Chiquitita – episode 15

(The Living Goddess)
Episode 15
Written by Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)
The time of night grew weary without the presence of Chiquitita at home. All effort had been made to get to her but none proved effective. Mr Clifford wasn’t at home too, only Mrs Rose and Isabella who sat down on a cushion with legs properly folded like one who just got rapped. Her hair had no proper position; they scattered around her face like that of a mad woman. She wore a bumshort and a black top. The mother came out from her room to see her in such uncharacteristic posture.

“Bella?” she moved closer. “You’ve been like this. Talk to me, what’s the problem?”

Hearing her voice, Isabella broke down in tears, shook her hair away from her face. “I don’t know how to explain this, mother” she cried looking at the mother. “I.. I don’t know how it happened. I found myself unclad in Fernando’s bed few hours ago without me knowing how I got there. And.. and.. he thought I was Tita”

“My goodness!” The mother shrieked. “Did anything happen?”

“Mother, we had s€×! I don’t even know how I will tell Tita coz she will never believe me. No doubt this manipulation is from the marine Kingdom”

“You must not tell Tita otherwise this house will explode. She will kill you!” Just before the mother concluded, Chiquitita came in through the door without knocking. Both women stared at her, the way she stared at them too, wondering why her sister was in that mood. Behind her was Anicet. All could see and hear him. Therefore when Isabella saw him, she unfolded her legs in amazement and adjusted towards her step-mother who also became afraid. Of course they recognized him as a marine agent due to his nature which appeared in white glowing colour.

“What are you doing with her?” Mrs Rose broke the silence. “You people have caused more harm than good in this family. Therefore I command you to leave here in the mighty name of ….”

“Mother!” Chiquitita interrupted her which brought the woman back from the spirit. “I have made up my mind to leave this world behind. Let me go do that which I was created for. Let me go back to where I came from”

“What?” Isabella looked at her mother. “What’s she talking about?” She directed her eyes back to her twin sister. “Tita, don’t go anywhere! No, don’t go!” She wanted to move forward in order to drag her sister away from Anicet, but she stumbled and fell down. The mother wanted to continue in prayer, but a pointed finger from Anicet rendered her dumb temporarily. When she tried to move, she noticed her legs pinned down on the floor. Meanwhile, Isabella felt her body so weak to stand from the floor too. What they could do that time was shedding tears.

“I’m sorry, mother” Chiquitita spoke up. “I have to save the life of the one who saved mine” she turned to leave and the door opened by itself. A sudden wind escalated in the city especially on their way. Running vehicles began to hit one another, any of them that blocked their way would be blown off by the wind. Anicet and Chiquitita were like white angels moving in darkness. Those who saw them thought that they were sent from heaven. Some came out from cars while some from residential windows just to have a glance at them. Mr Clifford who was coming back with his car, saw them and was able to recognise his daughter. He rushed down from the car shouting, “Tita! Chiquitita!!” he began to run towards them. Chiquitita looked at him with tears in her eyes then concentrated. The father never got to them until they suddenly vanished. He sat down on the middle of the road with hands on his head like a man who had been rubbed. People gathered around him to get an information, but he never said anything to anyone, rather hurried home.

Anicet and Chiquitita approached an ocean which she had never seen or know the location. She stood by the shore staring at it and feeling the wave coming from there. There was no building seen at any angle except the ocean. The breeze generated from the water kept blowing Chiquitita’s hair backward like a flag on a pole.

“Now What?” She asked.

“We enter my love. Your subjects will be glad to see you” Anicet replied.

“I’m not a mermaid neither do I know how to swim accurately”

“You don’t swim my dear, you walk”

Chiquitita looked at him. “Walk on the water?” she asked.

“No, you walk under the water” Anicet held her hand then they proceeded into the ocean until they found themselves on the bottom of the ocean. Chiquitita couldn’t believe her eyes, talk less of the ability of breathing under the water. She saw a place as beautiful as a kingdom flowing with milk and ho-ny. The flowers found they had never been seen by Chiquitita before. As they kept moving, other marine agents who saw them began to bolw their heads especially when they appraoched to a placed called the royal palace. Two thrones could be seen at the end and other marine agents lined up to welcome them by bolwing their heads too. The floor of the palace shone with red color aquatic plants. Chiquitita fed her eyes with all the sea creatures and beauty of the environment. Anicet held her by the hand until they sat on the thrones.

“Behold the goddess of the kingdom has arrived” Anicet began. ” As the custom demands, you must follow her orders and obey her commands. She’s Chiquitita the living goddess”

“Long live the goddess!” other marine agents chorused with their head bolwed. They were both male and beautiful females.

“Let the ritual begins” Anicet sat down.

Chiquitita watched two ladies coming with plates and fabrics in their hands. One spread a white fabric to prevent others from seeing her. While another undressed her, gave her a mark at the back, and wore her a different clothe. She was also made-up. Just after they were through, the white fabric went down for everybody to see her. She looked more like a queen ranging from her hair to her make-up. Her eyes changed which indicated that she had gone through an initiation.

“Now What?” she looked at Anicet.

“Now you have more power to kill and destroy” he replied…..
The next morning sunlight reflected on Fernando’s window. He woke up to find himself feeling weak and empty in mind. He couldn’t remember anything until he finally sat on the bed where he saw a written note Chiquitita left for him. He read the note thus: I’M SORRY THAT IT GOES THIS WAY; BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS, I MUST HAVE GONE NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN. I DID IT IN ORDER TO SAVE YOUR LIVE BECAUSE YOU SAVED MINE. I LOVE YOU.. TITA.

Fernando looked at the floor to see another note; the one he wrote for his mother at the hospital. He understood that Chiquitita must had gone there before coming to his house. He began to dress up in a hurry, he couldn’t afford to lose Chiquitita. But first, he went to the hospital to see his mother awake. Nina was there too. The way the young man rushed into the ward startled the grandmother.

“Nado, where have you been?” She asked.

Fernando didn’t reply that, rather hugged them one after the other. He noticed that none of them saw the note he kept except Chiquitita.

“Nado, thank you” the mother smiled at him happily without knowing what he had passed through and what he’s still passing through. “But where comes the money for the surgery?” she added.

“Get better first, mum” he replied then looked at Nina. “When did you come granny?”

“Yesterday evening. I thought that your girlfriend, Tita, went to call you but she never came back” the old woman replied.

“Who is Tita?” Mrs Kate asked coz she had been unconscious throughout the days Chiquitita visited. Fernando didn’t respond to that. He had to hurry out of the hospital to Mr Clifford’s residence.

Ones again, Fernado knocked at the door of the twins, and Mrs Rose opened it. He entered to see all the family except Chiquitita whom he presumed won’t be Isabella who sat on one of the cushions. Both exchanged eye contact as a remembrance of what happened the previous day. Fernando didn’t need to sit down, seeing their sad faces.

“Where has Chiquitita gone to?” he threw the question in the air.

“How did you know she has gone somewhere?” Mr Clifford threw back the question at him.

“That’s what she said on this note” he handed the note to the man of the house.

“What?” Mr Clifford exclaimed. “You mean Tita took the decision to go into the marine Kingdom because of you? What happened to you?” he gradually began to boil in anger.

“She’s gone?” Fernando repeated.

“Tell me what happened, young man!” Mr Clifford shrieked with his feet standing on the ground. Fernando explained about his death and how he miraculously woke up that morning. But he never mention his act with Isabella.

“Oh, my God!” Isabella exclaimed after hearing his story. “Tita saved you, I don’t know how but that’s why she said that she had to save the life of the one who saved hers before she left yesterday”

“My goodness!” the husband and wife shouted at the same time.

“Please, I need to see her. I mean we need to get her back!” Fernando shrieked.

“Nobody knows where she is now” Mrs Rose said calmly. “We met a priest this morning and the only thing required from us is to fast and pray, but for the covenant to be broken a journey need to be made to where it was made on the last day of the fasting” she added. It was during the period she met the priest that she discovered the problem of her childlessness too which was as a result of that same covenant that must be broken.

Fernando rubbed his head in confusion. He had no choice but to follow in the fasting and totally change into a new creature in Christ Jesus. Never did he know that the very act he had with Isabella has germinated a fruit of the womb which would cause more problem to the family…..

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