Chiquitita – episode 6



Episode 6
Written by Nathaniel Anuma
The doctor stood up immediately he saw Isabella. She shouldn’t have been up from her sick bed talk more of walking into another ward. One could even see her holding the part of the stomach affected by the bullet. On the contrary, Isabella didn’t care about her health. She had a reason of taking the risk which the doctor wanted to know. Therefore he asked her, “Who allowed you up from your bed?”

“My sister is in trouble” she moved to Chiquitita who mopped at her like a missing child in the jungle.

“What trouble?” the doctor asked again.

“What is it, Bella?” Chiquitita added trying to stand from the bed.

“I heard about the explosion. I have a feeling the same men are coming for you again” Isabella totally helped her up.

“Which men? Oh..” Chiquitita smiled like a twelve years old child. “It’s the hide and seek game with the boys”

Isabella stared at her for a while as if she had gone bunkers. “Tita, that happened ten years ago” she looked at the doctor to do some explanations while Chiquitita suddenly frowned.

“She had an explosive accident with your parents and broke her head. It looks like she has lost part of her memory” the doctor explained. Without wasting time, Isabella dragged her sister whose behavior became like that of an early teenager. Chiquitita didn’t show any sign of sickness or the pains of a broken head which also mesmerized the doctor.

“Take care of my parents, doc” Isabella instructed.

Both sisters could be seen walking briskly through a long passage painted in white. Even the electric bulbs illuminated in white color. A cripple on a wheelchair and some nurses could also be seen making use of the passage hastily except the cripple who wheeled the chair slowly. It was an old man with gray beards and hair, wearing a log sleeve sweater made of knicting wool. He stared at the twins when they drew closer as if he knew the cause of their pace. That scared Chiquitita, so she said, “Bella, have you seen how that old man is looking at us?” she directed her eyes to Isabella’s stomach to see the bullet wound covered with a medical selotape. “What happened to you? What are we even doing in the hospital?” she quaried.

Isabella never responded rather hasten her pace. Her hand never departed from her sister like an elder leading the younger one. Just at one of the next doors, it opened and a hand dragged them into it. It was a small empty room with jenitor’s materials. Isabella wanted to shout but the same hand covered her mouth. That was Fernando without mask or gun. He had come ahead of his colleagues to save Chiquitita. Fortunately, he meet them on the passage. Chiquitita kept smling at him for reason best known to her. Fernando thought it was because they had met before, not knowing that the young girl had no memory of him again.

“Who are you?” Isabella asked him after struggling his hand off her mouth.

“It doesn’t matter, both of you should stay here otherwise they will see you” he replied.

“How do you know who hunt us?”

“Trust me, I know. When you leave here, go straight to old Thrilling Pillers. I’ll meet you there” Fernando left them, then hurried to other wards where he met his colleagues. They didn’t wear mask rather dressed in casuals like visitors to patients.

“Keep checking the wards” they whispered to one another. But at the end of the day, they never found even a resemblance of the twins which led them to their house again but all to no avail.
Same night, the twins rested at Thrilling Pillers as was told. It was an abandoned, lonely building. The kilometers to the place isn’t encouraging. Only then did Chiquitita understood that there is fire on the mountain because they shouldn’t be there when they have their own house. Therefore, she asked for the third time, “Why are we here,Bella? What happened to mother and father?”

“Are you really telling me that you’ve forgotten the mess we are into? Have you forgotten how a bullet couldn’t kill you? You are wanted, Tita” Isabella sounded loud and clear to the extent her voice echoed in,side the empty building.

“Wanted? By who and why?”

“You’re a goddess, Tita”

Chiquitita smile, “You’re kidden me, right?”

“Do I look like I cloun?!” Isabella dragged her to the nearest aluminum window that reflect images. “Look at yourself in the mirror. You need to open your eyes and remember who you are” Chiquitita stared at her image on the window. Sooner did she raised her hand and removed the bandages on her forehead. Surprisingly, no wound was found there anymore. She looked at her sister.

“Why am I not having any wound.. I mean what happened to me?” she was still inquisitive.

“Through explosion, Tita. Now tell me, what caused the explosion? I need to know” Chiquitita couldn’t answer the question rather remained dumb as if to remember. When Isabella became tired, she cursed her saying, “F-ck you, Tita!”

“I have no memory of what you’re talking about! So stop being hærd on me!!” she raised her voice too almost breaking in cry. Already, Isabella had stated sniffing and shedding tears coz the wh0le thing had become unbearable. How would their life just changed overnight without a trace of what was really happening? Fernando arrived at that moment, wearing a black jacket with two hands in,side its pocket. He first approached Chiquitita, then stretched a hand at her.

“Happy to meet you again” he said.

Hearing that, the girls became surprise especially Isabella who asked, “Have you met her before?”

“Where did we meet, please?” Chiquitita supported that question, leaving his hand hanging in the air. That alone  got the young boy confused…
TO BE Continued

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