Chiquitita – episode 22

Written by Nathaniel Anuma

Emmanuel laid unconscious on a rock, wearing a plain trouser and a T-shirt which had soaked with water. Part of his legs remained in,side the tide and swinging along with the waves. Across the river was another part of the forest which was a bit higher then the level of the flowing river. Some arborel animals and birds could be seen on top of some trees, making noise and quivering part of the trees. Just before Fernando and co hurried to the young man, a dove stood on his stomach. Isabella hesitated when she saw it then glanced at Fernando if he had seen what she saw. He returned the gesture but kept going down the cliff carefully. The two women behind couldn’t climb down, so they waited at a distant to watch the unfolding of the next hope for them to get out of the forest.

Fernando and Isabella finally met Emmanuel, the dove flew off at that moment thereby taking the attention of the two fellows who looked up the cliff to see the dove flying towards the same direction. Isabella averted her eyes back to Emmanuel.

“Do you know how to do CPR?” She broke the silence which made Fernando looked down at the man too.

“Yes, I know” he began to instruct her. “Go with three chest compression and mouth to mouth..”

“Mouth to mouth?” Isabella interrupted. “Like a k-ss?”

“No, like breathing through his mouth”

They gazed at each other for a moment to assimilate the intruction.

“You’re a lady, it’s better you do it” Fernando substantiated the more.

“Fine” Isabella moved to the young man, did three compression on his chest with her hands as instructed, then moved to the next which was mouth to mouth. She first glanced at Fernado before proceeding gradually. When the two women saw her, they wondered what they were doing coz the wh0le thing seemed like a s€×ual activity and harassment.

“Pinch his nose, open his mouth, one breath, two breath then repeat” Fernando instructed Isabella again. She did as he said severally before Emmanuel coughed awake. Isabella drew back from him to Fernado whom she held closely on the wa-ist unknowingly. They could see water coming out of Emmanuel’s mouth. After he totally woke up, he looked around to see them.

“Where am I, and who are you?” he quarried then looked around for the second time to see the two women up the cliff….
The marine Kingdom was quiet except the sound of water waves and swift movement of some sea creatures. Water bubbles could be seen coming out of different places especially at the very sanctum where Chiquitita and Anicet were about to commence a s€×ual act. The place wasn’t dark neither was it bright, flowers and other beautiful sea plants beautified the place. It was like a room in the ocean.

“You are more than beautiful my goddess” Anicet looked into her eyes as both stood closely, wearing the same garment. “I must tell you that you’re the best thing in the ocean” he added then slowly took off her gown which flipped down thereby escalating a little dust on the ground which, of course, increased the turbidity of the area. Anicet became amazed at her uncladness that could attract any eyes; the round punctured br-asts and groovy buttocks explained the attractiveness. Just as he brought his mouth closer to k-ss her, Merrod barged in with a full force, took Anicet with her and made sure Chiquitita remained in the sanctum till further notice. Merrod took Anicet to the inner chamber of their domain.

“Look” she pointed at a place where Emmanuel and co displayed in,side the forest of Ehezra. “You and Tita did nothing to prevent them from meeting” she said.

“But it’s strange, how come?” Anicet got surprised.

“I should be asking you how come”

“You must go to the forest with other agents except Chiquitita” Jerrod took over. His voice was as deep as that of a snuring melancholic. “You must kill all of them” he added.

“Remember, Chiquitita must not be aware of this, now that the man is with her family” Merrod warned.

“Yes, my supreme goddess” Anicet bowled and left as instructed. Chiquitita met him on the way where he was hurrying up.

“What’s going on?” she asked him.

“Stay indoors. I have a mission to accomplish” Anicet replied.

“Let me follow you”

“No, I’ll be fine” he left
Back to Ehezra, all, including Emmanuel were found up on the cliff where normal introduction was made. Angelina never knew Emmanuel was the child she dumbed years ago. Already, they have told one another how they ended up in the forest which Emmanuel saw as manipulation of the evil ones. Therefore, he said, “There is a reason why I had to come here through the river because I already know this place”

“You know here?” Mrs Rose asked curiously.

“Yes, I do come here sometimes for prayers” Emmanuel pointed at a tree. “On the stem of that tree is my name engrave on it”

“Really?” Fernando became surprise. “That means you know the way out of this place”

“Yes, but i wonder why you..”

“Wait” Isabella interrupted him. “You said you know this place and you do come here for prayer sometimes. Oh God!” She moved haphazardly.

“What’s the matter?” Emmanuel asked her.

“I have seen this place twice in my dream!” She replied, then all remained quiet especially Emmanuel who began to recall all his encounters with the holy spirit each time he came there to pray. Therefore, he looked at one of the women.

“Can you really tell me where you were going to before you ended up here?” he broke the silence.

“We were in search of my a…” Angelina wanted to explain but interrupted by the presence of Anicet and few other marine agents. All adjusted back in fear except Emmanuel who was filled with the holy spirit. Looking at the marine fellows ready for action, goose pimples pumped up from Fernando’s body.

“Let’s run!” he suggested.

“I do not run nor fear any evil for this is my dwelling place” Emmanuel moved forward. “Therefore anyone of you that is not of God should leave and never return” his words alone rendered the powers of the marine agents powerless, and when they tried to retaliate by all means, a dove flew to their presence which they couldn’t resist it’s power anymore. Therefore, all disappeared.

It was like a magic to Fernando and co when they left. Of course Isabella could explain who the unexpected visitors were coz she had had encounter with them. So she spoke up saying, “No doubt they are from the marine Kingdom”

“Marine Kingdom?” Emmanuel turned to her. “What business do you have with the marine spirit?”

Isabella glanced at her biological mother to answer the question, while she scratched her head like a speechless child. Already, it was getting dark with a full force.

“My dear it’s a long story” Angelina began in tears. She told the story of how she requested a child from a marine spirit which only solution was another of her child whom she dumbed years ago, and also the reason for their journey.

“Now, half of the twins is serving in the marine kingdom” Mrs Rose added in conclusion.

After listening to them, Emmanuel became quiet, looking at them one after the other. Though he never knew that he was the dumbed child neither did Angelina know that he was her son. Nevertheless, his eyes went straight to Isabella. “What’s your twin’s name?” he asked her.

“Chiquitita” Isabella replied with a cool and emotional voice.

“Let’s leave this place” Emmanuel surged forward, while others followed him.
Anicet reported to Merrod and Jerrod how they couldn’t defeat the young man. “We even lost some of us. He has a power that is greater than ours” he concluded.

“He will not live to tell how powerful he is” Jerrod stepped out with Merrod. “We shall met him ourselves then know whose power is greater” they moved out.

As Emmanuel and co proceeded in the forest to leave, a strong wind escalated. Canopy trees danced along to the smooth movement of the wind. Withered leaves suddenly joined in the random movement too. It was like a storm in the high mountains, bending trees and swiping the floor. Of course the presence of the supreme goddess and god brought about the storm.

However, fear had become the state of the people except Emmanuel. Suddenly, Isabella saw another girl who had her complete resemblance, putting on the same white gown and had her long hair and brown skin. That was Chiquitita, her twin sister, who waved her hand in the air and the storm stopped thereby straightening the bent trees and returning flying withered leaves to the ground then everywhere became as calm as a grave yard. Isabella couldn’t believe that she was experiencing her first dream live  and direct. Therefore she called with an emotional voice, “Tita?”

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