duped us but that’s not why am here Celine 30, 000 is not worth the stress it took me to come here”.
“so why did you come:.
“we are looking for Danny’s watch”.
“who is danny?.
” the proud peac-ck:.
“why does he share my crushes name, anyways i thought the boy was rich he should buy another one what’s there even my father that is poor when he lost his watch he bought another one .
“Celine I don’t believe you stole that watch you are too innocent for that but you need to check well too i have searched through the street I can’t see it”.
“its not with me I went home with an empty tray that day and I didn’t carry any bag “.
” you are taking this lightly because u don’t know how important that watch Is.
” is it the presidents.
” celine have you ever lost a loved one.
” no God of Elijah won’t let that happen.
” well Danny has , his truest love died in a car accident …..
” really painfull .
” yea and because he loved her so much he mourned her so much that fell into a critical condition , he didn’t move anymore , he didn’t talk , all he did was breath for two years.
” he looks fine to me.
” that’s because he finally came back to normal , after something was returned to him.
” was it the watch.
” it was the watch Celine , its not about the price , its much more.
” am really sorry.
” so Celine if you have that watch please return it…..before we loose Daniel again…I really trust you to do what’s right.
Sandra stood up.
Celine was still speechless she ran out of the house and ran past Sandra who was taking a bike
Celine ran as fast as she could untill she got to the spot where the incident took place she was still a bit far when she noticed that Danny was standing there she bought a sachet of water and walked torwards him
Danny turned and looked at her but he didn’t say a word
Celine dropped the water on the car
If you lost something then you should look for it “she said to him
As Danny turned to look at her Celine comfortably walked into the dirty water and started searching for the watch
Danny still didn’t say a word
Celine kept on bringing out lost things from the water and she laughed at herself each time she brought out somethng but danny just kept staring at celine she even borought out some phones, minutes later she smiled as she felt the watch she brought out the watch and came out of the water her gown was fully soaked her hands where filthy
She carefully picked up the sachet water as she tried washing the watch but.

Danny hugged her
Without saying a word he Danny didnt let go of Celine for a long time
Hehehehey I aff die
Shift lemme faint
Is this what, Why is Danny hugging the commoner?
He will get infected .

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