Chiquitita – final episode


(The Living Goddess)
Final Episode (Episode 23)
Written by Nathaniel Anuma (Bright Daniel)
When the storm stopped, Merrod and Jerrod became surprised and curious to know the power which must have calmed the storm created by their presence. They straightened their sight to see Chiquitita at a distant, likewise Emmanuel and co who stood opposite them, watching how Chiquitita brought down her hand gradually.

Isabella couldn’t believe she was experiencing her first dream live and direct. Therefore she called with an emotional voice, “Tita?”

Fernando also couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Chiquitita in a different mood. Of course she was the same girl that caught his eyes back at the hospital, but something different manifested in her which he believed must be marine powers. “Tita” he murmured with a joyful heart too.

Emmanuel glanced at Isabella to see the exact image of the lady before them, so he understood without being told that she was the twin sister they told him about, so he began to move forward.

“Wait..” Angelina moved before him as all watched silently. She stood in the middle of all, looked at Merrod and continued. “I know I came to you for…”

“We had a covenant!” She interrupted her. “How dare you come back to seek what you dedicated to me? Over my dead body to see you take Chiquitita from me. She’s mine!” her voice echoed in the forest.

“Lies!” Emmanuel finally stepped forward too. “She’s of God, and you shall not live to see her redemption” he boldly stood beside Angelina. Meanwhile, Chiquitita listened to them to substantiate what they were talking about.

“Look at who is talking” Jerrod interfered with a deadly smile at Emmanuel. “You are defending the person who dumbed you on the roadside. Someone who wanted you dead and gone. If I were you, I’ll strangle her to death coz she’s evil and heartless”

Hearing that, Emmanuel and Angelina looked at each other in confusion, while Isabella, Mrs Rose and Fernando looked at one another in amazement too.

“What’s happening?” Chiquitita wanted to go closer but Merrod glared and shrieked with a finger pointing at her saying, “Don’t you dare come closer!!” Power left the finger and hit her down on the floor.

“Tita!!” Fernando wanted to run to her but was also interrupted by Merrod who said, “Don’t even think of it!”

Jerrod continued, looking at Emmanuel and Angelina. “Oh, you’ve not known each other till now? This woman you are fighting for is your mother who dumbed you and later came, begging for a child from us. Chiquitita is ours, no two ways about it” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Angelina had started shedding tears. All became emotional and speechless until Emmanuel spoke out with a cracking voice, ” For you to tamper with my family, it’s the end of your lives, for it is written; touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. Therefore be destroyed in the name of Jesus!” he began to move forward to Jerrod who adjusted backward too. When he raised his hand to unleash power on him, thunder struck, not only on him but on Merrod too, even those at the marine Kingdom experienced the wrath of God. Therefore, all, except Chiquitita were destroyed as instructed by Emmanuel.

Chiquitita felt herself relieved from the bonds of the marine spirits, so she ran towards her step-mother who spread her two hands and embraced her. “Welcome, my child. I miss you so much” she said on her shoulder.

Chiquitita left her then looked at her sister. Before she could walk to her, Isabella ran and hugged her warmly in tears. Sooner did Chiquitita also leave her then hurried to Fernando whom she hugged too, making sure her legs left the floor. Isabella and Mrs Rose smiled at them. Of course they knew the next problem that would rise up soon.

“Thank you for saving my life” Fernado said on her shoulder, sliding down her hair.

“I knew we would meet again” she replied.

However, Emmanuel sat on the base of a tree shedding tears with the mother who knelt down before him in plead and in pledge saying, “I’m so sorry my son. Who would have thought you’ll come back one day to redeem your own family again. Now I know that you were never a mistake. I promise to make it up to you. I promise to give you the motherly love which you craved for many years. Please, forgive me my son”

Emmanuel stood up, took her by the hand in a way she stood up too, then he embraced her. “I have always prayed to meet my mother someday and God has answered my prayer” he said happily, now with the tears of joy.

However, others had already fixed their eyes on them. Only Chiquitita had a little knowledge on what was going on with the man and the woman. Already, she had the feelings that the woman was her biological mother coz she had been told she was still alive. Just as she contemplated, Angelina turned to them and said, “Come my children, come and meet your brother”

Isabella became the first person to run to him and embraced him before Chiquitita who stood before her biological mother, looking straight into her eyes.

“I thought you were dead” she said.

“No my child” she embraced her.

Much familiarity went on before Fernando said, “Can we go out from here please?”
Chiquitita giggled at his words and voice which she had missed for so long.
Amila cried in her house after the news circulated that her husband fell down from Olika bridge and never to be seen again. Her relatives and other people from motherless babys’ home consoled her in the sitting room where she sat on the tiled floor crying. Suddenly, Emmanuel walked into the house unknowingly because the door was already opened. His five year old son was the first to see him.

“Daddy!” he ran to him.

Amila rushed up to the sight of her husband carrying their son, and other strangers that followed from behind. Only then did she believe it wasn’t his ghost, so she rushed and hug him too.

“What happened? And who are these?” she pointed at Chiquitita and co.

“They are my family” Emmanuel replied with a smile.

“Family? How come?”

“It’s a long story dear” he concluded. Truly, it was a long story, which, of course, he told his wife and everybody who were present.
So we have it, late Mr Clifford’s family was set free totally. That was the happiest moment ever in the heart of all especially Nina, Fernando’s grandmother. She never hesitated to quote bible and praise the living God after she was told how the redemption went. Chiquitita also learnt about her father’s death and deeds which caused their mothers childlessness, but Mrs Rose found out to be few weeks pregnant after the redemption. The reverend father never hesitated to bless the family.

Now, in,side the very room of the twins, Isabella moved randomly like Brownian motion. She needed a way to break the news of her encounter with Fernando which yielded a fruit. Just as she walked haphazardly, Chiquitita walked in.

“Tita,” Isabella blocked her. “Uhm.. I have something to tell you”

“You look nervous, calm down, girl” Chiquitita sat on edge of the bed. “What’s it?” she gazed.

“Uhm…” Isabella began to twist her fingers. “The day you left to the marine.. uhm.. I wasn’t myself. I don’t know what came over me and.. and.. I found myself on Fernando’s bed. We made out..”

Chiquitita began to giggle even before she finished her explanation which got the sister surprised. “And you are pregnant, right?” she said with a smile.

“How do you know?” Isabella w¡dened her eyes.

“My dear, I already know all this, and you are not pregnant” Chiquitita replied then flashed back…..
The day Chiquitita went to the marine Kingdom, she overhead Anicet and Merrod talking at a lonely place.

“How were you able to bring her?”

“We had a deal”


“I manipulated her sister to sleep with her boyfriend. I’ll also make Isabella believe she’s pregnant for him, so that Tita would never think of going back” Anicet concluded…
Isabella became happy after the news. She needed to be sure of what her sister said, which she confirmed later to be true. The both families heard it too.
Fernando and Chiquitita could be seen by the river at Delber, Nina’s residence. The sun set, giving out its red colour. It reflected in the eyes of the two lovers as if it set for them alone. Chiquitita placed her head on his shoulder, while Fernando grabbed her hand.

“I’m glad we are together again” Fernando began. “From now on, I will never let you out of my sight”

Chiquitita smiled, “Never will I too. We’ve agreed that you handle my father’s assets. I guess you’ll manage it well” she said.

“Really?” Fernando smiled while she nodded her head positively, “This is cool” they k-ssed happily.
As early as 4:30am in the morning, the twins woke up to the sound coming from the door of their living room. Isabella uncovered herself immediately then her eyes met with that of Chiquitita. They rushed out to the living room to see their mothers already gazing at the door with domestic weapons like a pestle and matchet. All gaze at one another as the banging sound continued.

“Who is there?” Mrs Rose asked.

Open the door!” A male voice answered from outside. “It’s Eric!” the voice added.

Hearing the name, Chiquitita opened the door coz Eric was like a neighbor but not a close one. He rushed in without a cloth. He wore only a boxers, sweating like a Christmas goat. He banged the door closed then rested on it as if being pursued by zombies. Seeing him not only on that outfit but also in such perplexing body chemistry, Chiquitita stepped backward.

“Eric? What again?”

“Gun men attacked us” the young man began, trying to hold his breath at an interval of any single word from his mouth. ” They requested for two female twins whom they were looking for. They believe one is a goddess” as the women looked at one another in amazement, Eric smiled and shouted, “Kidding!!”

All exhaled and collapsed on the cushion with smiles on their faces too.

“You are crazy, Eric” Chiquitita’s voice circulated the room.

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