Chiquitita – episode 18

Written by Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)
Emmanuel grew from the orphanage. He was far older than the twins, in fact, he had a wife and a kid. Of course the Lord blessed him with a good job and life at large. He had a darker complexion than the twins, and always seen with an eyeglass. He hærdly barb his hair, rather trimmed it moderately. On his cheek were unseen dimples which Lina was yet to be attracted to also. He wore a long sleeve shirt that was tucked in a plain trouser. Lina could see a necklace dangling on his neck. Due to his life story and where he grew up, he finds it very dificult with women, yet, he had a kind heart and could be very emotional too.

Nevertheless, Emmanuel smiled back at Lina which showcased the dimples. There was a round table that demarcated them in the restaurant. “Hi, how are you?” he said with his back leaning on the plastic chair. His voice was as meek as his heart.

“I’m fine, but not really” Lina replied. “By the way, I’m Lina” she stretched her hand.

Emmanuel shook the hand as an afterthought then introduced himself too. He had not figured out why a slim beautiful girl would want to entangle with him in a restaurant except to be fed with food. Therefore, he said, “Like you need some food”

“Yes, but..” Lina looked at him rom-ntically as if to sed-ce him.

“But what?”

“I need the other food” she bit her tongue, adjusted on the seat as if she just got her erogenous zone w-t down there. Her leg gently touched his under the table as a catalyst to the unpretentious sed-ction. Of course, Emmanuel understood the movement, so he smiled.

“I’ll give you exactly what you need dear” he leaned forward, handed a card to her then stood up. “See me tonight” he smiled and left. To the very sight of Lina, a car beep along with a flesh light, he opened it, entered and drove away. Having s€× with him would be the only way to destroy his life as instructed, so she aimed at that and must not fail.
Isabella had no idea about the death of her father because she ran out of the house that early morning hours. Eric couldn’t get to her after running after her. She ran to Fernando’s house where she spent the remaining hours in tears and sorrow. She had no other person to run to but him regardless the fact that both shouldn’t be seen in such a closed door. Although, Mrs Kate and Nina were around when she came. It was like a horry movie when she knocked at the door and Fernando opened it. Before he asked her anything, Isabella hugged him in tears. He reciprocated and locked the door. The noise woke the two women up, so they came out from thèir various rooms to the sitting room to see Isabella still hugging Fernando.

“Nado?” Nina called out in her old cracky voice. That prompted a quick disengagement by Isabella from Fernando’s body. “What are you doing?”

“Uhm.. She came and hugged me before I could say anything” Fernando replied.

“What’s the matter Bella?” Mrs Kate stepped forward.

“My biological mother is back. She isn’t dead and.. and.. my father is.. is.. talking history which I couldn’t bear anymore” the poor girl cried. Everybody looked at one another surprisingly to be able to assimilate the statement which sounded like a mellifluous music. Isabella explained to them what her father and mother narrated without knowing that her father had gone beyond the earth.

Now, at the residence of the twins after the day had brightened, the both families sat down in the sitting room to look for a way forward. Isabella seated with Mrs Rose coz that was the only mother she had known. Nina, Fernando and Mrs Kate sat together too. Only Angelina sat alone. When Isabella didn’t notice the presence of her father, she broke the silence saying, “Where is father?”

“He fell and died after you left” the step-mother replied.

“He what?” She glared then suddenly began to shed tears again, while Nina made sign of the cross. Of course they understood why he died. They understood he was the cause of his own death.

“In all things, the name of the Lord must be glorified” Nina began, looking at Angelina. “This family must go on and relieved from any spirit you parents must have subjected it to. Thank God you are alive, but why must you seek the face of a marine spirit for a child rather than seeking the face of God? Now, look at the horrible battle the children is going through” she pointed at Isabella.

Angelina looked at Isabella once again, she really felt sorry for her. Therefore, she stood up to her slowly as others watched the movement silently. Before she got closer to her, tears began to drop from her eyes. “I’m so sorry” she began. “I never meant to go astray. How would I have known that your father was the cause of my childlessness? For ten good years I suffered in his hands. I had no choice but to follow my only friend suggestion. Please, you have to forgive me my child” she spread her hands for a hug.

Isabella hesitated as she kept shedding tears. The wh0le thing was still very strange to her, but the step-mother gave her a sign to hug the mother which she did immediately thereby escalating more tears. Mrs Kate exhaled then glanced at her son in a way to shows: FIRST BROBLEM SOLVED.

“Where is your sister?” Angelina asked Isabella.

“We were disturbed by marine agents, experiencing predicament. She became frustrated and left to the marine kingdom” she replied.

“We need to get her back, I know I made a mistake”

“How can we?” Fernando interfered. “How, when you had a covenant for your child to serve them? How!?” He added with a trace of anger from his voice. Angelina turned to him, wondering who he was, but couldn’t do anything because she felt guilty.

“I said it wasn’t my fault” she totally turned.

“Then whose fault is it!?”

“Don’t raise your voice at me!” She shrieked. “You have no idea of what i have passed through in life, so better have your mouth closed” she calmed, likewise Fernando, not because of they had nothing to say again but because of a knock that came at the door. All directed their eyes there once more, wondering who that could be. In fact, Isabella her step-mother had to check the wall clock in order to make sure it wasn’t 4am in the morning as usual. After the confirmation, the next person that came into their mind was Eric.

“Eric!” Isabella stood up angrily, walked to the door and opened it forcefully to see a man in suittan then the anger gradually dwindled. “Good morning reverend father” she greeted and allowed him in. His presence into the house was as if he carried the peace of the Lord with him which, of course, he did. Nina had always loved the sight of young priest like him who dedicated their life to serve God in spirit and in truth. Therefore, her heart was full of joy when she saw him. He was also the priest that told them to fast and pray, but why he had to leave his sanctuary to their sanctum became an anticipated element of reaction. Already, he had heard about the death of Mr Clifford and the return of Angelina miraculously.

“May the peace of the Lord be with you” the priest began. “I once told you to fast and pray, but while I was praying the Lord revealed to me the solution to the problem of this family” all listened as he continued. “The Lord said Angelina’s son is the solution”

Hearing that, all eyes went to the poor woman who suddenly became dumb.

“I have a brother?” Isabella broke the silence.

“Do you have a son? How come?” Mrs Rose added.

“Ah.. that was many years ago” Angelina began. Hearing that, Isabella placed her two hands on the head and tapped her feet on the floor in a way that shows: I’M FINISHED! Angelina continued. “I mistakenly got pregnant for a man who abandoned the baby and I. I had to dump the baby on the road coz I couldn’t take care of him”

“Holy Mary!” Nina shouted, while others remained speechless.

“What a wicked act!” Mrs Rose added too. “Now who knows where he is?”

“Only him can save Chiquitita and the family at large from the hands of the marine spirits” the priest clarified.

“How, father?” Fernando asked.

“I don’t know. We should find him first. Nobody knows tomorrow. Now, the abandoned child has become a solution to a problem. Everybody is created for a purpose, hence nobody is a mistake. Let’s be careful for our actions” the priest concluded.
Emmanuel drove home later in the evening. The house was a four bedroom flat without fence. It had a coconut tree in front of it where he actually parked the car. When he walked into the house, the wife welcome him by taking a bag from him. They were also Catholic members, the calendar of CWO and CMO found on the wall and other heavenly images could give one the knowledge without being told.

“Welcome dear” she said. “How was work today?”

“Very good, except that a girl needed food from me” he replied as he sat down on one of the cushions found in the parlour. The wife had to turn after hearing his statement.

“Food? Why and did you give her?”

“No, I told her to call me coz I have what she needs”

“What does she need if not Food?”

“Jesus” Emmanual smiled at his wife. “She needs Jesus” he added, while the wife became confused…..

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