Chiquitita – episode 11

(The Living Goddess)
Episode 11
Written by Nathaniel Anuma
All stayed put in the car as Fernado increased the velocity. The headlight shone on the faces of the two marine agents who stood in the middle of the road, non was smiling neither did they make a move to leave the road until the car went closer and eventually ran through them. The twins looked back while Fernando looked through the side mirror to see the women laughing in a scary manner. They continued running.

“You seem to know much about me” Chiquitita began looking at Fernando. “I mean how do you know that we belong…”

“There’s no ‘we” Isabella interrupted her.

Chiquitita glanced at her then continued. “How do you know I belong to the marine Kingdom?” she brought down her head feeling inferior about what her sister told her. Isabella had always been like that, making her feel as the problem of any situations in the family. She didn’t know whether it was an act of jealousy or hatred.

“According to Fandom” Fernando began. “Both of you are dedicated to the marine world by your late mother but only you are chosen. You use to be seen as a savior or blessing to your family, but you”ll be experiencing predicament now if you don’t join them” he glanced at her to see her twisting fingers with her face down. “Are you okay?” He placed a hand on her shoulder. Chiquitita nodded her head positively. “You’ll be fine” he concluded and released her shoulder.

However, Isabella had been quiet, hearing all they had said. None said a word again until Fernando pulled over in front of Nina’s house. They came out to see Nina standing at the broken door. She had her crucifix in the hand, staring at them like an angry lion. On the other hand, Fernando and the twins never made a move when they saw the anger boldly written on her face.

“To my room, Nado” Nina ordered and turned. Fernando followed her while the twins went into their room to change up. They could hear Fernando and the grandmother’s voice, arguing from the other side of the room.

“..Granny, I thought i told you who she is!. I love her for who she is that’s why I’m doing this” Fernando’s voice echoed.

“You don’t get it, Nado! She’s not the type of girl you can mingle with. Do you know what I saw when I was praying. Her late mother had a convent with a marine spirit for crying out loud! Do you know what it means for someone to go into a covenant? This is no more about gunmen trying to kill her. It’s a pure spiritual battle which can take your life if you come in between!”

“I know I’m not strong spiritually, but. ” Fernando took a deep breath. “but i must find a way to protect her. After all I have not less than five days to live”

“What do you mean by that?” Nina drew closer with her neck stretched forward like a giraffe . “That reminds me, a native doctor came here not a marine spirit and he… ” She drew more closer in a way her eyes fixed on his. “What have you gotten yourself to? When did you forget your God? Where have your legs taken you to? What have you brought upon yourself?” the voice of the grandmother sank into the heart of the young man, then he began to shed tears. In order not to tell Nina his secret of attempting money ritual, he left the room to the side of the flowing river where he reflected on his life. He had always been tutored from teenagehood the things of Christ. He had been active to church activity until the very day he became independent and made bad friends. The voice and words of his mother was still very fresh in his head; “So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings. What comes easy won’t last. What lasts won’t come easy. It’s not about money or connections – it’s the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone. ” those statements kept ringing in his head as if the mother was present there, saying it over and over again. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder which brought him back to his senses. He looked up to see Chiquitita in jean trouser and a jacket. She sat beside him.

“Why are you here all alone?”

“Thinking about my life”

“I over heard you and your granny. She’s correct; the battle isn’t gonna be easy one. I guess it’s high time I succ-mb to my late mother’s covenant than to have anyone hurt again”

“No, I believe there is a way to end all this without you suffering the sin of your late mother”

“I wish there is a way, Nado” Chiquitita looked at him.

Fernando held her hand. “I’ll go extra mile to look for a solution. Trust me” both stared at each other, bringing their heads closer for a k-ss. Isabella watched from a window until they finally k-ssed, thus feeling more jealous. She left the window instantly.

Fernando found Chiquitita smiling with her face down once again. Her behavior was like that of a shy teenager.

“What?” he asked her.

“Kind of.. uhm.. I’ve not done it…”

“I got it” Fernando held her hand again, while the sound of the river and chirping crickets took over.

“What will happen in the next five days?” Chiquitita broke the silence.

Fernando didn’t reply to that question. It was too hærd for him coz the worst thing that can ever happen to anyone is knowing the day of his death. Moreover, he didn’t want to get her worried. Therefore, he said, “You’ll know in the next five days” he stood up. “You’ll go back to your parents tomorrow while I save my mother. I guess you’re partially free now” he added. Chiquitita stood up, smiled at him then both entered.
The next morning came like a bright sunny day. The twins had taken their luggage set to leave, while Nina stood at the broken do once again, looking at them. Both were on jean trousers and the same top. The usual morning breeze kept blowing their long hair to the same direction.

“Which among you is Chiquitita?” Nina asked. “I guess it’s you” she pointed at her.

“How did you know her, granny?” Fernando smiled.

“She normally put a smile on her face” she replied, while Isabella and Fernando glanced at each other. Nina continued. ” You have a great task and only God can help you. The Lord is your shepherd” she concluded. The twins appreciated happily.
Back to the hospital , Mr and Mrs Clifford were happy to see their children. Already, they had recovered and was about leaving the hospital. Fernando watched from the door on how they enbraced each other. That gave him joy, but unfortunately, a voice came from his back saying, “No man loves the living goddess otherwise die. Death revolves around you, young man” Fernando turned to see the owner of the voice……

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