Chiquitita – episode 12

(The Living Goddess)
Episode 12
Written by Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)
Fernando turned to see the owner of the voice, but surprisingly didn’t see anybody. Of course he had an idea of who might have gave such a deadly information; no other person but a marine agent. Of course he became disappointed to know that the very girl he had been fighting for is another trap for his death. Therefore he exhaled, looked at the twins and their parents again where they hugged one another happily. Chiquitita sat beside her father while Isabella sat beside the mother.

“Where have you been? What happened all this while?” Mr Clifford asked the twins.

“We were being protected by Fernando. That guy over there” Chiquitita pointed at the door, but Fernando was not there anymore. Her smiling face gradually twisted to a sad one when she couldn’t see him.

“I guess it’s the same guy that came here the other day?” the mother inferred.

“Excuse me” Chiquitita stood up to search for him, while Isabella began to narrate the story, raging from the trip to Delber, Nina, who and why the gunmen attacked them and how they died. She never mentioned to them that Fernando was among the gunmen but changed his mind due to the love he accidentally had for her sister.

Nevertheless, Chiquitita searched for Fernando around the hospital, raging from the exit to the swimming pool. She returned in,side to finally see him in a ward, standing beside his mother’s sick bed. No other person was there except him and the sleeping mother. Chiquitita first watched him from the window with a pitiful look before she gradually entered and stood beside him.

“How much is the surgery?” She asked dryly.

“Half a million naira and she has less than four days to leave” Fernando replied without looking at her.

“She gonna be fine”

“I hope so”

Both glanced at each other. Sooner did Fernando felt a hand holding his, so he looked down to see Chiquitita’s hand warmly clustering his own. That alone gave him hope, but at the remembrance of the voice, his face changed. Chiquitita noticed it. Therefore she asked, “Is everything okay?”

“Are you aware no man must fall in love with you otherwise dies?”

“Who told you that?”

“I heard one of their voices earlier telling me that” he looked away from her, then eventually left the ward, leaving Chiquitita dumbfounded coz it came like a shock to her and that broke her heart. For all her life, she had been waiting to have a man after her heart, now she had found it, why would the story change? Tears engulfed her eye balls as she left the ward too. Just then, Mrs Kate, Fernando’s mother openes her eyes. She heard their conversation.
Clifford’s family went back home. They stood in the sitting room to strategize on how to be more careful after discovering the reason of the car explosion. Chiquitita seemed absent minded. She sluggishly sat down on a cushion with a hand on her forehead. Isabella observed her mood but ignored it. Coming back to the house, reminded them of when their problem started.

“How can Angelina do this to me?” Mr Clifford began angrily, “For ten good years of faith in christ, hoping that he would bless us with the fruit of the womb, she went behind me to some marine spirit. Look at where it has landed us. Gush!”

“Stop blaming a dead woman” the wife said.

“Who then should I blame, hhu?”

“Have you thought of why I can’t also conceive for many years now?!”

“Don’t provoke me, woman, coz as long as i know, we are fertile” Mr Clifford glared.

“Both of you should stop this!” Chiquitita had enough of the argument. She stood up with tears in her eyes. How can she be trying to get over with what Fernando told her, yet her parents would add more salt to the injury? Therefore she began, “I guess we, the children here are no children. Or is it because of where we believe we came from..”

“Where you alone came from” Isabella interrupted.

“Shut your mouth!” Chiquitita backfired. “What is wrong with all of you?! I guess going to the marine Kingdom will be okay so that everybody will have a peace of mind especially you, Bella. How is it my fault that I’m bearing the consequences of my late mother’s actions? How..” She began to shed tears and ran out of the house.

“There is no way I will allow my daughters to enter into the marine Kingdom” Mrs Rose ran after her. “Tita!” She called, but was aready too late; she had gone out of sight.
Chiquitita lamented and cried alone in,side a forest. Her tears was a gold in the eyes of her creator because she worth more than a human. How could she understand that? She sat on a rock, feeling the gentle wind that circulated the forest. The ray of the sun-set refracted through several tall tress to her face, giving her a magnificent beauty. “God, why me?” she began. “Why can’t I have a man of my own? Why am I seen as a problem now to my family? Who am I?”

“You are mine, Tita, and no man must fall in love with you otherwise die in the course” A voice came from behind. Chiquitita turned but couldn’t believe who she saw; a man, glowing in white. The ray of the evening sun also reflected on his face. He was as young as Chiquitita too, looking extra handsome.

“Who are you?” she stood up.

“I’m Anicet, and I’m yours” he replied taking three steps forward.

Chiquitita stepped backward. “What do you mean by you’re mine?”

“We are meant to be together in our kingdom. Look around you, there is nothing good that will come to you in this part of the world you are. Follow me to our kingdom and you’ll enjoy the life there. Everybody is anticipating to have you there. You are like a missing corner stone in our kingdom. Come..”

“Enough!” Chiquitita interrupted him. “I belong to heavenly kingdom, and Nado is mine, not you”

“He will not live to tell the story if he push further” he took another step forward and spread his hand, “Look at you, you’ve lost your power and blessings from our kingdom because of him. You wouldn’t know how powerful you are if you don’t come home. Follow me, my love” he wanted to hold her but Chiquitita ran away.
The next day, Fernando could be seen shedding tears in,side their house. He sweat profusely and looked devastated. After thinking about his life, he began to hit his hands on the wall and breaking things. Surprisingly in the process, he heard the door opened, turned to see Chiquitita standing with a cheque in her hand. Both stared at each other….

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