Chiquitita – episode 4

As the day kept breaking, so as more secrets and situations kept unfolding in the life of the twins and the entire family at large.

Fernando and his men left the forest to their various homes to strategize on how to capture the living goddess. Already, they had developed the feelings that the task wouldn’t be an easy one base on the condition given to them; they must castrate the living goddess within seven days otherwise die shamefully.
Nevertheless, Fernando rushed home that early morning to see his mother shivering in bed. She looked seriously sick to the point of giving up in the local bed. The sanctum had the nature of a poor local room with a small bed. Only a red and black carpet beautified the room. Immediately Fernando opened the door, he rushed the mother saying, “Are you okay, mother? Oh my God!” he glanced at his wrist watch; 5:34am. He had no choice but to take her to the nearest hospital. Just in front of the hospital, he shouted with the mother in his arms, “Nurse! Nurse!!” his voice alone attracted even patients and woke several people up. Within a twinkle of an eye, nurses rushed out with wheeelbed, laid the woman on it and pushed her into the hospital. Coincidentally as Fernando wanted to follow them, Chiquitita came out at the entrance. Both stared at each other as if they had known before. Of course, Fernado recognized her but she couldn’t. She only came out due to the sound of his voice, but became surprise the way the young man stared at her. She wouldn’t think of love or anything similar to it because no man had ever talked to her about it. On the other hand, Fernando developed the spirit of fear, thinking she had come to attack him for not only breaking into their house, but also shooting at her. Notwithstanding, he moved forward to her and passed, but Chiquitita’s voice stopped him. He turned and said, “Excuse me?”

“I said sorry for your mum” Chiquitita repeated.

“Uhm.. thanks” he replied afterthought. “But how did you know it’s my mum?”

“She has your l-ips. Don’t worry, she’ll be fine”

“Yeah,” he wanted to continue walking but turned again. “Why are you here?” he asked her almost with a calmed bedroom voice.

“My twin sister was just shot not less than an hour ago. So we brought her here for treatment”

“She’ll be fine”


Both remained quiet with a brief eye contact before Fernando finally entered. He couldn’t stand her beauty and the thought of killing her as instructed by Fandom kept refreshing in his memory. Obviously, nobody would come close to such beauty and wouldn’t be tempted; but that wasn’t the case, she has to be killed, no two ways about it.

Chiquitita stood at the entrance of the hospital still reflecting on why a bullet couldn’t kill her. That proved to her that the c*ck and bull story was real. The evidence began to manifest from that moment when she saw a swimming pool in front of the hospital and felt the urge of breathing in,side water. She moved forward, looked into the pool to see nothing but her reflection. Like a remote control robot, she bent down, placed her two legs in,side the pool and eventually immense in it. To her greatest amazement, she could breath in water!! Therefore, she began to think that she was a mermaid. From the water, she saw two women in white, standing beside the pool. That prompted her to swim out. Fernando watched her from the window.

“Now you’ve found out who you are” one of the women said.

“Tita, you need to come home. You don’t belong here.You’ve been chosen as the next goddess of our kingdom ” the other woman added.

“Who are you?” Chiquitita spoke up boldly, while Fernando wondered who she was speaking with because he couldn’t see the women. “And mind you, I belong here not in..” she wanted speak but interrupted.

“Don’t play with your life, Tita. You must come home otherwise face the wrath of the marine spirits” they vanished to the thin air.
The sky brightened, cars began to run on the roads and many resumed for their daily activities. Chiquitita came out of the hospital. She stood at the entrance, admiring the sky. Suddenly, Fernando stood by her side with two hands in,side his pocket.

“I guess you are about to leave. How’s your twin sister?’

“Fine, your mum?”

“I saw you earlier talking to nobody” he changed the topic.

Chiquitita looked at him. “Good thing You said nobody coz I was actually talking to nobody” she averted her eyes.

“Can we see maybe when our patients are healed?”


Just then, Mr Clifford and wife came out, they went along with Chiquitita to their car as Fernando still watched them from the entrance. He believed to use the next appointment to get her and finally kill her. But surprisingly, to his sight, he saw Chiquitita and her parents struggling to open the doors of the car. Before they knew it, it exploded in a way the force flung the family to a distance. That was the beginning of their predicament….

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