Chiquitita – episode 19

Written by Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)
The methodology in which food suddenly became Jesus was the next qualm in the heart of Amila, Emmanuel’s wife. Therefore she kept the bag in her hand on another cushion to sit closely to her husband for an understanding explanation. She had a baby-face, thus, looking like a very young girl but was old enough to mother their five year old son. She passed through a lot of inquisition before she married Emmanuel because he had no parents. She was discouraged by several people but her love for him kept her going and eventually married him. Their love grew stronger especially with the love of God. In fact, they were expecting another child.

“Uhm.. My dear” Amila began. “You’ve got me a bit confused. First, you said the girl needed food, secondly, you said you have what she needs which is Jesus”

Emmanuel smiled. “She wanted to sed-ce me, but i hope to transform her. That’s why I said she needs Jesus” he replied.

“Okay” she stood up. “But that’s risky” she began to walk in,side.


“sed-ction is a dangerous act to a man” her voice echoed from a distance.

“Oh, you think I’ll succ-mb to it” Emmanuel kept smiling after he didn’t hear her voice again. “Women” he murmured.

The day gradually came to an end thereby giving chance to darkness. Emmanuel’s phone ran in,side his room. The wife was there too. She looked at him as he answered the call. No other person was calling except Lina, so he picked.

“Hi, it’s Lina. Where can I meet you?”

“Oh, alright. Diamond Hotel in the next thirty minutes” he hung up the call then looked at the wife. “Don’t worry dear” he began to dress up. The wife said nothing but watched him fully dressed and picked his bag. Just before he proceeded, the wife sat up.

“I’m not comfortable with this” she said.

Emmanuel smiled once again. “There is joy in heaven for the repentance of one soul. Let me win this soul for God. Trust me” he said and proceeded.

“I love you” the wife’s voice came from behind. She listened to know whether he would reply which, of course, he did before she finally laid on the bed, yet feelling uncomfortable.

Emmanuel met Lina at Diamond Hotel. They needed not to get a room just as Lina anticipated. He carried her with his car and left the hotel. Lina dressed just like a pr-stitute, she made sure that her thighs captured the eyes of the man in,side the car. In fact, just a mino thing remained for her p-nt to also became visible. Like a groundnut oil sparkle on a jellof rice, so as her l-ips sparkled with white w-t-l-ips. She kept glancing at Emmanuel to know if he had been caught s€×ually. She believed he had, but what she couldn’t understand was where they were going too. Therefore she asked, “Where are we heading to to?”

“A better place” Emmanuel replied.

“Which place is much better than a hotel?”

“Many places” Emmanuel placed a hand on her shoulder while another controlled the steering wheel. “Listen my dear, the moment I saw you was the same moment my appetite arose for the same food which you need. So there is special place meant for both of us. We shall have fun”

Lina said nothing but smiled at his words thereby wanting more of it. She twisted her fingers, blinked her eyes and wanted to k-ss him, but he shouted, “Hey! Calm down. Don’t rush it” he smiled. “I have a surprise for you” he handed a package to her.

“Wow!” Lina looked at it happily.

“Don’t open it yet. In fact, I have another surprise for you” Emmanuel blindfolded her eyes after several resistance from her. He took her into a living church of God where nobody could be found. Electric light illuminated the place with empty chairs lined up at several angle. At the alter were burning candles and large crucifix. Lina stood in the middle of the church, wishing to remove the blindfold. Immediately it was removed, the package fell from her hand then she took two steps backward, roaming her eyes around. She looked at the fallen package to see a bible.

“Where is this place?” she quarried.

“A place of repentance” Emmanuel began. “You need Jesus..” a shout from Lina interrupted him after he mentioned the name above. She began to run towards the exit. Due to the high shoes in her feet, she fell down in the process, struggling to stand. “Listen, I will not hurt you!” Emmanuel assured her with much amazement. However, she stood up and totally ran out never to be seen again.

Emmanuel went home, looking worried. Amila, the wife, had to sit up from the bed when he entered the room. She didn’t greet him or even say anything. The only thing she did was to watch him undress. Of course, as the wife, from the look on his face, she noticed uneasy expression. Just as he was undressing, she asked him saying, “Soul winner, how did it go?”

“Strange” the husband sat down on the bed with her. After explaining what happened, the wife hurriedly stood up, picked his phone and went through his dialed calls. “What are you doing” he asked her.

“I’m deleting her contact from your phone. That girl is a pure demon who wants to destroy you and this family. You’ll never call or meet her again!” When she deleted the number, Emmanuel laid down with his face up, thinking of what reason would make one shout and run by the mention of the name Jesus.
Late Mr Clifford’s family set to go search for the dumped baby whom they believed must have grown into a man. They were four people going for the search; Fernando, Isabella and her two mothers. Fernando sat on the driver’s seat, waiting for the women to come out coz they were using late Mr Clifford’s car. Just as he waited, Isabella came out and sat in the front seat with him. Both glanced at each other without saying anything. They had not forgotten the unborn baby in her womb which an appropriate decision had not been taken for it. But the both families said they must marry. How is that possible?

“How are you doing?” Fernando broke the silence.

“I’m fine” she replied and began to fasten her seat belt. When she was through she turned to see him staring at her. “What is it?” she asked.

“We need to take our own decision base on the pregnancy” he replied.

“And what decision do you suggest?”

“You have to abort the baby”

Isabella glared at him at that moment and gave him an unbearable slap that got him shouting for a second. ” What do you think i am? You’re very stupid to say that!” Her voice wasn’t loud neither was it low, but one could dictate fire from it. She straightened on her seat, while Fernando remained speechless, holding his cheek. Just then, the other two women arrived.

“Let’s go” Angelina said. Fernando brought down his hand from his cheek, put the key in the ignition and drove out. Isabella neither looked at his face nor even smiled.
Back to the marine Kingdom. Lina brought back the message of not going back to the man whom she was asked to destroy. “He’s insane and difficult” she reported. Merrod overheard her statement then came out. Her presence got everybody’s head bowled except Chiquitita and Anicet.

“That man must be destroyed” she began. “What I mean by destroy is that he must be killed otherwise we all shall be in trouble”

“Let me do that, my supreme goddess” Anicet suggested.

“No, Chiquitita must be the one to do it” Merrod insisted. She never wanted to mention to her that the person to be killed was her lost brother.

“Yes, my supreme goddess. I’ll do  what you have said” Chiquitita said then stood up from her seat…..

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