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Celine and the Hoffman episode 77 – 78

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Celine and the Hoffman💖

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(Drunk in love)

Chidima M.

💝Season 2💝

Chapter 77 and 78

Emma and Nora arrived at the junction where abigails murder happened

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Emma walked down

” Is this the place nora

” yes

Emma looked around just then she saw a cctv camera

She and nora rushed towards it

” Nora what do you think does it work

” it looks old I don’t think so

just then the owner of the super market stepped out

” how may I help you

” this cc.T.v. does it still work

” who are you

Emma brought out her I. D

” it works

” I will love to see the footage of 3 February if you don’t mind

” come on in

She and nora walked in the woman showed them the c. C. Tv

Emma watched the video carefully

” they didn’t even see the face of the person they sh-ot

” I will transfer this

” do fast

Nora transferrd the file and both of them walked out

” lets go to the station I will like to question Victor and junior

” ok sure thing

They entered the car and took off


Gretel packed up the pregnancy test kit and dropped it back under KeilAs b£d

” what are you going to do

Angela’s eye was already teary

” my mum is going to disown me just like she disowned my sister

” I don’t understand didn’t you guys use protection

” I don’t know

She hugged Gretel

” Angela what are we going to do

” I will call tasha

Keula called tasha

” hey what’s up

” Gretel is pregnant

” seriously

” why me ?”,gretel said

” Shhh

” why didn’t she use protection

” I don’t know, it’s that bad

” well She has to abort it has it been long

” no just days

” well there’s this other liquid drug she can take it will totally flush the stuff out its very expensive but I will buy it tell her not to worry

” any side effects

” stomach ache very serious stomach ache

” ok just buy it

” I will

KeilA dropped the call

” why me

” she likes you so she Wont gossip about it

Gretel turned to Angela and held her hand.

” angela tasha just gave an idea but the final decision I yours do you want to keep the child

” Gretel she can’t keep it her mum will disown her? Angela am sorry but you have to follow tashas advice

” but first you need to tell stanely gelai so you guys can make the decision together

” tell him what gret, am so embarrassed and am sure he will deny it, isn’t that how boys behave and most importantly my mom will find out about this very soon so I need to act fast

” am sorry gelai but you were just too careless about s-x thats not you

” am so stupid , I was just carried away

” come here

They all hugged her

What am i going to do, mum will disown me, will stanely accept me, am finished. Angela thought to herself.


Emma walked into the station

” junior is waiting for you

” ok

She collected juniors file from Julia and walked into the questioning room

” who are you?

” lawyer Emma jerkerns I will ask you feel questions

” I have nothing to say

” don’t worry it’s just simple question

” ok


danny was swimming he took his wine and drank he dropped back the cup. I wonder what Celine is doing now he said to himself just then Miranda walked to him

Danny was surprised

” hy

She bent down close to where he was in the pool

” you

“I left you yesterday in a bad mood so I decided to check up on you

” am fine

He walked out and a maid handed him his towel so he dried his hair and returned the towel to her the maid then gave him his wine and stood behind him danny sat down with his face up the umbrella covered him , his spot less skin glittered in line with his silver necklace, ring and earing. He just looked upward Miranda sat beside him

Why is this guy so attractive, Danny why can’t you just be mine I fell in LOVE with you and I became obsessive I became wicked all because of you this is not how I used to be I used to be very calm, playful and innocent until you came along

Danny noticed Miranda was staring at him he turned his face to look at her

” why what happened why are you staring

” nothing


” how are you preparing for your birthday

” my mom is in control of that right now my mind is on celine getting out of prison

” she will I prayed for her

” Miranda am so happy you have changed

” yes I was wrong now am a better person I love Celine and I support your relationship I will help you fight anybody who wants to destroy you guys. Danny smiled as he p-oured a little water on the water bottle cover and p-oured on her face

Miranda laughed

” now we are both w€t

” yes we are “, she looked at his face


Emma and junior still conversed

” to your boss who is the closest person

” me of course

” tel me how your boss handles his phone during missions

” he’s not always with his phone

” you know when your boss invited more people to help him kill celine you must have wondered y he did SO right

” yes I did and when I asked him he Said

“They double our pay, we up our game ”

” they double our pay we up our hmmm

” anything else

” we will talk later

Emma moved to victors questioning room

” what else do you want I already confessed

” nothing but how much did Celine promise you

” 1 mill

” wow miss Celine must be very rich

” I don’t know

” tell Me about your family

” well my mother …..


Martin’s : she can still call her criminals immediately after she walked into the house

Emma : objection your honour

Judge : objection sustained

Emma : according to repeated interrogation Mrs Celine eze didn’t touch her phone after she

walked into the house

Martin’s : objectiom your honour

Judge : objection sustained

Martin’s : according to same repeated interrogation Mrs celine eze didn’t return to the maids room after she stepped into the house this means that she could have used the phone of the person she spent the night with

Emma : objection your honour the prosecutor is placing false accusations on my client

Judge : objection overruled

Emma covered her face with her hands and Martin’s walked to Celines face

Martin’s : defendant we know you left the maids room that night so that no body will be able to hear your secret call right

Celine : I didn’t make any call

Martin’s : then who did u spend the night with Celine only that person can help you

Celine didn’t talk

Martin’s turned to the judge

Martin’s : a criminal will always be a criminal and its obvious your honour that she spent the night with her follow criminal. that will be all

He went to his sit

Emma stood up

Emma : your honour….

Just then danny spoke up

Danny : your honour

The wh0l£ court turned to face him

Danny tried standing up but Gretel stood up with him dragging him down

Gretel : I was with her all night so what’s wrong with that

Emma smiled

Emma : your honour of I may invite Mrs Gretel to the witness box

Gretel ran out

Emma : Miss Gretel did Celine make any call that night

Gretel : no

Emma : did she make any call with your phone

Gretel : my phone was with k

Emma : thank you

Gretel walked out

Emma : your honour its obvious that there was no phone in the room where CEline spent her night and Gretel is her alibi

Martin’s : objection your honour Gretel might be lieing the court can’t rule based on uninvestigated testimoneys

Judge : objection over ruled

He sat down

Emma : your honour the last evidence I have to pres£nt in this court will end this case once and for all

Judge : go on

Emma : Mr Victor desai you said Celine informed you earlier that Abigail will be coming out

Victor : yes she called me and told me to get ready to kill Abigail

Emma : tell me by what time did Celine call you

Victor : by 12 on the dot

Emma : point to note your honour the murderer Celine called Victor by 12 :00 according to him

Judge : notted

Emma : Mrs hoffman pls if you may

Mrs hoffman walked to the witness box

Emma : what made you s£nd a maid out of your house when you were in Switzerland

Mrs hoffman : well our world is all about fashion I watched the runway and I loved the finale gown so I called my agent on phone

Emma : by what time did you call your agent

Mrs hoffman : by 11 :20

Emma : nice

Mrs hoffman : but luckily my God s£nt Miranda called me back and told me that she bought the gown for me already and that I should s£nd a maid to come and pick the gown

Emma : thank you

Mrs hoffman walked out

Emma : miss Miranda Milbert if you may

Miranda walked into the witness box

Emma : how did you know that Mrs hoffman loved the dress I mean she was in switzer land

Miranda : well I love ciara and I know what ciara loves

Emma : that’s not a statement

Miranda : her agent told me she liked the gown but that he couldn’t get it so I used my connection as veras model to get it for her

Emma : nice so by what time did you call Mrs hoffman

Miranda : by 11 :30

Emma : how long did you guys discuss

Miranda : 20 minutes the call ended by 11:50

Emma : did you conclude that Abigail will come and pick the gown

Miranda : no we concluded on celine coming to pick the gown

LEmma : thank you

Miranda walked out Emma faced the judge

Emma : your honour Mrs hoffman and Miranda millbert spoke about the gown picking and ended their conversation by 11:50……… but Victor was called and informed by by 12 :pm

So within this 10 minutes interval the question is who called Victor

Martin’s : objection your honour the plantifff already said the defendant called him by twelve

Judge : objection overruled continue defendant

Emma : according to the plaintiff Mrs Celine called him by 12 so how did miss Celine eze find out about the conversation which was made in Switzerland is she a ghost or does she have magical powers

Martin’s : objectiom your honour even if miss Celine was not in Switzerland Mr hoffman could have still called her on phone and informed her

Emma : that’s true your honour so give me permission to ask Mrs hoffman this question

Judge : permissiom granted

Mrs hoffman stood up and walked to the box

Emma : Mrs hoffman after you dropped the all with Mirand who did you call next

Mrs hoffman : actually I was carried away with the accident that happened in gretels school I didn’t make any calls until after 30 minutes when I called philomena

Emma : this means you called philomena by 12 : 20

Mrs hoffman : yes

Emma : thank you

Mrs hoffman walks out


Martin’s covered his face

Emma : Mrs philomena pls come up

Philomena walked out

Emma : by what Time did Mrs hoffman call you on phone

Philomena : by 12:20

Emma : by what time did you inform Celine of the £[email protected]

Phimomena : well before I could get home it was already 12:50 so I informed Celine about the gown by 12 :50

Emma : thank you

Philomena walks out Emma faced the judge

Emma : point to note your honour Victor was informed about the gown picking by 12:00

But Mrs Celine got the information about the gown by 12:50

That is 50 minutes after Victor was called so how can Victor tell me that Mrs celine was the one that called him

The judge wrote this down

Emma : this means Celine didn’t s£nd Victor to kill Abigail rather someone else did

Martin’s didn’t know what to say

Emma : if I may pres£nt another evidence your honour

Judge : ride on

Emma smiled

She brought out a letter from her file and gave this to the judge

Judge : what is this

Emma : Mrs Iren pls come up to the witness box

The girl walked out

Emma : who are you

Iren : my name is iren am 18 and am abigails younger sister

Emma : pls tell us about the letter

Iren : I know what is written in that letter clearly because I have been looking at it everyday since my sister died

Emma : tell us

Iren : it reads”

Withdraw you statement from the station if you try investigating your daughters death the next one will die, our condolences to you cash this check and live quietly.

Emma : did you see the check

Iren : yes

Emma : how much

Iren : 6 million

Emma : by what time did this later arrived

Iren : my mom went to the station and filed a case by 1pm

Emma : okay

Iren : this later arrived by 2 pm I didn’t know what it was but I was shocked when my mother withdrew her statement from the station by 4:30 I wondered why she did that so I tried looking for the later but I couldn’t find it u utill after we relocated and started leaving a better life I saw it

Emma : thank you

Iren walked out

Emma : point to note your honour she gave him a file

I already investigated this case and according to that file i gave you and this c. C tv footage Irens mother filed a case by 1:00 and withdrew it by 4; 30

The head judge checked the paper and watched the video then he nodded at Emma

Emma : this letter means that the killers threatened irens moter and warned her not to file a case and they also paid her off with 6mill

Point to note my Lord Mrs CEline eze who is the suspected killer according to this bank statement doesn’t have up to 100 thousand in her generation so how did she do something so smart

Secondly : Victor said Mrs Celine didn’t have money to pay him so how did she get 6mill to bribe Irens mother this means that Mrs Celine eze doesn’t have anything to do with the death of Abigail Samuel

Lastly your honour I will like to invite junior to the witness box

Junior stood up

Emma : on the night when you all attacked Celine I believe you asked your boss why he invited to much people to kill a single girl

Junior : yes I asked him

Emma : what was his reply

Junior : they up our pay, we double our game

Emma :thank you

Victor walked out

Emma : point to note your honour Victor said that the reason why he wanted to kill miss Celine was because she owed him but he replied he’s partner


they up our pay we double our game

this means that Victor didn’t try to kill celine because she owed him but rather because someone payed him, someone rich enough to double his pay, someone rich enough to give Irens mother 6 mill and that someone is not this commoner Celine

That will be all

She sat down beside Celine Celine was already shedding tears of joy what did she ever do to deserve such love and support from emma even when she took Emma’s love Emma still stood up for her Celine just kept shedding tears she felt like hugging Emma

Emma whispered

Emma : hey defendant if you cry you will go to jail

Celine smiled and more tears ran out

I could just jail you Celine and finally have Danny to myself but I guess I am just to kind to do that Emma said as she held Celines hand

The judge turned to Martin’s

Judge : any objections from the prosecutor

Martin’s looked at Celine for a while

She is really innocent he said to himself as he lifted his two hands up signalling he surrenders

Judge : the court is adjourned we would sit again in the next two hours and I will give my final verdict

He hit his gavel and walked out

The officers dragged Celine out Danny walked towards Emma

” you did well

Emma hugged him

” thank you you are really my bestie Emma I don’t know what I will do without you

He touched her hair

” come on lets go

He dragged her by the hand till they got outside that was when Martin walked to her

” prosecutor Emma

Emma smiled

” I can’t wait to call you that

” you will

” you did a great work today and pls do greet Celine for me I don’t hate her am just doing my job as a prosecutor which is s£nding people to jail

” I know I understand

” good luck

He walked to his car

CEline was so happy finally she was vindicated

I can’t wait to go free my fast needed today I need to complete the everything.

She smiled as she wiped her tears

Danny and Emma left in his car


To be continued….

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