Chiquitita – episode 20

Chiquitita stood up from her seat. All heads bent down as she began to step out of the ocean , wearing a white gown and a crown on her head. Her brain and body had been concentrated with the things of the marine kingdom thereby gradually forgetting her family. Immediately she went out of sight, Merrod called Anicet privately. Both adjusted away from the presence of other subjects. As they were going to another part of the ocean, Anicet broke the silence saying, “You’re making a mistake by sending Tita to the human world. I should have done that myself”

“You have another work to do” Merrod began. “Tita family’s memory is gradually dying down. With the initiation and the power in her now, she thinks less about her family. So there is no way she will go out there and never returned” she stopped walking, likewise Anicet who found what she substantiated meaningful. Sea tortoise and other aquatic animals randomly swam around them as if they were sea creatures too. “You have to go back to Chiquitita’s family. They are on their way to seek for the same person whom I sent her to kill. You must not allow them get to their destination. You must not allow them find him” she ordered.

“I don’t understand what’s going on” Anicet said as an afterthought. “Why are they also searching for this same person we want to destroy?”

“Because he’s a man who’s not a man”

“What does that mean?”

“He’s different” she placed a hand on his shoulder. “Now you must go. You must not allow them get to him” she added.

“Should I kill them?” Anicet was still inquisitive.

“Yes, if possible” Merrod left him thinking and wondering. Though she believed he would do exactly what she said, but she suddenly turned back saying again, “Have you done anything with her?”

“Something like What, my supreme goddess?” Anicet turned to her too.

“Your father needs a grandson” Merrod smiled off.
Fernando drove on the road for hours. He never said anything to Isabella again neither did she even look at him for a second. Only the women behind discussed occasionally. Angelina could be seen looking around through the glass of the car. Of course they had gotten to the town where she carried her act of dumping a baby, but everywhere looked so different to her.

“Stop the car” she requested then Fernando pulled to a stop. They all came down to know why they stoped. They could see children playing in front of some houses found along the road, and few cars running on the road too. “It was along this road I kept the baby. The road wasn’t tiled then” Angelina added.

“You didn’t keep the baby, mother. You dumped the baby” Isabella retorted. The mother looked at her without saying anything.

“Now what?” Mrs Rose reacted.

“Since the baby is alive. Let’s go to a nearby motherless babys’ home” Angelina replied.

“Then when we get there, we tell them what?” Fernando spread his hands where the car key jingled. Anger and frustration could be detected from his voice. “We gonna tell them whether they found a baby that was dumbed almost forty years ago, as if the baby was the only dumped baby in the city, or as if the person who found the baby has not been transferred to another home, that is, if actaully she’s still alive. He hit the tyre of the car with his shoe. “This is mission impossible!” He concluded and entered into the car.

The women looked at one another before they all proceeded back to the car too. Of course they knew that there was sense on what the young man said, but they just needed to try. When they entered, they waited for Fernando to start the car. He didn’t, rather picked up a bottle of water to drink as all watched him. Just before he was through with the water Isabella said to him, “We are running out of time”

Fernando glared at her, nearly to bath her with the remaining water in the bottle. “Don’t you dare talk to me in that manner again!” He warned aggressively, pointing a finger at her.

“What’s wrong with both of you!” Mrs Rose shrieked. “I’ve noticed your attitudes from the beginning of this journey. Is that how you’ll live as couple?”

“Nobody is living with anybody” Isabella objected and straightened her view.

“What about the pregnancy?”

“What’s going on here?” Angelina interfered.

“She’s pregnant for him” Mrs Rose answered.

“For goodness sake, I thought it was Chiquitita!” Fernando hit the steering wheel hærdly.

“Do you think I was in my right senses when I gave my V-rginity to you?” Isabella backfired.

“Stop! Both of you” Angelina began. “Let’s first solve the problem at hand. Now, start the car”

Fernando kicked off the engine and drove out with a speed. They were heading to a nearby motherless babys’ home, before proceeding to another one. They got to a place where there was no residence. All they could see was bushes at both side of the road. Suddenly, Anicet appeard before them, then Fernado losed control of the steering wheel and the break pad. The car was then controlled by Anicet into the bush. They shouted, scre-med and hit on several rocks and tress. Mrs Rose fainted even before they finally crashed. The car kept running into the inner part of the forest until it hit on a tall and huge tree. Glasses broke, smoke and emergency alarm escalated from the car. The seat belt worn by the front seaters helped them not to sustain a lot of injury unlike the women behind. Fernando and Isabella first came out. As Fernando was checking on the mothers, so as Isabella was busy looking around the forest.

“Oh my God” she said aloud still roaming her eyes around.

“What’s It?” Fernando asked her.

“I have seen this place twice in my dream” she replied…..
Scratches in the woods of Ehezra stretched from tree to tree, giving out a weary sound that could destabilize a firmed hunter. Canopy trees danced along to the smooth movement of the wind that escalated in the forest. Withered leaves suddenly joined in the random movement caused by the wind too. It was like a storm in the high mountains, bending trees and swiping the floor.

A young lady in white gown stood in the middle of the stormy forest like a ghost that gazed at the next victim to be tormented. She had a long hair that also kept flying by the wind like the white gown in her body which made her br-ast without b-ra clearly seen by any eyes. Even the n-pples didn’t help matters; they stood er-ct as if to puncture out of the gown. Her name was Amila.

“I know this place” she murmured and looked around to see people running and shouting as if it was the end of the world. Among the people was a man whom she recognised to be her husband, Emmanuel. “Emma..” She murmured again and began to hurry up in other to meet him. Just before she got closer, a car came from another angle of the forest and hit him down. “Heeeyy!” She shouted..
Amila woke up on a large cushion found in the sitting room to discover that she was dreaming. She glanced at the wall clock; 4;15pm. The next thing that came into her mind was to know the state of her husband. Therefore, she picked up her phone and dialed his number. Just then, a knock came from the door which prevented her from proceeding with the call….

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