Chiquitita – episode 17

(The Living Goddess)
Episode 17
Written by Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)
At that same hours of the early morning, the marine Kingdom was as cold as an ice block, less turbidity and frequent swimming of aquatic org-nism. Anicet and Chiquitita were regarded as rulers, but not as the superiors in the kingdom. They were people in higher places, greater than them, and Chiquitita was yet to meet them. She sat on her throne, looking charming and deadly too due to the nature of her eyes. She could feel powers all over her body, that, even at the flip of fingers, the ocean would rumble. She could even disappear and reappear at any place. Her subjects could be found in a roll both left and right of the palace waiting to be given a responsibility at the proper time.

“Time to meet the superiors, the marine high god and goddess” Anicet told Chiquitita. “They are now ready to meet you and give you your first command” he added.

Chiquitita followed him to the deepest part of the ocean. The more they walk, the darker the journey. They finally got to their destination where Chiquitita couldn’t stop gazing around. She saw nothing but darkness. No aquatic org-nism lived there due to absence of radiation and planktons. Suddenly a male voice came from the place saying, “Welcome, the living goddess” a man appeared with a woman beside him. Their presence illuminated the arena, thus bringing their faces to visibility. Anicet bolwed his head, when Chiquitita saw his action, she followed suite.

“She’s as beautiful as I thought” the woman said with a smile.

“That’s why she’s chosen as the goddess and betrothed to Anicet, my son” the man added then spread his hands. “I am Jerrod, and this is Merrod, the supreme goddess of the ocean. She was actually the one whom your mother called upon for a child”

“Long live the supreme god and goddess” Chiquitita bowled again.

“Your mother is lucky to have a set of twins from me. Isabella, your sister…”

“My mother was lucky” Chiquitita interrupted.

“Was? No, she is”

“My mother is dead”

“Your mother isn’t dead. She’s alive” Merrod replied while Chiquitita became amazed, looking at Anicet as if she was actually dreaming.

“But my father said that she died after giving birth to us” she gazed.

“Your father didn’t tell you the truth” Jerrod interfered.

“What is the truth?” Chiquitita became more curious and inquisitive….
Back to the residence of Mr Clifford, Angelina stood firm at the door like a ghost gazing to torment its victim. She looked tattered and frustrated, the hair on her head could tell the hærdsh¡p she must had gone through. She looked older than her age, even if she, of course, an old woman in her late forties. She wore a loosed gown with a rubber footwear which she dusted at the door and totally entered in,side the house. Just before any utterance made by the astonished member of the family, Eric entered through the door too, but wasn’t wearing only a boxers.
“She.. she.. ahh… i mean this woman came knocking at my door just like the gunmen, and she requested for oga Clifford” he broke the tension and tranquility.

“Angelina” Mr Clifford called her again.

Mrs Rose and Isabella stood behind the father of the house, listening and watching how everything would get exposed like the buttocks of a folw blown open by the wind.

“It’s me, Clifford, flesh and blood” Angelina spoke up. Her voice sounded exactly like that of the twins. In fact, Isabella broke down in tears hearing her own voice from a woman she had never seen before. Angelina continued, “You think I’m dead, you think I have gone beyond the earth crust, you think God almighty is not alive”

“How dare you speak of God when you gave your children to a marine spirit” Mr Clifford backfired heavily.

“Stop! Both of you stop!!” Mrs Rose shrieked with hands covering her ears, while Isabella drowned in the pool of emotional pains and trauma. She couldn’t take it any more too. Therefore she collapsed on one of the cushions. Eric used that opportunity to hold and console her without properly knowing the full outcome of the senerio that was taking place. Mrs Rose continued, “What are you both talking about. We all believe you are dead” she pointed at Angelina. “Are you a ghost or what?” she added.

“I am alive, subjected to life pains by this useless man after my delivery. He made plans with the doctors to kill me because I have nobody to quary him, because I’m an orphan. I have only a friend called Cynthia”

“Why did you want to kill your own wife?” Rose turned to her husband.

“Why did she bear children?” the husband replied.

“What?!” Isabella shouted from where she sat down. “Father!” She exclaimed for the second time.

“It’s a long story” Mr Clifford began. “It all started years ago when i joined a cult. I was the leader, the initiation and commitment went too deep that I wanted to become immortal, that is, i can not be killed by any weapon. The only condition given to me was that I’ll never have my own children. Any day my wife delivers without killing her, and she sees me, I’ll die. So I had to pay off the doctors to kill her after she delivered..”

“Oh my God!” Isabella ran out of the house. One could see her running as if pursued by unseen spirit. None of them knew where she was running to, and nobody cared to know. Though Eric ran after her.

“The doctor told me she was dead. I don’t know how she survived” Mr Clifford concluded, fell down and died instantly….
Back to the marine Kingdom, Jerrod didn’t want to tell Chiquitita the wh0le story, therefore he said, “There is no need to know the truth my dear. You have a new family now, you have no business with your mortal family”

Merrod stepped forward, “My dear Chiquitita” she began. “Your family has a lot of secret, even your mother never told your father how she dumped a baby on a road in her youthful age”

“Like i have a sibling order than my twin sister?” Chiquitita asked.

“Yes, and it’s a ‘he'”

“How do you know all this?”

“Your mother came to us for a child, remember? Like Jerrod said, you have a new family now. Now, go commence your duty” she handed a flat stone to her. On the stone was a name engraved on it. ” The life of that person must be destroyed” she ordered.

Anicet smiled as he held Chiquitita by the hand, going back to the palace. When they sat down on the thrones, Chiquitita pointed at a female marine agent, “You..”

“She’s Lina by name” Anicet helped her.


“Yes, my Lord” the girl bolwed.

“Go destroy the life of this person” Chiquitita handed the stone to her. How would she had known that the life of the person she was ordering to destroy was her brother, the one dumped by her mother? His name was Emmanuel.
The day brightened. People went back to their daily activities without knowing the problem Clifford’s family was facing. Neither did the family know what other families were passing through. African man would say, “in,side Life” Life is deep, it’s hærd to understand. People pass through a lot in this life, yet life goes on.

Lina appeared in a far away city in her magnificent beauty. She was slim, smart and loving. She entered into a restaurant where Emmanuel was eating. Of course she recognised him, so she sat on the same table with him.

“Hi” she smiled at him. Her smile alone was a charm itself, but when Emmanuel smiled too and spoke up, she began to fall in love with him……

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